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What does your face do when someone tells you, “Not yet.” Mine is an instant frown. Anyone want to fib and say they don’t mind waiting? Or you like being told no? I didn’t think so. 🙂

Every now and then there is just me and one of my kids at home for dinner. On those evenings, we often go out for dinner. My son and I went to a Mexican restaurant the other night. We walked in, the two workers spoke in Spanish to decide where to sit us, then we followed. He took us back to the bar area. We walked right past the sign that said, “You must be 21 or over to go beyond this point.” I eyeballed my son, he had a cocky grin as we sat down. As soon as the waiter left, I looked directly in his eyes and reminded him he is not 21!! The cocky grin grew wider!! Several times throughout dinner I had to remind him, he is not 21. “Well, he thought I was!” was his response every time! We finish and the waiter brings us the check. He slides it over to my son. I burst out laughing. My son gently slides it over back to me!! Lol. I gave him the money to pay at the door so he could keep his not 21 man card. We had a good laugh and had a fun story to tell.

Buying my current home was the first time I had gone through the process of buying a home. I’m pretty sure the realtors saw me coming and thought I was an easy target!! Anyway,  The first house I looked at said, “Nope” and walked away. The second had potential. I put in an unofficial offer. As soon as I got home, an overwhelming uneasiness came over me. I called them back and said, “No thanks.” Peace immediately washed over me. The third house we liked, put an offer in, had it inspected and said if you get these things fixed, here is my offer. They said, “No thanks.” At this point, I needed a break. No more thinking or looking at houses. A couple months later my friend sends me a link to a house for sale. We looked at it, made an offer and is now our home. (There is more to the story. I will share it another day! 🙂 ) Thankfully God told me “Not yet” to the previous houses to get us to this house. 

I am able to stay at home right now. I have a part time gig I do from home and am available for my kids. For now, my full time gig is to be a mom. In two and half years (maybe), my kids will all be adults (at least in age!) and hopefully out on their own. What will my full time gig be then? (I will always be a full time mom, that never stops!) What will I do with my mad multitasking, organizing, logistical, juggling, laundering, cooking, chauffeuring, refereeing, loud cheering skills? I have some ideas, but nothing is set in stone …..yet….  What will my 3 kids be doing in two and half years? I have some ideas, but nothing concrete. I can’t see that far ahead. I’m not meant to see that far ahead. Admittedly, it’s a bit scary! And to be honest, I’m a little skittish to have a 2, 5, 10 year plan. My previous plans were thrown out the window. It happens. Life happens. So, when I start to wonder and think, “Lord, what do you think about this” and He responds, “Not yet” it makes me pause, not stop, but pause. My part time gig may be my “training” for my full time gig. My mad multitasking, juggling skills may be my “training” for something I would have never thought of. Who knows. As much as I would like to be in on God’s plans, He knows I’m not quite ready. It may freak me out and send me into hiding!! Lol. 

What happens between the “Not yet” and the “Here you go.” I’m not great at waiting. Okay, more than not great! HAHA. Sometimes when God says, “not yet” I feel stuck. My mind gets a little murky and I start spinning my wheels. I’m not sure what going forward looks like so I stay put. Bad choice!! Many times He whispers, “Keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll take care of the rest.” We are never meant to stand still. Even when He says, “Not yet,” keep doing what you’re doing. He will let you in on His plans at just the right moment. Live in the moment. Enjoy what He has got you doing now and look forward to what lies ahead. 

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, enjoying the “not yet,” in Him.

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