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We girls have a tendency to be a wee bit too hard on ourselves when it comes to our outward appearance. I’m not a big froo froo girl. Give me a comfy pair of jeans and a shirt and I’m good to go most days. When I worked in the classroom, I wore casual dress pants and a nice top, curled my hair and put on some makeup and called it done. I would take one last glance in the mirror and think, “Well, this is as good as it’s going to get!” And off I went. I rarely looked back in the mirror or touched up my makeup throughout the day. I had other things on my mind. Now that I work from home, it’s comfy jeans, shirt, no makeup and I don’t worry about curling my hair. Friday, Casual Day, is everyday! Pongo, our dog, doesn’t mind the casualness for the work day!

There are times I do like to dress up and look nice or more “put together,” as some would call it. The kids came home from school one day. I had nicer jeans, a nicer top on and my make up and hair done. My daughter said, “Wow Mom! Where are you going.” Ok, I thought, I must really dress too relaxed on a regular basis. It was just jeans and a sweater! Good grief. Do I really look that bad on a daily basis?? I have a whole two dresses in my closet at the moment! That tells you how often I get “dressed up!” I’m not a slob. I like to dress comfortably. Pantyhose and heels are not it!  

Several Sundays ago I got the hankering to get all dolled up and look nice for church. Growing up, we wore our Sunday best every Sunday. I didn’t wear jeans to church until I was an adult, on my own and didn’t tell my parents until after the fact!! Haha! So, out came one of my two dresses, heels, pantyhose (a little old school), hair and makeup was complete and I even put on some jewelry! I was going all out, for me, anyway! I took a look in the mirror before we left and thought, “Dang, I look good!” Haha. My church family is not used to seeing me so dolled up. I received several pleasant comments and a few gave me a hard time. All in fun, of course. At the end of the day, the comments didn’t matter, it was that I felt good from the inside out. 

Here’s the part where I may be a wee bit too hard on myself. I wanted to change my profile picture on a couple of my personal social media profiles. Due to casual dress at work everyday, I wanted to wait and take a selfie when I was more “put together,” ie; I did my makeup and hair! I waited several days until I had a “real” reason to do my hair and makeup. Once I did, I took a few selfies and didn’t like any of them! Not a good enough smile, I look like I’m frowning, my eyes are half closed, you can see too many wrinkles, when did I get so old?? So, I deleted them all and thought I’d try again another day. 

In the meantime, my niece is helping me out with social media details and went through some pictures and picked one to use. I was in jeans, baseball t-shirt, hiking books, no makeup and my hair was not curled. Haha. Her comment was, “You look so cute in this picture!” God bless her sweet, precious heart! 

In the end, my outward appearance makes little difference. Beauty comes from the inside out. My hair could be butchered, my face scarred and wear rattly, wholey clothes. When I have Jesus living inside of me, His beauty shines through and the outward appearance is not seen. 

Who did Jesus surround himself with? The ordinary, hard working, not put together, trying to do their best to survive kind of people. The people who looked like they had it all together, wore the name brand robes and sandals, had maidens to help them dress and make sure they looked picture perfect before they went out the door, were more concerned with their outward appearance and then their hearts of stone. If your outward appearance is more important than anything else, then you have a problem.

I used to think I better put some makeup on before I go out so I don’t scare anyone! While I may still scare some, it really doesn’t bother me anymore. What you see, is what you get. Take it or leave it, it’s up to you. God sees me, knows me, that’s all that really matters.

God doesn’t want the fake, the facade, the masks. He wants the real you, your inner self, your heart. I am my best me when I’m comfortable and content in my Al Natural state of being with Him in the center of my heart.

Too many times I catch myself wondering what others are thinking of me. It’s hard enough to be vulnerable with myself in order to be content with who I am. It’s another level of vulnerability to allow others to see your true heart, your true self without the facade. 

There is nothing wrong with dressing nicely and looking your best. There is also nothing wrong with dressing comfortably. What does matter is who is at the center of our being. Is it you or is it Christ. If it’s you, you will never be satisfied and content in anything. If Christ is at the center of your being, your heart and soul, His beauty shines through you. You are beautiful in His eyes and others see your beauty through Him. No matter how many different angles I look at myself from, I always see flaws. I look at myself through His eyes and every angle is flawless and beautiful. I consider this my “Al Natural” state of being.

Take a moment and see yourself through His eyes and bask in your Al Natural state of beauty.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, Al Naturally, in Him. 

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