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Have you woken up on the wrong side of the bed and was just grumpy? Or should I ask when was the last time or how often? 😉 Then, your days has a tendency to spiral down from there. Fun day, right?! Let me ask you this, have you recognized the grumps and wondered where it came from or why it’s there? Have you figured out how to stop the grumps, have a reset and resume your day in a better place?

The other day, I woke up grumpy. Snapped at 2 of the 3 kids. Great way to start a day!! I quickly retreated to my room and had a me and Jesus moment. Deep breaths, a few tears and “it’s ok” whispered in my ears. I filtered through the mess in my head and came to the source of the grumps.

We were supposed to be leaving the house for Sunday School. I wasn’t in a great place, the kids were not in a great place so I called an audible. We didn’t go. Lightening did not strike and we are all alive and well!! 🙂 Sometimes you need to stop. You may be late, not able to follow through, or miss something. What trumped it all was my desire to be able to go about my day in a better place. I did not want to continue the downhill slide and did not want that for my kids. So, we stopped and had our own reset! I exercised personal humility and apologized for my grumps. I let them know where I was coming from and explained (not excused) the source. The atmosphere calmed down and the agitation diminished.

We ended up having our own living room Sunday School. I had the kids get their Bibles and turn to Ephesians 6. In my head, we were going to read verses 10-18, which is on the Armor of God. I had not said that out loud. Here is glimpse of God’s sense of humor. The first words of Ephesians 6 are “Children obey your parents…” We all got a giggle out of that. We moved down to verse 10 and studied the Armor of God and what that looks like to us today.

Our small group is going through a study on Philippians by Jennie Allen called “Get Out of Your Head.” We are only in lesson 3, yet, so far we all have gotten a lot out of it. In her study, she talks about how our mindset can spiral us down to despair or spiral us up to peace. It’s all in your mindset. I personally would rather be more in touch with Christ’s mindset than my own! Just saying! 🙂

Often times…. okay, a lot…. my mindset needs a reset. I need to slice through the gunk in my head to get to the wisdom and peace in God’s head. That looks differently for each person and can look different depending on the situation. Whatever self-reset you use, I hope the foundation is in Christ. I, personally, use music, quiet/stillness, seek out my accountability people, remove myself from the environment, seek out His Word. Often times, I think, “I need me some Jesus!” Well, I need me some Jesus all the time. 🙂 Anyway, the core of my reset is God’s Word, His truths, His wisdom.

In the Armor of God, the sword is His Word. It slices through any and all things. It doesn’t have to be forced and it doesn’t have to be sharpened. His Word is eternally sharp. All we have to do is yield the sword and let it do all the work.

When I’m in the middle of the grumps, He whispers His word, His truths, His wisdom. And as I breathe it in, I can exhale His peace.

So, my friends, do you have a case of the grumps? Are you in need of a reset? Take a moment for yourself, figure out the source, humbly go before God and take in His Peace. Watch how the grumps disappear and are replaced with gratitude and joy.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together in Him.

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