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Sunday evening my son says, “Mom, I want to cook tomorrow night.” I quickly respond with, “Sure!” One less meal I have to prepare and cook! Absolutely. Monday night rolls around. He grills steaks, makes cheesy potatoes and has green beans. Pretty good, right! We sit down for dinner and I’m having a “aww, this is so sweet and precious” mom moment. (Wait for it!) We all enjoyed everything. We all cleaned off our plates. We managed to have civil, non-dumb-teenage conversations when one is trying to one up the others. We had good food and pleasant conversations. (Enter my, “aww, this is so sweet” moment. Wait for it!) Dinner is winding down and there is 1/2 a steak left. Both boys want some of it (You can probably see it coming!) One son stabs it, puts it on his plate, and cuts it in half. (So far so good.) He takes a bite. My other son protests and wants his piece of steak. The fork fight begins for getting a piece of steak (It was really good and worth fighting for!) The forks are trying to stab the steak, fingers start touching all the pieces and the mayhem continues! Finally after much bantering and trying to hold the other one off, they each get their “bite” of steak. Such a proud mom moment!!

What could have been a disastrous food fight ended up being a little bantering and laughter all around. A fun memory was just created! It’s a “win” when we can end touchy situations with giggles, laughter and a fun memory etched into our hearts and minds.

Raise your hand if you have some type of realtor app and receive notifications for houses for sale in your area…… AND your not looking for a house to move to!! You have the app for the fun of it! I am sitting on my hands (not really because I’m typing. anyway….) I am not that person. House hunting, car buying, picking out furniture all cause high anxiety and stress for this girl. It’s not my thing. When I bought my current car I told my brother what I wanted and how much I had to spend and he found my car. He went with me and did all the talking. I justed handed over the money. The process makes me want to throw up! (you’re welcome:) )

House hunting was even more stressful (mostly because I didn’t know what I was doing!) I had put offers on a couple of houses and they didn’t work out. I was getting frustrated and had to put it on the back burner for the time being. One night a friend sends me a link to the house we now own. Thank you my sweet friend. (She’s one that raised her hand earlier!)

During both the car shopping and house hunting an inner, soft, quiet voice was telling me to “wait for it.” If you know me well, I’m not very good at waiting. It’s a work in progress. Anyway, the same has happened in other situations as well. I know what needs to be done or want to know the end result and anticipating what could happen next. Through it all, it’s been the quiet whisper to wait for it. It’s coming, just wait for it.

I have personal experiences of the blessings that come from the waiting. Give me a few days to list them all and still won’t get to all of them.

Psalms 19:7-10 shares what we receive from our Heavenly Father as we “wait for it.” This is my paraphrase of this passage.

As we follow and trust in His instructions… wait for it… it revives our soul. Deep down, under everything, we are revived from the inside out.

His justice is timely and trustworthy… wait for it… He defends and protects us making wisdom simple and uncomplicated.

His commandments are right, no guessing or trial and error involved… wait for it…how we need to live is made clear.

The purity of His power….wait for it…lasts forever, never expires, never goes away, never fades over time.

His law is true. There is no second guessing ulterior motives… wait for it…each one is fair and just. Laws made to guide us to be better people, not to hold us back or control us.

Soul reviving, uncomplicated wisdom, clear path, eternity, fair and just; all these things are more precious than gold and sweeter than honey. So much better if we wait for it. It’s coming, just wait for it.

His instructions, decrees, commandments, commands, power and law are not meant to control or limit us. Quite the opposite. God created us in His image, remember. He also gave us free will. We are not robots or all the same. We are unique, special and designed to be like Him. His blessings come from His leadership and guidance. It’s our choice, our decision, our mindset to follow His lead and be blessed a million times over. I’ve tried it my way and it’s disastrous! It was some of the ugliest times of my life. As I humbled myself and cried out to Him, He overwhelmed me with His peace, grace, mercy, forgiveness and so much more. I stumble and try to do it my way, but in the end, His way is so much better. I just had to wait for it. Place it in His hands, at His feet and wait for it.

Back to fork fighting over a bite of steak. I wanted to jump in and tell them to cool it and just hand over the steak. Instead, I held my tongue and waited to see how it was going to turn out. One of the things I miss from when the kids were younger is innocent, fun giggles and laughter. With 3 teenagers in the house those moments are rare. So, God pressed upon me to wait for it. The blessing was a forever memory of us sitting around the table during the teenage years sharing some giggles and laughter. Thank you Jesus! My teenagers will grow into adults. The emotional outbursts and wondering where the heck that came from will subside. Adult conversations with my children will be refreshing. I just have to wait for it. It will come. Deep down I know it will. I will do my best to embrace where they are at now and hold on to the promises of tomorrow. So…. I’ll wait for it. (Personal pep talk right there!)

My friends, life is hard. Whatever you face today, turn to Jesus, seek out His guidance, and…wait for it. The blessings, the peace, it’s coming. He won’t let you down. He is holding you up. Just wait for it.

Thank you for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together in Him.

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