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A few days ago I hurt my back. It’s not the first and won’t be the last! My lower back has been tight, so, I’m not surprised it happened. It’s still annoying and frustrating when it does happen. On top of that, I was attemping yard work when it happened. See, I’m not supposed to be doing yard work! Haha! (It’s one of my least favorite things to do.) Anyway, I’m out pulling on this plant that has overtaken an area and I just wanted it to be gone. So, I go out and start yanking and pulling it out piece by piece. I must have been standing and leaning at an odd angle (and watching for snakes!) when I felt my lower back tighten up. I immediatly stood up, telling my back, “Don’t you do it! Don’t you do it!” It didn’t listen. My muscles tighten up and I was finished pulling out the plant. I headed inside to stretch and sit on ice. I ended up having to cancel my evening plans as the pain took over and I was restricted to stretching, ice and my chair. Fun times!

Life happens. Unexpected events change our course. A job was interrupted. It may get finsihed, it may not. What are we to do?

Three different responses occured due to my hurt back. Two were reactions from other people and one was my own reaction and response. I believe all three happen to all of us. The question is, what do you do with it.

The first response was an, “Oh, I’m sorry. Can you make me dinner when we get home later?” Yep, thank you teenager! lol The sad part is, adults react the same way, too. People are sorry you are hurt, but they have needs that need to be met and despite the pain you may be in, they still ask for your help. It’s okay to say no, and you can do it yourself or find someone else to help you. By the way, my kids fixed their own dinner that night and brought me a plate. 🙂 (score one for mom!)

As I cancelled my plans for the evening, I received the second response. These people know me well! One sweet friend asked if I needed some books! I always need some books to read. In no time at all, she showed up with 3 new books in hand. I’ve completed all 3! Another stopped by to find out what happened and had prayer with me. I love the power of prayer! The more I told, the more were praying for healing and a quick recovery. The prayers were answered. I may still be sore, but the worst is over. Thank you, Jesus!

The third response was my own. To be honest, I had a bit of a pity party. I was doing something I don’t like doing, this was not supposed to be my job, now it’s not going to get done, I’m going to be down for the count for a few days, I could really use some help here Lord!! Yeah, it was ugly. Good thing it didn’t last very long. God knew what I needed when I needed it. The visit from a couple of friends who brightened my day and kicked the self-pity out the door. Self-pity was my first intial response. Then God stepped in and put my head on straight. Yet, I had to be open to HIm and willing to acknowledge His presnce in the situation. I had to choose between 2 responses. Was I going to continue with the self-pity, ignore or turn down any help, take out my frustration and pain on those around me? Or was I going to look up, and accept the help and assistance He sent my way. Was I going to be stubborn and attempt to handle it on my own? Or accept that I”m in pain and need help from others. It’s a harder decision to make than you think. Pride and self-reliance get in the way. If we let others help, let them in, we may get hurt or it may not turn out the way I want it to turn out. Or do you humble yourself and graciously accept help and reach to ask for help?

What do you do with the three different respones? Which inner voice are you going to listen to? Each choice we make, each decision made is based on our inner self, who we are deep down, who is at the center of it all. Who is at the center of your being?

Are we going to get mad at the selfishness of others, turn down help out of stubborn pride and walk down a dark, self-pity road? No thanks. That all sounds depressing and yucky!

Instead, realize it’s your back that’s hurt and not their’s. They don’t understand the power of the pain. Accept the help, God sent them to bless you. Accept the blessing as they receive the blessing of helping others. And thrid, reach deep down, Find your inner strength and peace in Christ and know He is with you and will give you all you need. Use the time of being still (sitting on ice and stretching) to talk with Jesus. He’s heard it all, you can’t surprise Him. Soak in HIs presence and take a deep breath. No matter the outcome, He is the LIght and will guide you toward The LIght. Trust that He is in contraol and things will get done when they need to get done. Trust that He hears you and is with you. Trust that He lives in you and will guide you each step of the way.

“Faith, Hope and Love. And the greatest of these is Love.” 1 Corithians 13:13 Live in His Love and His love will pour from you to others.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together in Him.

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