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This past weekend, my sister took my kids for a weekend getaway. That meant I had the house to myself. 🙂 I could snack and eat whenever I wanted and didn’t have to prepare meals for anyone else. I could go to bed and sleep with both eyes closed! I could go out and not explain three times where I was going and when I’d be home. I could just be. (Enter a sigh of relief) And, no, I do not feel guilty. We all need a break from one another every now and then.

Since I had some “free” time, I asked a friend if she wanted to go out to lunch. We tagged on a craft show and went to a place for lunch I had heard about but had never been. So, off we went. 

I should have known as soon as the place came into sight that I should have followed previous advice and gotten our lunch to go. But, no, it’s a new place and I wanted to experience the whole thing. It was a bar. Not a family restaurant/bar. It was a blip of a local town bar. The “dining room” included 6 tables along one wall where you could reach out and sit at the bar. Typically bar food is really good. So, I pushed aside the decor that I’m certain has been up since the place opened eons ago, the three locals who all turned their heads and stared at us as we walked in and the cloud of cigarette smoke throughout the place. So, we walked in like we knew what we were doing and sat at a table that “belonged” to someone else. The waitress comes over to get our order. We asked for a menu. She turned and pointed to the sign on the wall. LOL. I am laughing hysterically to myself on the inside! I asked for a  glass of water. I’m at a bar and I ordered water! Yep, I’m one of those people! Haha We both order a cheeseburger, the house special. Several times two of the three guys turned and looked at us wondering what in the world we were doing there! I think we were, no, I know we stuck out like a sore thumb. We ate our lunch, paid our tab and left. As soon as the door closed, we both burst out laughing. Well, that one’s for the books and one that won’t be repeated! I’m pretty sure we gave them something to talk about the rest of the day! And I’ve had better cheeseburgers! 

I don’t care for alcohol. I have never acquired a taste for it. So, needless to say, I was not, nor will be a bar hopper. It’s just not my scene. I say this with no judgement or condemnation. Honestly, it’s just not my thing and I’m okay with that. I was uncomfortable and embarrassed.

In my embarrassment, I felt so out of place and way out of my comfort zone. I wanted to bolt, go hide until my red cheeks went back to normal and pretend like I had not gone. I do not care to repeat that experience. It was slightly humiliating. I am so grateful for my friend that tagged along, humored me and we laughed at the situation and not at each other. We got a good laugh, a shaking of our heads and gave a look that said, THAT won’t be repeated!! 

As I processed that experience and filed it in the “do not repeat” file of my brain, I had to remind myself of the difference between humility as the world sees it and humility through God’s eyes. The world’s view of humility is negative. You are less or below others and/or you are of no worth. The character of being humble through God’s eyes is knowing and seeing others on the same level. No one is better or worse than the other. Being humble is putting others’ needs before your own. This does not mean that others are more important than you (that’s what the world says). It’s not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. Read that again. Being humble is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less. 

Your focus is not me, me, me. Your eyes are open to see the needs of others around you, know that you have been given the strength and skills to provide that need, and reach out to someone else and be Christ’s example. Thinking more of others and thinking of yourself less. It’s freeing and you’ve been blessed because you were able to bless someone else.

Maybe, just maybe, we shined a light that someone at the bar needed to see to be reminded that life isn’t as dark as it seems. Maybe, by giving a gentle smile, encouraged them to smile at someone else. Maybe, in my own embarrassment, God used it to reach out to someone else. I may never know and that’s okay. What I do know is that I can stand tall and not be ashamed, humiliated or embarrassed because of who I am. 

I am His and He is mine. Be humble in the Lord to see others as He sees them. As He sees you; worthy, wanted, loved, courageous, beautiful (handsome), His! We are HIs, and He is ours!

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, humbly, together in Him.

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