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Tried anything new lately? Something completely new that you never thought you would be doing or would want to do? We all have a “bucket list.” The list includes things we have never done but want to do at some point. High up on my list is Skydiving! Something that is not on my list is to fix my dryer!!

My dryer had been squealing off and on for a few weeks. It finally got to the point it was unbearable. I googled what could be the problem. The first time I took it apart I sprayed WD-40 on the pulley system. It stopped the squealing for a while, but it returned with a vengeance. I called around to check service call fees and researched to see what a new one cost. Neither option was ideal. So, I stood there and stared at my dryer for a good 5 minutes. Just staring. Trying to use “the force” to fix it. It didn’t work!! Since that didn’t work, I said out loud (yes, out loud), “Okay, let’s do this!” I ordered the parts I hoped would fix the dryer. A couple days later, I grabbed some tools, the parts and set off to fix my dryer. I had both the front and back panels off, the drum out, the belt off and was staring at the pulley in the back. I figured out how to take the old one off, put the new one on, put the drum back in with a new belt around it. Now I had to get the belt around the pulley. Note to self, take a picture of the old part in place before taking it out! It took me a few tries to remember how the belt went around the pulley. I figured out the how, now I had to place the belt around the pulley. Pretty easy, right? Nope! WIth a new belt and a new pulley, it was pretty tight. “Come on you little sucker!” slipped out a few times! (A popular line of my father’s!) Finally, after several attempts, pinched fingers and some blood, the belt slid around the pulley! Yay!! Go me!! With help from one of my sons, we put the front and back panels back on and gave the dryer a test run! Shocker! It worked and no more squealing! Never knew I’d be adding that to my repertoire of home ownership!

There were several times I wanted to give up and say forget it. I’ll call my handyman on speed dial and he can come over and finish it for me. If you’ve met me, you know I can be a little (or a lot) stubborn! I like to think of it as determined, tenacious, committed, spunk, grit. Something from within would not allow me to give up and throw in the towel. After several deep breaths, walking away, checking the always truthful Google, picking up my daughter from school and starting dinner, I was able to finish the job. Realizations happened that day. 1. I was faced with a problem I knew nothing about!. 2. The options I liked better were not realistic options. 3. I had to do something. 4. I used what I did have and went from there. 5. Giving up wasn’t an option (Dried, clean clothes are a must!)

Don’t get me wrong, I can’t do everything! I have no desire to do everything. My hot water heater rusted through and was leaking. I called the plumber!! It was very clear to me that I was not to attempt that project. I was to call in the professionals!

This time the “professional” was me. While my dryer is fixed and running smoothly, I am still faced with many things I have no idea how to do, feel unqualified, don’t know where to start, don’t know how it’s going to end and question my “professional” abilities. Or lack of!

Here’s the deal! No matter the scale of job or obstacle to work through, you’re not alone. As you stand and stare at whatever it is, push aside the insecurities, doubts, lack of knowledge, or fear. Look up at what you do have. You have skills, resources, knowledge and tools that you can use to start to take the first step.

I know very little about dryers. I was faced with an obstacle. I had tools (thank you, Dad!), I had a website to get me started, I had my “handyman” on speed dial. I didn’t know all the steps that I’d need to take, but I knew the first step. Then, I took the next and the next and the next until I had it back together and running.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like this is the stage I am in right now. There has been a lot of “new” and little “know how” to go with it. I really don’t know what I’m doing and that is a very hard pill for me to swallow. Every day, hour, and minute I draw on what I do know, on the skills I do have and start from there. At each step and at the end result, I will have gained new knowledge and skills that will help take the next step and head into the next phase.

Oftentimes I want to throw in the towel. Then I look around and realize that isn’t an option. While what I need to do isn’t ideal, it’s what needs to be done. With each step, He will give me what I need, at the right time and I will be a little closer to the woman he has destined me to be.

So…… “Let’s do this!”

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, one step at a time, in Him.

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