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Any sheep owners out there?? Do you know what it means if the sheep is “cast down?” Here’s a little tip bit for you. 🙂 If a sheep is laying down and rolls too far and ends up on its back, it’s stuck. It starts flailing around, but is stuck on its back, feet up in the air, unable to move. Over time the sheep loses feeling in its legs and because its stuck, he is prone to predators and becomes easy prey. Guess who comes and saves the sheep?? Yep, the shepherd. His watchful eye and constant counting of sheep guides him to know when a sheep has cast down. Another fun fact: you can’t just roll the sheep over and prop him up on its legs. The shepherd gently rolls the sheep over to his side, starts rubbing his legs to help circulation. Then he gently stands him up and continues to rub his legs. The sheep stumbles at first but once he gathers himself, he can be on his way. All under the shepherds care.

I could ask if you’ve ever had a moment of flailing around and not able to get up, but I know we all have. So, I ask, has it happened recently? Have you felt stuck and unable to get your footing? Or even stumble around before getting to solid ground? 

See if you can follow me for a minute. I’m heading to Molli World. Keep your hands and feet in at all times!! Haha! My formal educational background is in elementary education. I taught for five year, stayed home with my kids until the youngest was in kindergarten. I was an office manager for two and a half years before returning back to education part time as an instructional assistant (fancy title for teacher’s aid!). After 4 years I took the plunge and went back to teaching full time. I made it a full year and the beginning of my second year when my life got turned upside down and inside out. Once I made it back I pushed through and taught for another year. During that year, I had constant arguments going on in my head. I was, and still am, the sole provider for our family. The inner pressure was overwhelming. At that time, my two sons played soccer, my daughter played volleyball and when those seasons ended baseball was right around the corner. Teaching is not a 8-3 job. I was there early (dragging my kids with me). I was not able to stay too long after school. I had kids to get to practice, snacks were scarfed down, suppers were hurried, papers needed grading, laundry was piling up, the house was kind of clean, vehicles needed taking care of, bills to pay, search for a new home. Sleep…. What was that!! Kids are asking if they can go here and there. What are we doing this weekend? Can so and so come over? What’s for dinner? I need new shoes. I’m out of socks! The trash is overflowing because I forgot to set it on the curb the week before. I answered too many questions with “I don’t know.” Because I really didn’t know and that sent me into its own tizzy! Every morning, getting the kids up for school, getting myself ready for work, rushing out the door, trying to get ready for a room full of 6th graders. I was exhausted before I even began! (Side note: I loved my sixth graders. I had some ornery ones that kept me on my toes. I also had some great ones that kept me smiling, laughing, and coming back!) If you could have a candle with 10 ends, I was burning them all and then some. I was flailing! Losing circulation and feeling to all parts of my being. I’m pretty sure some buzzards were circling around ready to fly in. I was flailing, losing my ever loving mind. My soul was desert dry with no water in sight!

Not only did The Shepherd come to rescue me, HIs herdsmen came in many shapes and sizes. They brought “water” to my dry, shriveled up soul. I have lost count of how many times God used people around me to help along the way. Yet, most importantly, He was the One orchestrating it all. He was constantly whispering words of comfort, strength, encouragement, hope into my heart. He was the one that held me up, is still holding me up, as I gain my footing. He saw me roll too far and ran to me. He ran to me, to rescue me! As my soul was cast down, He lifted me up. Over time, He is restoring my soul. With each day, as my soul thirsts for Him, my soul is refreshed and is healing. He is restoring my soul.

Sheep are not the smartest animals, yet we relate to them so well!! Um….. not sure what that says about mankind! Well, yes, I do. As much as we think we know what we are doing, we really don’t. We need The Shepherd to watch over and guide us to a place of rest, care for us, lead us to still waters, to restore our soul. He is the Healer and Restorer of our soul. He is restoring my soul! Such peace in that one statement. 

So, in our times of flailing. And yes, we will keep having our flailing moments; we are imperfect humans. He is the Great Shepherd who will leave the 99 and come rescue me, the 1 flailing around crying out to Him. Thank You, Jesus!

Even now, how is He bringing feeling back into your being? Setting you back up on your feet? Holding you steady as you gain your balance? Restoring your soul? He is, my friend. Take a step back and look from the outside in and see how He is restoring your soul. 

It’s humbling to know that He cares for even me, for even you. Out of all the people in this world, He sees you and He is running to you to help you up. Reach out, He is already reaching for you!

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, flailing together, in HIm. 

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