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I decided recently to try cycling as a way of exercise instead of running to reduce the pounding on my body. (Getting older stinks!) My bike is over 10 years old but it does have 18 gears. It’s been a while since I’ve ridden my bike, even for fun. I did a once over before I headed out for a short, trial ride around the neighborhood. I started off and was going through the gears to see how well they shifted. Well, they chain came off. No big deal, I put it back on. During my short 3 mile ride I was able to get to 4 of the 18 gears. I could work with 4 gears. I think my derailleur needs to be adjusted and I could probably get to the rest of the gears. But, for now, to get started, I’ll be ok with the 4 gears. During my first longer ride, my seat kept slipping down. It’s kind of like while sitting in your office chair and your seat slowly lowers all the way down. It’s weird. That was not fun going up a hill! I stopped twice. The second time I figured out what needed to be tightened and tightened it the best I could to secure my seat better and off I went again. During my ride, I’m making a mental list of tools I need to have with me in a pouch on my bike that I have yet to buy. 🙂 So, for my 3rd ride out, I knew it would be a good idea to wear a helmet (don’t yell at me for not having one so far, I knew I needed one!). Thank you to my sister who bought my kids nice bike helmets several years ago and thank you to me for not loosing them since then! I figured out how to adjust it and fit it for my head. Got to protect the noggin!

Piece by piece, I’m getting what I need and feeling more comfortable riding 8-12 miles on country roads. This is relativley new for me so I’m learning as I go. My long term goal would be get a higher quality bike that all gears work and have a pouch full of necessary items that I know how to use if i get stuck somewhere. I’m not there yet, but hope to be soon.

During this process, I get started, pause, fix something, get started again, pause, fix something and get started again. It’s an on going cycle (pun intended).

Before I started this new venture, I had some background knowledge about cycling and bikes. Not much, but it was something. Each time I go out I learn something new and add something to my list that I need to have next time I go out (like a water bottle holder and water bottle).

A friend of mine and I discussed how our faith life can be cyclical. We get started in a new adventure, learn new things, pause, reset and go at again. We get started with high hopes and encouragement. As we go, we learn knew things. In order to process and apply what we’ve learned we need to pause. Take a breath. Is it useful, needed, vital to who we are as a child of God? With new encouragement and insight, we go at it again.

The tricky part is to not be discouraged or give up. (That is Satan weaseling his way in.)

I hit my reset (or God hits it) often. I have come to recognize a pattern I follow. I turn inward. At times too much and I get in my own head and can’t get out. (Overthinkers Anonymous!) While inwardly processing, I try to get in God’s head and out of my own. I turn to His truths, promises and love; getting my mindset back on the foundation of who I am and who God has called me to be. I spend time in His Word, His presence and eventually stop talking long enough to hear His quiet voice of wisdom and direction. After I have stopped and paused, I’m ready to try again. I step back out in faith and am again confident in where He has me now and trust He will take me where He wants me to go.

This is an ongoing cycle. Some may think, great, then what’s the point and give up before you ever get started. As difficult as the reset may be, I’m glad I have the chance to reset. Each time I learn something new. My faith deepens and I am one step closer to Christ. Right now we may want to know the “why” even when we don’t get the answer. We may think I can’t wait to ask Him what He was thinking. But, honestly, I’m going to be so in awe and overjoyed when I do meet my Creator, the “whys” won’t matter. In the meantime, see your reset as a chance to grow, learn, and be given the chance to help someone else. What a blessing it is to encourage someone else.

I haven’t always received external encouragement, yet I always have internal hope and encouragement that comes from an unlimited resource. Thank you Jesus! Your well never runs dry.

So my friends, speaking from my heart and from life experience; you are loved, cherished, cared for, not alone, smart, insightful, and you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength.

Don’t be afraid, ignore or procrastinate the reset. You will be an even better you on the other side of the reset. I believe in you. Christ believes in you. Take up residence in His head and heart as you work through your reset.

Thank you for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together in Him.

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