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Never underestimate the power of your story.

My kids and I recently went out to eat, were finishing up our meal, when a father and his younger son stepped up to our table. He asked if I worked at a career center he still works at. As soon as he asked that question, I knew who he was (even though I forgot it name) and made the immediate connection. I confirmed who I was and that, yes, I worked at the same place. He leaned over to my kids and said, “Your mom saved my life. (We know it wasn’t me. I was the vessel God used. It’s all God.) We had a nice conversation and got caught up on families and jobs. We both walked away uplifted and thanking Jesus for one another.

Rewind 12 or so years. We lived in a different town. I was working part time at a career center. The teacher lounge scuttle bucket was that his wife recently had a miscarriage. My heart and prayers immediately went out to he and his wife. It wasn’t just a few years before this, that I too, had a miscarriage. I knew the heart ache and understood the after effects of such a loss.

A couple weeks later, I felt God pressing upon me to go talk to him and tell him my story. I really didn’t know him. We said, “Hi” a few times in the hallway. I wasn’t sure he even knew who I was. Plus, it’s a little intimidating to go to someone you don’t know and share a part of yourself. You’re putting yourself out there not knowing the response you may or may not receive. You’re sharing your heart. Not an easy release. I kept telling God, “I don’t think so.” He kept saying, “I think so. It will be fine.” So, one afternoon, I went to his classroom, formally introduced myself and mentioned I had heard about he and his wife. He was a little stunned and doing his best to keep his emotions in check. I was thinking, do I keep going, keep pushing? Yes was the fast answer I received. I mentioned that, I too, had had a miscarriage and asked if I could share my story. He said yes. I took a deep breath and let go of one of my hardest moments and shared it with an almost stranger. We were both in tears by the time I was finished. But God wasn’t done yet.

Even 18 years ago, I knew I could not survive without Christ’s presence in my heart. It was hard and I struggled and wondered if there was a light at the end of the tunnel; if the pain would ever go away.

I took another deep breath, took a bold step forward and asked where he and his wife were at in their faith. Because faith played a huge roll in my healing I knew he and his wife would need the same. Come to find out, they both were believers, but hadn’t been to church in a while. I shared the power of healing through my faith and encouraged them to reconnect with God, go back to church and receive support from their church family.

A few weeks later, he came to me with light in His eyes. He and his wife went to church and encountered Christ in a huge way. Healing was still taking place, but they both had a peace that only God could provide.

Fast forward several months, he again came to me about ready to bust out at the seams. His wife was pregnant. She has Type 2 Diabetes so they knew the risks. Precautions were being made and they knew that God’s hand was on them. And yes, they had a very healthy boy when the time came.

More than 12 years later, we may have forgotten each other’s names, but we knew each other by the power of Christ that connected us. We played a roll in each other’s lives that will never be forgotten and that will always turn us to thank God for His mighty power.

We all have a story. A story to needs to be shared. A story that will touch someone else’s life and will impact you in ways you never imagined.

After we went our separate ways, I thanked God for that moment over twelve years ago and asked to continue to bless he and his family.

My friends, God took the ashes of my broken heart and loss of a set of hopes and dreams and turn them into beauty. Only God could have orchestrated that beauty.

If you’re the one with the story that you feel led to share, may you be filled with confident hope in His mighty power as you take your bold step forward to share the power of your faith with others.

If you’re the one who is struggling and someone offers to share their story, may you set aside your preconceived thoughts, have an open mind and heart as you willingly listen and hear how God worked in someone else’s life and that He can and will work in your life. May you, also, boldly open yourself to His grace, forgiveness, mercy and power.

So many times, as we go through dark times, we think we are alone and that no one really understands. First and foremost, God knows, understands and is waiting with open arms. Secondly, you are not alone. Someone else is struggling too. God will use your brokenness to encourage healing of those around you. If you are broken, God will place people in your path who will lift your spirits, give you encouragement and point you to Christ. Christ is everywhere in every scenario. No matter what end you are on, He is there, loving you, caring for you, forgiving you, and protecting you.

Go boldly and share your story.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together in Him.

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