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A fellow kayaker was out fishing in his kayak and got one of his lures stuck in some brush. He was also in faster-moving water about 6 feet deep. He dropped anchor to steady his kayak so he could rescue his lure. One problem, there was no rope attached to the anchor! The anchor went down to the bottom without a rope to hold the kayak in place. Not only was his anchor gone, he couldn’t rescue his lure either! The window weight he used for an anchor is hard to come by and he lost one of his preferred lures. Rough day at the office!

Last week I wrote a tribute to my Uncle Bob. Since then, we spent time with family as the realization of his loss settled in. Previous loss is brought to the forefront of one’s mind during the funeral process and is mentally draining. Truth be told, I came home the other night and face planted on my bed. As I laid there, memories flooded my mind. The emotion of loss and time lost was weighing me down. Sadness started to sink in a little too deep. So, I “dropped anchor.”

Three things occurred as I dropped anchor. First, the tears that were shed were tears of joy. The memories that flooded my mind, brought a smile to my face. I was remembering the days that we shared together instead of the days we wouldn’t share together. In doing so, the sadness was replaced with joy and contentment. 

Second, I reminded myself that this was, “See ya later.” not a forever goodbye. I am blessed to have the promise of eternity with my loved ones that have gone before me. There is no question or doubt of their eternal home. The promise settles the sadness and anxiety and brings peace and hope for tomorrow. 

Lastly, I deeply inhaled His presence and took a step toward moments without the ones we’re temporarily separated from. The reality of living our earthly moments without them stirred a desire to keep living. Live and experience each moment, each day. Don’t just survive, but thrive in each moment. 

By definition, the anchor keeps the kayak, boat, or vessel from drifting away. All day, everyday, I chose to drop my anchor into Chrst’s ever present lap of grace and mercy. Line or no line, He will hold us steady. No matter the depth, speed of the current or drifting off, He holds us tight against Him and won’t let go. If we drift, it’s of our own doing. God has no desire to see us drift away. Even if our line is not connected at our end, it is securely knotted on His end.  

Another fellow kayaker told a story of when, after fishing a specific spot, he was ready to move on. He went to pull up his anchor and it was stuck. It was not budging. Too many times to count, I’ve dropped anchor and pulled it right back up. Instead of leaving my troubles at the feet of Jesus, I’ve picked them back up and continued to struggle. The anxiety, fear and being overwhelmed returned and I lost my peace of His strength as I started to drift. Thank you Jesus for holding on anyway. Thank you for not allowing me to drift too far. Thank you for your open arms as I turn back to You to hold me steady. 

What would it be like to be permanently anchored to Christ and never have the fear or anxiety of drifting away? This is deeper than saying and believing that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. This is deeper than Sunday morning worship and Wednesday night Bible study. This is deeper than saying your prayers every morning, noon and night. This is deeper than a 5-minute daily devotion. Deeper than your preferred podcast. How deep your anchor goes is up to you. 

How willing are you to put forth the effort to drop your anchor further into Jesus than you have ever gone before? What sacrifice will need to be made? Time is a hot commodity. Time is necessary for any relationship to grow deeper. Are you willing to sacrifice quiet time to spend getting to know Jesus at a deeper level. Are you ready to listen to His still small voice that will rock your world? Or the quiet whisper that will deepen your anchor into Jesus? Is He worth your time?

My friends, each story that I have shared, each moment that I’ve lived through has taken me one step deeper with Christ. How? My heart, mind and soul are in sync in knowing and believing who Christ is and who I am in Him. Take a leap of faith and ask Him to reveal to you who you are in Him. You will love the answer! As you understand who you are in Him, your anchor goes a little deeper and more secure in our Lord. 

You don’t have to like water, boats or kayaking to understand the importance of an anchor. We are all anchored in something or someone. May the One that you are anchored in be Jesus, your everlasting stronghold.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are anchored together in Him.

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