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Can you see Aladin and Princess Jasmine flying around on their magic carpet exploring a whole new world? It’s exciting and nerve-racking to explore something new. You can open yourself up to a whole new world you never expected or thought it wasn’t possible.

For the last several years, my mom has wanted to take all of us on a family vacation. All 11 of us, together, under one roof, for 5 days! That was a whole new world. This past weekend we rented a lake house that was big enough we had space to move around in and not be on top of one another. We spent the majority of the weekend together, but also could sneak away to our own rooms when needed. The house was located on a large lake. The double decker boat dock had a slide and a place to jump into the water. We had a speed boat for skiing and tubing and a pontoon boat for cruising around. 

The house was located back in a cove. We could sit on the top deck of our boat dock and see the lake ahead of us. It was a gorgeous view. 

The night we arrived, I went exploring and ended up sitting on the top level of the double decker boat dock. Back in the cove, we were surrounded by woods with a view of the lake. I was pretty content to sit and enjoy God’s creation around me. I knew a lot more was out there, but I couldn’t see it from where I was at. At that point, I was pretty content with my current view. I had no desire to go tubing. The last time I went tubing beat me up and had to go to my chiropractor. I am willing to admit I do not have the coordination nor the desire to faceplant in the water to try water skiing. Cruising around in the pontoon boat sounded relaxing. Except I’m the one that’s sunburnt within 5 minutes of being in the sun. Sounds like I’m really going to enjoy this vacation right??

We all knew this vacation was going to be a new experience, a whole new world!

For the next three days we sped around the lake tubing and water skiing. We relaxed, cruised around the lake and went for a three hour tour without getting shipwrecked! Cheeks were sunkissed by the sun. Tubing and water skiing resulted in fun, laughter and maybe a few face plants in the water. 

Even though I didn’t tube or water ski, I rode along in the speed boat to help and witness the excitement of fun. I cruised around on the pontoon boat relaxing and enjoying the company.

The Jumping Bridge was a highlight of our trip. Yep! We jumped off a 30 foot bridge into the water. Eight of us lined up on the bridge, counted down from 3, screamed as we jumped, splashed as we landed and all came up laughing wanting to do it again. Well, except for one. He needed another countdown before he jumped! (That would have been my older brother!) We jumped several more times that day. And again the next day. It was a fun, new experience for all of us. 

I could have sat on the double decker boat dock and said I was good where I was and for everyone else to go ahead. I was content where I was at. Instead, I set aside “what I’ve always done” and explored a whole new world. 

Being in the realm of Christ is a whole new world. God reveals the realm of who He is a little at a time. We can’t handle the full force of His realm in one sitting. The amazing thing about God is that He gives and shows us the right amount of who He is at the right time. A newborn can’t eat a nice juicy steak. He needs to grow into his ability to enjoy a nice, juicy, mouth watering steak. 

God revealed a little more of Himself to me this past week and entered a whole new world of understanding the realm of Christ. 

We often talk about having the mind and heart of Christ. Having the heart of Christ is loving others and Christ loved. Having the mind of Christ is allowing His thoughts to trump your thoughts. This is all true. Yet, there is more to it than that. 

My sister and a couple of friends enjoy sending cards and words of encouragement. I get excited and speed walk back into the house to open up a card I received in the mail from them. The message preprinted on the card is nice and thoughtful. The personal note written in their handwriting is more meaningful and worth treasuring. The message they write comes from their heart. They have given me a little piece of them in the words that they share. The care and thoughtfulness that goes into sharing their heart, warms my heart as I get to know them on a deeper level.

Each encounter we have with Jesus, draws us closer to Him at a deeper level. Lately, I have been mulling over what it means to have the mind of Christ. Each time He reveals something new to me, He is giving me a piece of His mind!! Light bulb moments are Christ willingly, selflessly giving me a piece of Himself to me. Each new understanding of Christ expands my awareness of Him in my heart and mind. Therefore, more of Jesus lives through me. A whole new whole has been awakened. 

I now see Jesus as a brighter Light as I read His word, study His teachings, discuss how He is working through me and others. With each new understanding of who He is, a whole new world is revealed. I yearn to continue to seek His light, see Himself through me as I become less and He becomes more. I yearn to experience a whole new world in Him.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, exploring a whole new world, in Him.

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