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Our family went on vacation recently. I’m one that likes the woods, trail hiking and being out in nature. Many of my childhood and adult vacations have revolved around camping at State Parks. We have varied vacations over the years, but still come back to camping in the woods, trail hiking and campfires. 

Hocking Hills State Park was the destination this year. The trails, cliffs, valleys and waterfalls were some of God’s natural masterpieces. 

As I woke each morning, I made my way outside to spend some quiet time with Jesus. I had my journal, Bible and Bible study I was working through at the moment, sitting on my lap. I was engrossed in my study as the sun was peeking through the trees. I glanced up as a bird flew down and sat on the ground beside me. “Oh, well, hello there birdy!” I know little to nothing about birds. My experience with them is that they poop on me or fly away if I get too close. So, when the little fellow started walking towards my chair, I paused and watched. A few seconds later, he jumped up onto my chair. Okay, I thought, this is interesting.(I might have let out a little squeal. Might have!) I have not been this close to a bird before and I’m not sure what to do or expect. So, I sat and waited. Soon, he jumped over to my knee. He was looking around anxiously. So was I! I’m not sure either of us knew what was going to happen. He inched forward and took a couple of steps on my Bible. I had to draw the line there. I don’t know this birdy very well and the last thing I wanted was him pooping on Jesus! I gently lifted my Bible so he backed up onto my knee. Once again, he looked around a few times, then landed his eyes on me. We just looked at each other and relaxed. We were both calm and just sitting in each other’s presence. 

I could say this only happened once. But it happened each morning. In addition to our morning meetings, he found me at an open field a short walk away. I went for a short walk to stretch my legs. I ended up in an open field. As I’m walking around a bird flies down and lands about 20 feet away. There is no way this is the same bird!! Right??!! I slowly walk towards him. Believe it or not, I’m pretty sure it was the same bird. I bend down and take a closer look. The color pattern and feathers look awfully like the one that landed on my knee earlier. I decided to experiment a little. I got up and slowly walked away. At first he didn’t move and I kept walking. I thought, “Oh well.” and kept going. I walked a few more steps and by golly, that bird flew and caught up with me and walked beside me! Talk about crazy! I was baffled. A few minutes later, he took flight and went on his way. He visited me again the next morning. I felt like the bird lady from Mary Poppins or Snow White! Who knows what would have happened if I broke out into singing!! 

Curiosity got the best of me and I needed to know what kind of bird this was. I think it’s a Brown Finch or Wren. According to Google, the symbolism of a Finch is peace and joy. The symbolism of the Wren is watchfulness, enthusiasm for life and a happy go lucky nature. 

I find this interesting. Most animals, including ourselves, want to be around others that share the same vibes. A calm, peaceful person would rather be around other calm, peaceful people. Happy go lucky people thrive on being around other happy go lucky people. Whether it was a Finch or Wren, it felt in a safe place to come hang out with me. 

While I did not break out into song nor did birds come from all over, I did sit there, in peace, enjoying the moment with my bird. 

Couple of things came to mind as I was enjoying the presence of my bird friend. 

I am a lot like the bird when it comes to wanting to be around similar vibing people. Or at least I draw strength from people who have a natural positive outlook, an easy going spirit and a kind heart. What are your vibes and who do you want to hang out with?

What if I was the bird and it was God’s knee I came to perch on? I was cautious at first. I’m not sure who He is. Will He reject me, scare me off? Or will He allow me to perch on His knee and hang out with Him? I decide to take a chance and inch forward, get a little closer. The closer I get, my courage builds. He hasn’t shooed me away yet. I take a leap of faith and jump on His knee. Now we are face to face getting to know one another. After a while, I think I’ve taken up enough of His time and decided I better go. Off I went to the “safety” at my nest. The longer I am away from Him, the greater the desire to go back. So, I fly in search of  His peace and comfort. Once again, I find Him and pop a perch on His knee. I soak in His peace, easy going, kind spirit.

How often do we desire to perch on God’s knee and seek His shelter? At times, I think not enough. At other times, I want to stay all day and never leave. 

Well, my friends, Jesus is the “Bird Lady” and “Snow White” (figurative of course!) I don’t have to be cautious or fearful when approaching. We can have full confidence and take a leap of faith and land on His knee. I want to share in His vibes. I want to hang out and get to know Him more. Sometimes He sings to draw me closer. Sometimes His presence alone stirs the yearning in my soul to be with Him more. 

Whether you are a nature person or a city dweller, He is wherever you are. Take a look around at His beauty and soak in His presence. He likes hanging out with you.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, perched on His knee, with Him. 

Share this moment we’ve shared with someone else. You can find more blogs and podcasts at my website: to share with others. Be blessed and see you next time.

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