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A few nights ago I was slicing up steak for steak fajitas. As I was cutting it up, I was putting it in a baggie to season and let it sit. While slicing, my son comes in, asks what I’m doing. He starts digging through our spice cabinet. I asked him what he was doing. He asked me what I was going to season the steak with. I answered I was going to use a seasoning packet. He quickly replied, “Well, that’s boring!” and continued to root around in the cabinet, pulled out a few different spices and proceeded to season the sliced steak. And, yes, it tasted very yummy later when we had dinner.

Several years ago, my dad and I built (he instructed and I followed his directions AND kept all my 10 fingers and toes!) a headboard and dresser for my bedroom. After it was built, I took it home and my late husband and I (more Mark than me 😉 ) stained and finished it up. I had chosen a new stain we had never used (I have many pieces of furniture that my dad built, all with the same stain or close to the same.). I wanted to try something different. I was wanting it to come out with a red tint. It came out with an orange tint. I’m not a fan of orange. I have one piece of orange clothing, that’s it! Anyway, Mark had stained a small area and asked if I liked it. I wavered and said, “Let’s leave it. Maybe it will grow on me.” Nope, it never did and I never did really care for it. So, now, several years later, I finally decided to sand off the stain and re-stain it to my old faithful golden oak. So far, it’s been a labor of love, yet, I know I will like the finished product much better.

A friend of mine told me a story about her and her granddaughter. Her granddaughter called and asked if they could go on vacation somewhere. Traveling is limited so the options were far and few between. But, she sweet talked her grandma into a night at a hotel only 5 miles up the road! They had a nice room, a good time and the pool to themselves!! The granddaughter was in heaven. She thanked her grandma and said, “I had the best time ever!” Even if it was only 5 minutes from their house, a change of scenery was what her mind and soul needed to be refilled and re-energized as much as an 8 year old needed! It didn’t take much, just a change of scenery away from the monotonous of daily living.

Have you been in a situation that needs some spice! Do something out of the ordinary, have fun with it and laugh at the weird looks you get from your children or loved ones. Those make it even better! For example, pull out your china you use once a year for hamburgers and hot dogs or go jump in some puddles while it’s raining or eat dessert first or ride your bike to work. Switch it up and add some spice!

Have you tried something new and it didn’t work? I tried making chorizo burgers. After putting them on the grill I went back to go check them and they fell through the grill. Yep, epic fail. I’ll stick to my trusty hamburgers! By the way, we went out to to eat that night to a Mexican restaurant! How about trying a new mechanic for your car and still had to take it back to your trusted mechanic later? Or try a different workout routine only to realize your body can’t do that anymore and you’re out for a few days before going back to what worked before?

Ever needed a change of scenery? It could be a new place or a familiar place. Just someplace different to break up seeing the same 4 walls day in and day out.

Each and everyone of these examples are needed and necessary. At times we fear making a mistake or making the wrong choice. It happens. We can’t go through life without making a few. Changing it up is soul cleansing.

“They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the Lord to care for them.” Psm 112:7

Fear is “no bueno” as my kids say. It’s not good. Fear can play an unwanted roll in spicing it up, going back to old faithful or having a change of scenery. The best part of the above verse is the confident trust they knew and believed in the Lord to care for them. What a release, a deep breath, a sigh of comfort, an overwhelming peace that The Lord will take care of me.

So, as I breath in His truths and breathe out confident trust may we cease the moment and enjoy every moment of everyday knowing He is present to take care of us.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together in Him.

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