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Grief is tricky, unexpected, depressioning, hard, present and unpredictable. I have experienced the loss of a job, an unborn child, grandparents, beloved uncle, friendships, ideas of what my tomorrows would look like, security, dreams, my father and my best friend and husband. We have all lost something or someone at some point during our lives. Grief is not uncommon or new. Loss happens all around us. Grief and loss are not something to take lightly. It is a burden that weighs heavily on our shoulders.

When I lost our unborn child, I blamed myself. When I lost a job, I wasn’t good enough. Just mediocre. When my father was sick and I asked for healing, deep down I knew it was going to be a heavenly healing and not an earthly healing. When I prayed for God to breathe life into my husband, I knew He breathed life into him for eternity.

As I’m sitting here (and crying), the sun is beaming through my windows. Reminding me of His light and warmth. Reminds me of His hope, love, eternity, peace, power and serenity.

Luke 22 tells us of when Jesus was enjoying his last meal with His closest friends. After dinner and sharing communion with one another, He turns to Peter. Before Jesus tells Peter that he is going to deny knowing Jesus three times by morning, Jesus says, “I have requested, concerning you, Peter, that your faith might not die.” Before Peter is told what is going to happen, Jesus has already prayed that his faith wouldn’t die.

Just like Peter, Jesus prayed for me (for me!) that my faith would not die. How humbling to accept that among all the people in this world, He is praying for me. Have you ever experienced a time when you have been surrounded by people, laying their hands on you, praying specifically for you, calling out to God for you. It is a moment that is very difficult to put into words. Several emotions surface. Yet, I felt completely humbled and peaceful in His presence. I feel the same with the realization that Jesus is praying specifically for me.

I don’t talk a lot about grief because, well, it’s depressing. It can be awkward and people don’t know what to say or do. My brother has an uncanny ability to make silly comments, that probably aren’t appropriate for the moment, yet, it made me laugh and brought levity to the topic. I love him for that! We all handle different losses in different ways. The ONLY way to get through and see the other side is not to let your faith die. Don’t push it away. Hang on to your faith. Even if it’s only by a fingernail, you are still holding on.

Find hope and peace knowing the Jesus is praying for you. He is praying that your faith will not die. Lean into your faith instead of pulling away. Run towards your Heavenly Father instead of running away. Look up into His face instead of down at our circumstances. He is praying for you!

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. Whe are in this together in Him.

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