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Growing up, I was a daddy’s girl. And a momma’s girl. Both provided comfort that I needed in a different way. As a little girl, I remember crawling up on my dad’s lap. He’d tuck me into his arm and side and I’d lay my head on his chest, listening to his heart. And most nights, I’d fall asleep. The day came and I got too big for his lap! Haha! Instead, as he stood, I’d sneak my arm around him, lay my head on his chest and give him a good squeeze. He’d squeeze in return and my world was balanced. The love of a father is powerful. 

As a wife, I found comfort and peace in the arms of my husband. My dad was six foot tall. Mark was only 5’8 ½”. So, burrowing into Mark’s shoulder and chest didn’t quite work out as smoothly as it did with my dad. Yet, we still had our moments. As I lay beside him, his arm wrapped around me, I’d lay my head on his chest, listen to his heart and soak in the comfort and peace. The love of a husband is powerful.

The night Mark passed away, my brother and sister drove an hour north to pick up my mom and dad and drive almost 2 hours south to my house. At 4 o’clock in the morning, my mom and dad walked through my front door. I immediately went into my father’s arms. My dad was sick, weak, and his health was failing. I knew he couldn’t stand for very long. But he stood at the door and held me as I cried on his shoulder. He soon sat down on the couch. I sat beside him as close as he could handle and just sat with him. The comfort of a father is powerful.

Only a few months later did my father leave his earthly home and take up residence in his eternal home. Within just a few short months of one another, my earthly comfort and securities were gone. Have you ever experienced having the security you have had up to a point in your life be gone in a blink of an eye? Talk about brutal! Talk about your heart being ripped out of your chest! To date, I have not experienced that kind of pain and hurt in my life!

It was during this time of being stripped down to the very core of who I was, that I realized the only true security, comfort and peace are in the arms of God. God’s arms are the true shelter, peace, comfort and security I needed. When I hit bottom a few times and thought I’ve got nothing, Jesus is all I have, He is all I need. In those moments, His mercy, peace, comfort, security and strength washed over me. I was able to take a deep breath, fill my lungs with His presence and exhale His peace. The love of God is powerful.

God has provided and continues to provide me close, intimate moments with Him that provide the much needed security and comfort. I love being outside, soaking in the sun (with the aid of sunscreen!). I have a swing on my back deck and a dock that I need some much needed quiet time. During that time, I do my best to quiet my mind and heart, tune into the nature around me and just be in His presence. It’s in the stillness I hear His heartbeat and feel His arms wrapped around me. It’s here I can breathe in His presence and exhale His peace. Our Father’s comfort is powerful.

God also provided Jesus in skin. For example, there is a wise couple in our church. They have loved on me and the kids ever since we’ve known them. Every Sunday morning, she asks how I’m doing, how my week has been and gives a reassuring hug. Her husband wraps me in his arms, tugs me close and reminds me that I’m beautiful. They are Jesus in skin. I have a friend who I can walk up to, hug and ask her to pray over me. I have dear friends that I don’t even have to say a word, their arms are open, ready to give a boost of comfort and security when needed. My family loves me unconditionally. Mom has a bag packed, ready to head south at any given time. My brother and sister are only a phone call away and a less than hour drive south (lead feet runs in the family!) All of these are examples of Jesus in skin. These are moments when God provides us with a moment of Heaven here on earth.

God provides security, comfort and peace in the momentous moments. He is also in the small moments. Think back through the last couple of days. When did God wrap you in HIs arms and give you His comfort, peace and security. For real, right now, when was it? Thank You Jesus for that moment.

I encourage you to be intentional in seeking out moments with our Heavenly Father. His arms are open wide all the time. When life gets crazy and you feel off balanced, overwhelmed, hurting, sad or you just want to be with HIm, crawl up in His lap, feel His arms wrapped around you and listen to His heartbeat as His presence washes over you. 

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, securely in His arms, together in Him.

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