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You know you have them! Some turn out well and others you are still shaking your head at wondering, “What was I thinking!”

Painting is not my favorite thing. I avoid it at all costs. But, sometimes it just can’t be helped! Sigh….. One: I’m not that great at picking out colors. Two: I can be a sloppy painter. Give me a large space, a roller and everything else covered in plastic. Three: I do not have a steady hand for trim work. I make no promises. There will be paint on the white ceiling, baseboards and maybe a spot or two on the carpet. A professional painter I am not!

You remember when I said I wasn’t good at picking out colors? Well, it took me months to choose a color for my bedroom. Then, I procrastinated buying the paint. Finally, as I was in my favorite hardware store, I bought the paint! Surprisingly, it did not sit in the corner for months before I decided to get started. Nope, the night I bought the paint, I said, “Oh, what the heck. I’ll do the trim work tonight and roll it tomorrow!” Keep in mind, I’m not a night owl. I do my best work in the mornings. Usually by 7 or 8 in the evening (okay, maybe earlier than that!) I’m ready to call it a day and change into my comfy clothes. Instead of my comfy clothes, I pulled out my painting clothes. Three hours later, The trim work is finished. Yes, I know, I’m slow, hence the avoiding at all costs! 

Needless to say, this was a last minute, late night, harebrained idea. I’m still shaking my head wondering what exactly I was thinking. Well, my “I’ve got a job to do. So let’s get it done.” brain was screaming at me to get started. The voice that was saying, “It can wait. There is no rush.” was a little too quiet and/or I chose to ignore it. So goes with harebrained ideas!

I am so glad that no matter the decision I make, God is right there with me. It probably wasn’t the best idea to start painting at 6 pm when I was ready to call it a day. Yet, as I started and kept going, I got my second wind and I was able to finish before midnight. 🙂

If I’m honest with myself, and you with yourself, we make harebrained decisions more often than we realize. It adds some spice to our lives! Thought out, wisdom seeking, process over time decisions are also a part of our lives. It’s tricky to find the balance between the two. I don’t always have to stop, research, think it through, process the pros and cons, seek advice and then make my decision. And I don’t have to make quick, last minute, sometimes harebrained decisions. Because in the end, a decision is made and what happens, happens. Now, my ultimate goal is to make the best, most productive, beneficial, intelligent, God driven decisions. But, I’m human and it doesn’t always work out the way. 

No matter the decisions and choices I make, God is right here beside me, holding my hand, never letting go and gently guiding or redirecting me down the path He has prepared. What a relief! 

Even though I started late at night and the next day was filled with plans that didn’t include finishing painting my room, I picked up the roller after supper and finished my bedroom. The paint dried quick enough that I was able to put my room back together. Pretty exciting and very exhausting! I called my mom to tell her and sent her pictures. She loved it and promptly said, “Now, go be nice to yourself and get some rest!” Love my mom!!

So, what is a “What the heck. Let’s go for it!” decision that you can make today? Bundle up and go for a walk in the snow. Call you friend you haven’t spoken to in forever. Take a break and go for a drive down memory lane. Make cookies for your next door neighbor (I’m that neighbor, by the way! Just kidding!!!) Pay for the lunch in the drive thru for the person behind you. Decide to paint something last at night!

There is a time for planning. There is a time for spontaneity. Then, there is a time to just do it! Go for it. Have at it. It will turn out better than you expected. Have fun with it! I love my new bedroom look. It was well worth 2 late nights and the labor of love.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this harebrained world, together, in Him.

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