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Who’d a thought I’d be writing blogs, publishing podcasts and writing devotionals (coming soon!). It’s been over a year since I started the blogs and I’m a few months into the podcast venture. I’ve been writing and working on devotionals on and off in the background. 

My kids have already labeled me as an old mom when it comes to social media. The things I use it for and what they use it for, are somewhat different, said mildly! To prove my kids wrong ( 😉 😉 ), I wanted to keep my social media presence up to date, I called in reinforcements!

My niece just happens to be going to school for social media marketing. Hmmm, wonder who I could call for some help?? 

Several months ago, she came down to the house. I gave her an overview of what I was doing and where I would like it to go and asked her if she would be interested in helping me out. I did preface it with I can’t pay much and promise chocolate chip cookies will keep coming! She excitedly said YES!

A couple of days ago, she and I met again at a fun little coffee shop. The important things came first! We had to get caught up on what was going on in each other’s lives! I still see myself as young. Yet, to sit and listen to her tell me about her life, I thought, “Oh to be her age again!” It brought back some fun memories and stories. We also talked about areas that we both are struggling in and how we handle different situations. One of the many things I found intriguing was, we are currently both in similar situations of learning new skills and balancing different aspects of life at the same time. We are at different ages and stages in our lives, yet living through similar situations. It was a reminder that we are not alone. Even if we are different ages, we can still connect and share life experiences together. She has a laid back, easy going personality. Her easy going persona rubbed off on my slightly tightly wound self and was what I needed in that moment. I recognized the wisdom and willingly took note and received the grace of the moment.

Once we got caught up with one another we moved into talking shop! I have a dream. Yet the details of getting from here to there are a little blurry. I am willing to admit when I need help and reach out to the people who have the knowledge that I do not have. Even if they are younger than me. We both came to the table with ideas on how to spice things up a little, add in some new stuff and do preliminary work now for what we will need later down the road. We combined our thoughts and opinions and came up with a game plan. We encouraged one another and built each other up in the process. The age difference was an asset and not a hindrance. We both had opened hearts and minds to listen and take in each other’s perspectives. 

How many of you have been called a “young’un?” Or have heard a group of younger individuals be called, “You young’uns?” That phrase has a double edge meaning. On one side, it’s said to a higher energy group of kids that are goofing around and having fun. On the other side, it’s said in a way that communicates we are too young to know what we are talking about. Therefore, not taken seriously. 

At one point, some “young’uns” were trying to have a moment with Jesus. The adults around stiff armed them and stopped them from getting too close to Jesus. Jesus, straight up said, “Get out of their way. If they can’t come, who can?” (My interpretation.) It was a reminder that we all need an innocent, simplistic, child-like faith in Jesus. 

Tim was a young man with a heart of Christ who wanted to share his passion for Christ with others. His mentor, Paul, said, “Don’t let anyone think less of you because you are young. You have a lot to give and share. Let it be evident in how you live, love and in your faith in Jesus.” Tim had an encourager in his life to remind him to not get discouraged because of his young age, but to embrace it.

Have you had someone back you up and tell others to wait a minute, you need to listen up. What he or she has to say, you need to hear. My goodness, this “young’un” had Jesus back him up!! I certainly hope that makes you pause and rethink your “young’un” perspective.

There is truth in not living enough life yet to have wisdom that others possess that have lived longer and through difficult circumstances. There is also truth in the wisdom and knowledge of our youth. They are not the voice of the future, they are the voice of today. No matter the age, we all bring something to the table that will encourage and build each other up. It is in our best interest to have an open heart and mind to all ages of wisdom and insight. 

My chronological age keeps creeping higher and higher. Yet, my age in Christ is still rather young. I am well aware I still have a lot to learn and room to grow. I hope and pray I will stay a “young’un” in His eyes and in my heart as I get to know Him more everyday. 

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, as a “young’un,” in Him, together.

Share this moment we’ve shared with someone else. You can find more blogs and podcasts at my website: to share with others. Be blessed and see you next time.

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