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Just curious, what is your first reaction when the wifi goes out or your phone won’t work and you don’t have what you need when you need it? Is it, “No, worries. I need a break from it anyway. It will work again soon enough.” or “AHHH!!! I can not survive without my phone, this has to be fixed now!!” 

Technology is amazing….when it works! When it doesn’t, it’s a pain in the keister!! We are all slightly addicted to our phones and technology. Information is at our fingertips instantaneously.

Recently, I bought two of my kids a new phone. When I say a new phone, I mean, Certified Previously Owned phones. They work just as well, and are easier on the pocket book! We have a well known cell phone carrier. They make it sound so easy to transfer data from one phone to the other and activate the new phone. Not so much. Each time I need to activate a new phone, I end up calling customer service and am on the phone at least an hour and usually longer troubleshooting and waiting!

Within a 6 week time frame, I had bought “new phones” and transferred data from the old to the new. My kids tried to help, but in the end, I’m the one who has to call tech support and get it figured out. 

The first phone I activated, I called tech support first and had them walk me through every step. The second time, I started the transfer and activation on my own. Then called tech support when it didn’t work! 

Let me remind you that the new phones I’m activating are for teenagers! Do you know of any teenagers who don’t mind being without their phones for an extended amount of time? Yeah, me either! 

We had pacing, standing and staring, “How much longer?” “Is it done yet?” and my favorite, “When will you be finished?” Do you really think I want to spend hours talking to tech support and setting up your phone for kicks?? They definitely got the “Mom” look each time they asked. I finally said, “When it’s finished, I will bring it to you.” Translation, stop asking, pacing and staring for crying out loud!!

During both processes, I had to reset two different settings on the phones. Both resets reverted everything on the phone back to its original settings, back to its default setting. 

Oftentimes I tell myself I need an attitude adjustment. My attitude is out of whack and it needs a reset. Here’s the tricky part. What is your reset setting? What do you default back to?

We have two very different default options.

Default Option 1: Worldly mindset and heart. The world is against me. It’s not my fault. Why can’t anything go my way? I’m not good enough, smart enough, tough enough. Someone else is more qualified. I’m nothing. I give up. It’s never going to work out. Woe is me.

Default Option 2: Christ’s mindset and heart. If God is for me, who can be against me. This must not be the best way for me and a better option will come along. He created me in His image. In His image, I am smart, good enough, tough enough. He has gifted me in ways that will grow my skills in reflection of His love and for His glory. His plans for me are to bless me, not to harm me. I am His beloved child, in whom He takes great pleasure in. 

What if Jesus is our One and only Default? What if He is the only option we choose to turn to for anything and everything; the good, the bad and the ugly; in all and through all things? Ponder that for a moment.

In both cell phone scenarios, I knew going in, it would be a long process. My frustration came when my children were not so patient! They were excited about their new phones and wanted to personalize their phone. The constant checking to see if the phones were ready was grating on my nerves. Do you really think this is how I wanted to spend my evening?

How earnestly do you desire to live out the heart of Christ and to think like He thinks? My greatest, spiritual desire is for my default to be Christ. In all that I do, think and say; I yearn to be a reflection of Him. It’s a daily journey I am committed to walking. I stumble and trip, but His hand reaches out and steadies me every time, without fail. 

What is your default setting? How does it affect your heart and mind? Take a moment to make adjustments that are in tune with Christ’s heart and mind. Take a step closer to Jesus as your default setting.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, defaulting to Him.

P.S. Shout Out to Customer Service individuals. You’re a Rock Star!

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