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See you later, Alligator; After while, Crocodile; See ya soon, Raccoon; Ta ta, McCaw; Got to soar, Dinosaur; See ya soon, Baboon; Gotta go, Buffalo; Bye Bye, Butterfly; Hit the trail, tiny Snail; and my favorite: Peace out, Trout. There are so many more my sister can spew out!! It’s rather fun and entertaining! 🙂

When you leave someone, what kind of farewell greeting do you leave with. Love and hugs. Hand shakes and bro hugs. High fives and fist bumps. Exiting a conversation or encounter isn’t always uplifting. It could be a downer that you can’t get away from quick enough. The storm is brewing, how do you exit?

In the midst of a storm, any type of calm or peace is difficult. Having peace, grace, mercy, forgiveness for yourself and those around while battling with inner turmoil, is difficult to say the least!

A friend of mine posted a few reminders about peace on Facebook. So it had to be true, right!! 🙂 Anyway, It was a reminder and a challenge of the power of God’s peace within us that we can share with others.

We have peace within, but what if we could project peace out? Do you know people that just being around them, you feel peaceful? When a “crisis” occurs are you a calm, level headed, practical person? Is there a person that you go to that as you are sharing, the turmoil decreases and peace increases? Here’s a different one. Have you been with someone that is overcome by circumstances and is mad at you for being calm and not getting all worked up?

As a teenager, and my own teenagers are reminding me, that when we are at school, we learn and grow in our knowledge. Each summer we couldn’t wait because we were finished with school for a couple of months and didn’t have to study or learn something new! Right!? As adults, we all know now, that learning never stops. It’s ongoing throughout our lives. Most importantly is that I’ve learned that to experience a deeper level with any relationship, I am learning something new about that person all the time. As smart as we think we are, you can never know every little thing about every little thing. My kids surprise me often with things they that want to do, things they like or new things they want to learn. I thought I knew my kids pretty well, yet often they throw things out there and I learn something new. Who’d have thought my oldest, when he was 8, would have a keen eye to find the tiny back to my ear ring in the carpet! “I’ll find it Mom!” he said. He didn’t stop until he found it. And 3 of us were looking. He’s the one that found it! Who knew!

I love it when God surprises us with revelations that take our relationship a step deeper in His love.

Several times I have stood in the midst of a storm, external and internal, spoke the name of Jesus, and a whoosh of peace washed over me. The chaos continued around me, but the peace whooshed out the inner chaos. Peace whooshed into my soul as I breathed in His strength and exhaled peace. I was able to stay clear headed, assess the situation and come up with a plan of action. Peace washed over my soul and whooshed out to the circumstances around me. It’s one of those experiences that I knew was only God and God alone. I took a step deeper into our relationship.

This next example is one that took me some time to work through, time to process and time to be content with. I experienced a deeper level of “Peace Out.”

We all have people that we deal with from time to time or on a regular basis that can suck the air right out of you. For me, it’s negative, pessimistic, self-pity attitudes that people have. Once they get on a role, I start stepping slowly away, avoiding them or limit my contact with them. This sounds mean and uncaring, but in my mind it was about self-preservation. It’s not too bad with people we don’t know or don’t run in to very often. The ones that can suck the life right out of you can be the ones close to you, ones you are in contact on a regular basis, they may even live in your house! Who knows. So, when I was challenged to not allow someone to steal my peace, I had to take a step back. I didn’t intially see it as not having peace. I was distancing myself for self-preservation. Yet God and His 2 x 4, revealed that in my avoidance, I was allowing the situation to steal my peace. “Huh? Wait a minute, what?”

I had to re-wire my thought process and look at it in His light. Dang it, He had me. I was stuck and needed a gentle push out.

The second part of that was as I have inner peace, that peace comes out! Does His inner peace within me come out and wash over those around me? Dang! That’s powerful! For others and for me!! The anxiety and anticipation of being bogged down and drained is no longer there. I’m at peace with where I’m at, you can’t take that away, AND you can have some of my peace! Seriously!! That’s good stuff! Wait until you experience it yourself! It’s a game changer.

So, “Peace Out” has a new, deeper meaning for me. Not only do I want to grow deeper in my inner peace, I want my “Peace Out” to reach out beyond me to others. As I grow in my relationship of Christ within me, I pray He comes out of me even stronger for others. It’s not about me, it’s about being a Christ-living example for others. I’m not perfect, but He is. I don’t have it all together, but He does. I fail, but He doesn’t! I have Him living in me, so let’s encourage one another to whoosh His peace out of us into others around us.

Peace Out!!

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together in Him.

P.S. Google said the picture for this post was a trout. I’m trusting Google. I don’t fish. It looks like a fish. That’s all I got!! haha. My apologizes to all fisherman (including my sons!!). lol

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