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Every now and then I wake up in the morning feeling rested with a bit of Wonder Woman strength to conquer the day! I had one of those mornings recently. The insight from my morning devotion was “Sit back and enjoy the ride.” I thought, “Okay, Lord. I have a few things to do today, help me sit back and enjoy the ride.

Well, that lasted until about 11 am. I had a doctor’s appointment. And like every other doctor’s appointment, I had to wait, and wait and wait some more. The longer I waited, the longer my mental to do list became, the more anxious I was feeling. Finally, I was finished at the doctor’s office and headed home. By the time I got home, my mind was in overdrive and I felt like I was off to the races to get everything done. Cookies needed to be made, my daughter asked me to make homemade banana bread, 5 loads of laundry to wash and fold, errands to run, supper to fix and my son’s baseball game to attend. Yep, off to the races! The baseball game was canceled and I was thinking I could slow down a bit and breathe a little. Nope. There was a meeting I had already said I wouldn’t be at because of baseball. Well, since there was no baseball, I headed to the meeting! By the time I got home, checked in with everyone, finished up laundry, I was sitting down at my desk at 9:30 pm exhausted. Trying to pay bills and balance your checkbook exhausted is not a good idea! I couldn’t think straight. I paused, stared out my window and took a mental break. After a couple of minutes, I was able to refocus. I was still feeling the pressure of getting too many things done in a short amount of time. So… I made a list! Yep, I’m a list maker. There is a sense of accomplishment when I’m able to cross something off my list. I was close to a breaking point and needed a sense of control. Mind you, it’s just a sense of control. Writing out a list focused my overdriven brain and I was able to look at my list and focus on one thing at a time. I did get a lot accomplished that day even though there were still things that needed to get done.

The next morning I woke up, rested and ready to get back to my to-do list. Anxiety was still simmering ready to boil over. Before it boiled over, I needed to process the day before and the next couple of days out loud. So, I called a friend. She listened attentively as I poured out my thoughts rambling around in my head. Speaking it out loud to a trusted friend helped calm the chaos inside. As she listened and pointed out a few things, I was able to formulate a plan of action and roll with it. At the end of the conversation we were both laughing and light hearted. 

Sidenote: I truly hope you have someone who will not only live life alongside you, but will also pray out loud over you. She ended our conversation by praying over me and the days to come. It was so comforting and was a moment of heaven here on earth. 

After praying (in my car in the Kroger parking lot!), groceries were bought, errands were taken care of, work was completed, supper was prepared, baseball game was won and a work meeting successfully completed. The busy, productive, prayed over day was not as bad as I thought it would be and I was able to relax, sit back and enjoy the ride.

One of the questions that my friend asked was, “Out of the things you need to get done, what are you enjoying?” That made me stop and think am I enjoying any of this or am I pushing through just to get it finished? 

The chocolate chip cookies I made the day before were for my nieces who are studying for finals at college. When my oldest nephew went to college, I started sending treats to him during finals week. Sending chocolate chip cookies during finals week has continued for my niece and now my nephew’s wife (my nephew graduated!). So, yes, I enjoyed making the cookies knowing who they are going to in hopes of brightening their day. 

We had bananas that had started to turn brown. My daughter noticed and asked if I would make banana bread. (Sometimes I think they don’t eat the bananas so I will make bread! haha!) I enjoy making and providing food for my family. When she asked if I would make some, it was a no brainer. Of course, I’ll make some banana bread!

For the most part, I enjoyed doing what was on my to do list. A sense of joy fills me when I’m able to take care of others by completing tasks that need to be done. For a few days the to do list was a wee bit too long and I was feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of my on deadline. 

When I started the day feeling refreshed and ready to face the world with the insight to sit back and enjoy the ride, the craziness of the next few days was not what I had in mind! I was hoping to get things accomplished without the pressure of a time crunch around every corner. It’s easy to enjoy the ride when you’re at a comfortable pace and there’s little to no pressure. You add the cookie timer is about to go off and I need to fold a load of laundry and relaxing goes out the window. 

You really can sit back and enjoy the ride even when you’re folding laundry, getting the cookies out of the oven on time, realizing the banana bread needs to bake for an hour and a half so it’s going to have to wait until after the cookies and the chicken casserole planned for dinner that bakes for 45 minutes! Yep, I really did enjoy all of that! At the end of the day, it’s not about crossing off items on my to do list, it’s about doing things I enjoy that will bless others. The bonus is that I’m just as blessed.

I like to make lists. Lists give me a visual of what needs to be done. Lists also help bring focus to the rolling thoughts that keep bouncing around in my brain. Crossing everything off my to do list is not my goal. The list is a reminder of what I enjoy doing. Even when I feel crunched on time, I want to enjoy the process and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, enjoying the ride, with Him. 

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