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My oldest son, now 18, was 22 months old when we adopted him and brought him home. He may not have grown in my belly, but he was created from our hearts. We have nicknames for each of our kids. The oldest is “Chosen.”

The adoption process and options have changed drastically in the 16 years since we adopted my oldest. At the time, we went through an adoption agency. They made all the contacts, helped us get through all the red tape and reports. When the time came, they sent us a VHS (that dates it right there!). On the VHS was a video of a boy less than 2 years old. The agency told us that if we watched it and didn’t think that was the boy we wanted to adopt, they would send us another one. That boggled my mind. This was a human being that was going to be our son, not some item we look at to see if we like or don’t like and maybe take back. I don’t think so!! I remember, vividly, standing in front of the TV with the VHS in my hand. I looked over at Mark and said, “Our son is on this tape. I have not seen him yet, but this is our son.” We popped the video in and appeared with this curly head, full of energy, boy running from one place to another. He was a ball of energy even then! He is our son. We chose him to be our son. We wanted him to be a part of our family, to make our family complete, to bring life to our family. 

You are chosen, too. Chosen for what? You may ask. What am I chosen for? What am I chosen to do? More times than not, I ponder that question. Lord, what did you choose me for? What can I do that isn’t already done? “I don’t know,” is a common, popular answer.

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve had more snow than usual. One of many positive things about having children, is child labor!! Haha! So, when it snows, guess what. Bundle up kids! You’ve got a driveway and back porch to clear off! I choose you to do that for our family!! Begrudgingly, they all went out and shoveled snow. The other day our kind neighbor showed mercy on my boys shoveling our driveway and he brought over his snowblower. He showed one of my sons how to use it. My son went to town and cleared off the driveway with ease! 

Due to snow, and teenage boy driving, both my sons ended up in a ditch. Everyone is okay and the vehicles are fine. In both instances, they were stuck and couldn’t get themselves out of the ditch. One had a stranger stop and pull him out and make sure he was okay. The other one we called in a friend with a big truck and tow strap to get him out! 

A dear friend of mine, called and asked if she could come over, she needed to talk. Come on over! She shared what was going on. I gave my two cents worth. I’m not an educated or licensed counselor. I did my best to listen, speak from experience and give words of encouragement that has been given to me.  

Because God is so big, so powerful and so everything, we have a hard time grasping that He has chosen me for something or for anything! One of the many things I’ve learned about God is that He is not a God of confusion. He is a God of Love. Not a God of fear, but a God of passion and boldness. 

He has chosen us for big things. He, also, has chosen us for the little things too. It was pretty big for us to think and follow through with adopting a child. It’s pretty big, to me, that He has chosen me to write, share my story, to hopefully help someone else out there. It’s pretty big that he chose me to raise three teenagers as a single parent. (Still not sure what He was thinking there!!) It’s pretty big to think that my story can help a large vast number of people. 

He has also chosen us for the little things too. He chose me to be a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a hug to give, a voice of reason, a mom who wants to provide and take care of her family. You have been chosen to be the person to stop and help someone out of a ditch, to answer your phone and say I’m on my way, to open your door and say come on in, to offer your snowblower to your neighbor, to plow off someone’s drive, to take a family member or friend to the doctor, to show up when someone just needs your presence. Do not dismiss the little things. The little things are just as important as the big things. And you have been chosen to do both. You may not think you’re doing much. But you are doing more than you can imagine and you are chosen to do those things. It is not by chance that a stranger driving a truck and had a tow strap drove by my son in a ditch. It is divine intervention that He completes through you! Yes, you are chosen to be God’s vessel of Divine Interventions. What do you think about that?!

Romans 8:29 reminds us that He knew us and chose us in advance. He chose us to become like His son. He chose us to come to Him. 

You are chosen, my friend, for the little things and the big things. You are important. You are created for a purpose. You are chosen as His.

So when you start to doubt your importance, your worth, your value, remind yourself that you are chosen by your Heavenly Father, to do great and mighty things. 

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, chosen, in Him. 

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