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My daughter and I were watching a movie the other night and I wanted to get her attention. I can whistle, but it’s a soft, sing songy whistle, not an ear piercing, get everyone’s attention whistle. In trying to teach myself to do a shrill whistle, what came out was a small quiet whistle. I used that to get my kids attention over the years when it’s quiet and they need to be given the “mom” look. 🙂 Anyway, back to the movie, I gave my small quiet whistle. It worked, it got her attention. In return, because she is a 15 year old teenage girl, she wanted to do it back to me in a mocking, joking way. She couldn’t get it. She tried and tried and it came out all wrong! We had a good laugh and giggle in giving each other a hard time. By the way, she still hasn’t gotten it! LOL. Yet, she keeps trying!

One of the last “Rocky” movies is titled “Rocky Balboa.” There is a scene in the movie where he and his son are walking down a street. Rocky says one of my favorite lines of the movie to his son. “It ain’t about how hard you get hit. it’s about hard you get hit and keep moving forward.” I know it’s a movie and fictional characters, but the line is so true to real life. Many times I have quoted that to myself. Yes, this hurts and I feel like I’m down for the count, but what matters is that I get back up and keep moving forward.

Don’t get me wrong, I can have a pity party with the best of the them. I can wallow in all that has gone wrong, how wrongly I’ve been treated, the different physical pains I’ve had, the mental pains I struggle with, the heartache I’ve endured, raising 3 teenagers on my own! Hello!!! But, at some point, I hear myself and I think, “Girl, that’s enough! Good grief, want some cheese with that whine! This is ridiculous! Stop wallowing and do something about it.” I needed a reality check, a “Gibbs” smack on the back of my head. (My NCIS friends will catch that!)

In the movie “War Room” the wife in the movie is walking through her house shouting, calling Satan out and telling him he can’t have her family, her house, her marriage, her child. God has their heart. He is fighting their battles. He is protecting and keeping her family.

If you’ve come by my house, you may catch me doing the same thing and keep on driving!! lol. Just kidding. But, seriously. I’ve called out Satan and told him he can’t have me or my family. He can’t have our home. Our hearts belong to Christ and He can’t take that away. I’ve already won! Life throws us curve balls all the time. What do you do with them. Stand there and watch them go by and strike out. Walk off mad and decide you’ll never get it? Or, start swinging. Maybe in anger first and just keep whiffing. Maybe you start to watch the ball a little closer, start to keep your eye on the ball as it comes in. You may still swing and miss. Yet, one of the times, you WILL make contact and it’s going to go flying out of the park.

If I gave into self-pity, the feeling of unworthiness and that nobody would want this hot mess, I would have been down for the count a long, long time ago. Thank you Jesus, for your promises, your nudges, your still small voice reminding me that I am your daughter, your beloved, that I matter and that you want this hot mess of a woman to further your Kingdom! Thank you, Jesus!

As my daughter continues to try to imitate my whistle, as we give each other knowing looks and have a good giggle, she keeps trying. Just because we are believers and followers of Christ does not mean we are given the easy road. Quite the opposite at times. We have been told/warned, that yes, we will have troubles. But take heart, He has overcome it all! You’re going to be brought down to your knees. Which is the exact place we need to be, on our knees, releasing our troubles, opening up and allowing Christ’s strength to stand us back up, to take the next step, to keep moving forward.

You’re not designed to stay down. You are created to get up. So, get up, look up, and take the next step forward! Let’s see you give Satan a swift kick in the backside and come up swinging with God’s strength and promises! You are created for a time such as this!

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. Let’s fight our battles together, in HIs Name, with His strength. We are in this together in Him.

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