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I like to plan things. Family gatherings, special events, vacations, birthdays. Events that make people feel special. Events that bring people together. I have an idea in my head of what I like to do and I start researching and making plans to put it into action. I like the details. Sometimes the small, little things make the biggest difference. It’s adding that personal touch or including something that someone wanted. It’s the joy of giving and the sense of taking care of others needs that makes my heart happy.

I’m going to date myself with a TV show. Keep in mind that when I watched the show, they were re-runs! How many of you watched the “A-Team”? Not gonna lie, it was one of my favorites growing up. Hannibal was one of the main characters and “leader” of their team. They were given “missions’ to help others who were in danger. (I’m a sucker for the underdogs!) Each episode they had to come up with a plan to save the day! Every time, nothing went as planned. Yet, somehow, it all worked out and they saved the day within an hour’s time frame! Hannibal’s well known line of the show was usually given at the end when their “plan” didn’t go as planned. It was, “I love it when a plan comes together!” They got the end result they wanted. But getting from point A to point B didn’t always go as planned.

Last week I had bought a flat of strawberries from our local FFA group. The plan was to make some freezer jam and hopefully have enough for a strawberry pie. I was excited about making freezer jam because we were out, we like it and my extended family likes it as well. So, I wanted to share. I never really need a reason to have a strawberry pie. It’s just yummy anytime I can have it! Sounds like a good plan, right?! I made the freezer jam. It has to sit for 24 hours before you eat it or freeze it. 24 hours passed, I wanted to see how it turned out. It didn’t really set at all. It’s more like strawberry syrup than jam. It tasted yummy! I gone ahead and froze it and we will still enjoy it in whatever form it comes out as. I also make the strawberry pies. They needed to be refrigerated in order to set. I pulled the pies out to share with small group. I tested to see how well it set. You guessed it, it didn’t! It tasted good! Instead of a pie server, we used a big serving spoon to scoop it out and topped it with cool whip. Even though the jam and the pies didn’t set, it still tasted good and had the same enjoyable result.

Like many things I plan, it didn’t go as planned. I have and will continue to come up with ideas and plans, but in the end, it’s God result that I want. I didn’t really want strawberry soup jam or pie. But that’s what happened. We still enjoyed it and it still fulfilled our need for strawberry yumminess.

I’m going to keep planning, having ideas and having fun in the little things and hopefully providing new and happy memories. And my plans will continue to not go as planned. There is joy in looking back and seeing how events did unfold and how much better it was because of the unexpected twists and turns. There are some steps I’d rather not happen, but it happened anyway. And for the better. I have learned through my unexpected details of my plan, that His plan shined through and is so much better than my own.

So, as I plan a little weekend getaway for Spring Break for the kids and I, wish me luck! Teenagers are involved. Who knows what the twists and turns will look it!!

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together in Him.

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