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Some decisions are no brainers. Some decisions take some thought. Some decisions take time, counsel, more time. All decisions take prayer. The other day I made a relatively important decision that would affect our whole family. Then another decision needed to be made that would affect the climate of our house depending on the reaction of a teenage brain. Then another decision needed to be made about dinner (that may seem simple to most. It isn’t when feeding opinionated teeangers. 😉 ).

According to Google (because everything on the internet is true), the average adult makes 35,000 decisions a day. True or not, we do make a lot of choices and decisions everyday. How do you make decisions? What do you base your gut response on? Who do you turn to for counsel, advice and input?

Have you ever had a question you wanted to ask someone? You thought they were standing beside you. You start asking the question, turn and realize they aren’t there. Yep, everyday, several times a day. He’s not there. I ask anyway. Every now and then Pongo (our dog) answers me, but it normally means he needs to go outside! So who do you turn to to help make decisions?

Sometimes, me! Hey, I’m thirsty. I’ll go get a glass of lemonade. I’ve got some nervous energy going on, I need to go for a run! I don’t have to go anywhere today, comfy clothes it is!! My son will be getting his license soon. Do I buy another car? I’ve been asked to be a part of a ministry at church. Am I ready for that? Do I have the emotional stamina needed to do it well? Kids want to go out to eat. Do I want to bring our craziness out in public?? Two things (usually more) need to happen at once. Who’s going when and where and what time and how are they getting there?

Just keep praying! Just keep praying! I don’t mean lamenting to God your wish list and for everything to be magically fixed by the time you say Amen. Prayer is a continual conversation with God. A conversation takes two people. If one does all the talking, they can’t hear what the other has to say. Come to Jesus with an open heart. Give thanks and gratitude for what He has given you. Give thanks for the dilemma you’re in because you are turning to Him for help. Share what is on your heart and what you need help with. The next part is kind of hard. Stop. Be still. Listen. Some answers come quickly. Others, not so much. But don’t give up. He will answer them.

God has also placed people in my world that I can turn to to help make decisions as well. Most times I just need process out loud. But who I process out loud with and seek advice from is very important. I have a group of family and friends that I know who are strong in their faith, seek God out in their own lives and love me unconditionally. They are the ones I turn to to help straighten out the mess in my brain. Our number one priority is to turn to God. God has also commanded us to bear with one another in love, to support, encourage and build each other up. The people who do that for me are the ones I turn to.

So I challenge you first to pray. Then, if needed seek out individuals God has placed in your path to help carry your burden. Also, be willing to be one of those people, to be available and willing to help another brother or sister out. Love unconditionally. Love with His love.

P.S. I will probably end up buying a car for my teenage son. We had steak fajitas made with deer steak and not beef steak (Don’t tell my kids! They ate it and liked it!). I decided to pass on the ministry at church. I’m not saying never, just not right now. My daughter stayed and had supper with us and washed dishes (her job for the week) before going to her friends house and then a basketball game. We went through a sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting. (I told them the second sleeve of cookies was off limits or I’m pretty sure they would be gone too!). Shoo. I think I need a snickers!

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together in Him.

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