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Laughter is good for the soul. I’m going to date myself here, but, have you heard of the Cathedral Quartet? It’s was a popular southern gospel quartet that was around for years. My parents loved listening to them and went to several concerts. George Yance, the bass singer, was my dad’s favorite. One of the many songs he sang was called, “The Laughing Song,” Youtube it and you’ll find it. Anyway, there isn’t much to the song, but I can guarantee, you will be smiling, if not laughing, by the end of the song. Good natured laughter can brighten any kind of day or moment you are having.

My oldest son busted a bike tire and tube. Once we had a new tire and tube, he set off to fix his bike tire. I’m inside working at my desk. He comes in, holding the bike tube fully inflated. He asks if it’s inflated enough. I said,”Well probably, but it needs to be inside the bike tire first before it’s inflated. So, he goes out, puts the bike tire around the still inflated tube and sets it around the bike tire rim. He brings it in wondering if it’s right. “Not quite.” I said, “The tire needs to fit on the inside of the rim so the tire won’t fall off. You will have to deflate the tube to get it on correctly. He asks, “How do I do that?” I said, “Youtube it” He goes out, gets the tire on the rim correctly, brings it to me ready to go, completely inflated. I said, “Perfect, except you will have to deflate the tube to get it on your bike and through the brakes. Back outside he goes. Few minutes later, he says he got it! We go check it out. He had it all put back together and was ready to go for a bike ride! Success! I cackled during the whole process, because some of the steps he took, from my frame of mind, were common sense errors and it cracked me up. Yet, each time, he went back out and tried again until he got it right. What may be common sense to some, isn’t quite there yet for others. The whole process brought a smile to my face and a cackle of good natured fun.

I’m going to date myself yet again…… Every now and then I like to get all dolled up and wear a nice dress. I grew up in the days of wearing pantyhose with your dresses. There are still some dresses I feel more comfortable in wearing pantyhose (they don’t last for long though!) It makes the outfit look better rather than showing off my not tan legs! lol Anyway, I had bought a dress and needed a pair of pantyhose. Back in the day of when my grandma bought pantyhose, they came in an egg shape container. Today they come in a box with a picture of a blue egg on the box. I had the box sitting on my dresser. My younger son walks in, picks the box up, sees the blue egg and asks if it’s a yoga ball. I cackled and said, “No. Those are pantyhose.” He prompted threw it back on my dresser and ran out of my room! Crack me up. It was a hot potato he couldn’t get rid of fast enough!

We recently went with another family and to a theme park and waterpark. Being fair skinned, I layered up on SPF 50 sunscreen! By the afternoon, we were headed to the waterpark. I put another layer of sunscreen on but couldn’t reach my back. I had straps on the back of my swimsuit and needed sunscreen put on under them. I handed the bottle of sunscreen to my daughter. I asked her to put the sunscreen on my back under the straps. She takes the bottle and puts the bottle between my back and the straps! I asked, “What are you doing? I said put the sunscreen on under the straps.” She says, “I did!” I said, “No put some on your hand and rub in on my back!” A few seconds of a blank stare then understanding clicks in and we all get a good laugh out of it while she is rubbing sunscreen on my back under the straps!

Okay. Since I told a funny story on each of my kids, I’ll share one about me. I’m on the phone talking to my mom. I’m getting ready to leave and am looking around for my phone. I start to panic a little because I can’t find my phone or remember where I last had it and I need to go. Then, mid sentence I start laughing. Mom asks what’s going on. I explained that I couldn’t find my phone. Expect it’s in my hand as I’m talking to her! Yep, I was on my phone, trying to find my phone. lol.

I’m telling you, never a dull moment! Laughter is good for the soul.

At times, laugher and joy come easily. Sometimes we barely get a smile. Other times it’s either laugh or cry and sometimes both. Either way or in whatever circumstance, find joy. I could have gotten frustrated with the interruptions and what seemed like the lack of common sense. Instead, I found joy in watching my son not give up and figure it out. I could have gotten mad when the pantyhose was thrown back on the dresser and he bolted out like there was no tomorrow. Instead, I found humor in him learning something new about females! I could have responded with cynicism when the sunscreen bottle was placed on my back behind the straps instead of the sunscreen being spread on my back. Instead we got a fun loving, giggle out of it and went and rode some water rollercoasters!

Find your joy and laughter. Your smile and laughter may be the only smile someone sees that day or the only laughter they hear that day. Whether you realize it or not, both are contagious. Spread some joy and laughter. Lighten your day and have a chance to lighten someone else’s day.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together in Him.

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