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Have you played Hide and Seek with a toddler lately? If you are the seeker seeking out your little toddler, you may see toes sticking out, hear giggles behind the curtains or wiggly, lumpy blankets on your bed. One time, one of my kids sat on the couch and held the pillow across his face. If he can’t see you, you can’t see him! Right?? I looked all over and could not “find” him. I searched and searched and called out several times, but to no avail, I could not “find” him. Finally, he threw the pillow down and yelled, “I’m right here, Mommy!!” Since it was so hard to find him (wink! wink!), that became one of his favorite “hiding spots!” 

One day, I was talking to my mom, checking in to see what was going on and how she was doing. I was at work at the time and getting ready to go home. As we were talking, I started gathering up my things to leave. I’m looking around for my phone (wait for it…..). I start to panic a little because I can’t find it. I walk around the room, as we are talking, trying to remember the last place I had it or where I might have laid it down. And then the light bulb came on!! My phone is in my hand and I’m talking ON the phone with my mother! Hysterical laughter burst out. My mom was asking what was going on. I could not catch my breath to even tell her! After a couple of minutes, I explained what happened, and we both had a good laugh. You may be laughing right now and that’s ok. But you also know, I’m not the only one who has done that!!

A moment of truth…. I attempted to make a Butter Pie (similar to a Sugar Cream Pie and a family recipe) for dessert. Note I said attempted!! I didn’t set, at all!! It was baked in the oven and had a nice golden brown top. As I’m pulling it out I notice it’s a little jiggly. Once I sat it down and poked at it, I realized it was not firm. Well, bummer. I was really looking forward to having a piece. So, what any individual that doesn’t want anyone else to know about the soupy pie does, is wrap it up in a couple of plastic bags and throw it out before anyone else would know!! Well, now you know so the secret is out!

Do you ever feel like you are playing Hide and Seek with Jesus? Sometimes sitting out in the open covering your face with a pillow hoping He doesn’t see your failures? Seeking Him out and He’s right in front of you and you can’t see Him? Or you’re wandering around aimlessly trying to find Him, when He has been and always will be right inside of you?

There was this guy that was blind, walking around aimlessly in life without direction or purpose. He encountered a moment with Jesus. His eyes were opened and he saw Jesus before him. 

There was a lady who was a social outcast. She was the talk of the town.  She went shopping when the least amount of people would be around. No friends would stand beside her or help her in any way. One day, when she was going through her daily chores, she had an encounter with Jesus. Once she received His gift of everlasting nourishment, she shared her story and had meaning, purpose and direction in her life. 

The blind and the social outcast were found. No more hiding, no more seeking. Jesus found them and they were never lost or hungry again.

Sounds amazing, right? Wondering if it can happen to you? Yes. Yes it can. You don’t have to hide and you don’t have to seek for something that is hidden. Jesus is not hiding now nor will He. He is always seeking, pursuing you. 

I’ve mentioned before, I am my own worst enemy. Someone posted on social media today, “Who are you most frustrated with?” The answer: Me. Yep. We get in our own way. Jesus knows and loves us anyway. Jesus knows and is gently pulling the pillow down from in front of your face. He is waiting beside you for the light bulb to turn on when you realize He has been and always will be within you.

What does it look like to put the pillow down, to look within and see Him in you, to not hide your mistakes? See you through His eyes. You will see love, grace, mercy, acceptance, the person He created you to be. Live your life through His eyes. Who do you see when you look through His eyes? 

If you’re still seeking, don’t give up. Keep seeking, you will find Him. He has already found you. If you’re hiding, take courage and put your pillow down and see His overjoyed face looking back at you. Is He in your heart and you’re looking everywhere else to find Him? Stop and look within.

My friends, learn from my mistakes, don’t repeat them. Jesus is your strength, courage, stronghold and boldness. Be bold in Him and step out of hiding into His arms of grace. 

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, finding Him, together.

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