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That moment when your 3 year old shakes her head adamantly and says, “No, mommy, I didn’t get into the M&Ms!” when chocolate is smeared all over her face!! It’s cute and your spidey senses don’t have to be tuned in very much to know that even though she’s cute, she’s not being honest. 

How about when you ask your teenage son a simple question and the longer he takes to answer and the more expressive he gets with his answer your spidey senses go up and know that something is not quite right here!

Anyone NCIS fans?? The character Gibs is known for his instincts, his gut feelings. Whatever you want to call it; spidey senses, instincts, gut feeling, divine intuition, deep down you know that something is up or not quite right or right and you have to wait it out for it to come around. 

I recently finished a book I would highly recommend for you to put on your list of books to read. “Live Like Jesus” by Putty Putman. Putty Putman takes a deeper look on what it looks like to live like Jesus. During the first couple of chapters I had to stop and think through his perspective and point of view. They are all Biblically based and Holy Spirit led; yet I wondered, “What’s he trying to say here? Where is he going with this?” I stopped periodically to think, ponder and pray about how he was communicating what it looked like to be like Jesus. It’s a book to read a couple of times through. I’ve made it through once and am working on my second time around. It’s one of those books that has caused me to pause and think about my own personal view of what it looks like to live like Jesus and consider if I’m willing to take a deeper look into my relationship with Christ. To say this book touched deep into my heart is an understatement. Leading up to and while I was reading, I kept coming back to the scripture of Isaiah 43: 19, “For I am about to do something new, See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?” God is infusing more of HIs spidey senses in me! He is always preparing you and me for what He has in store for us next. As I began to read the book, the scripture, “for I am about to do something new,” kept popping back into my mind. 

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…. I’ve been doing some additional writing that I hope to publish and share with all of you!! I’m pretty excited about the whole venture. I have several ideas rolling around that I’m currently working on. It will take some time and will be a long process. My formal education is in elementary education. I’ve taught the basic writing skills, but have no extended formal training in literature and writing. That’s the scary part of this venture. BUT, I’ve also come to the conclusion that we will thrive and succeed wherever God leads us. He is our Teacher and Educator and will give me what I need to be successful in what He has led me to do!

That’s only one of the “something new” going on in my world. My oldest is about to graduate from high school and we are preparing to send him off to venture out on his own! Over the past year and a half my side gig that has enabled me to stay home and be more available and present for my kids, has increased and blessed our family in more ways than the financial support. In just a short couple of years, I’m going to be an empty nester! Talk about something new right there!! That thought still blows my mind. And my spidey senses are telling me that God is not done with me yet. 

Ephesians 3:20, “Now all glory to God, who is able, through HIs mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” reminds me He has some much more planned, more than I can ask or think of. AND, His mighty power that is in me will accomplish all He has planned for me.

Over the past few weeks, Satan was trying to work his magic in my mind. My heart, soul and strength are rooted deeply in Christ. My mind has a tendency to try to pull up its roots. But they never completely come out. My mind is rooted in Christ. There are times that my heart and mind are not on the same page. My spidey senses are getting jammed up by the enemy. Because I have Christ’s presence, power, love and instincts inside of me, Satan is shaking in his boots. Every now and then, he starts to get a stronghold on my mind. 

Have you seen the 2015 movie “War Room” (recommended movie). There is a scene when one of the characters is walking through her house calling out Satan. He can not have her home, her family, her husband, her daughter. He has no power in her heart and mind and soul. The scene goes on for a few minutes as she walks around her home kicking Satan out and telling him that he has no power over her. And by the power of God within her, he leaves and does not win!

Sooo, I have done that several times myself. If you’re not really sure what’s going on, you might think I’ve lost my last marble! It’s been gone for a long time!! Yes, just recently, I have walked through my house, talking out loud, telling Satan he has no power of my mind, heart and soul. He can not have my family, he can not steal my future blessings, he can not stop me from God’s divine calling for my life. And by the power of God within me, I kicked him out!! I gave him my strongest kung fu punch and sent him sailing! 

My divine intuition was kicking in and I knew something was up. Something God sized big is going to happen and Satan got scared and thought he could knock me out! Too bad so sad for him, I knocked him out instead!! Hahaha! 

Something deep within my heart, soul and mind shifted closer to Christ as I think and ponder what He is calling me to do. The enemy didn’t like it and is trying to stop it. Whatever you call your instincts, I am forever grateful for God’s divine intuition He is infusing into my being. 

How tuned in are your spidey senses with divine intuition? How do you sharpen your instincts? Where does the confidence in your instincts come from? Who or what do you want to be the most “in-tune” with? 

My spidey senses are telling me God is on a roll to accomplish more than what we can imagine through you and me!

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, instinctively, with Him. 

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