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Thirty-four months separate my three kids. From the end of June to the first of August, their ages are “1” year apart. We vacationed at Disney World when the kids were 6, 7 and 8. No one said anything to us, but their body language and facial expressions said it all. “Wow, That’s a lot of kids that are close in age!”  Tell me about it! At times it was like raising triplets!

Have you seen a mom or dad out and about with several kids close in age? Before we had kids, I used to think, “Yikes. No thank you! I’ll stay home and send someone else out rather than have the mini circus with me!” Little did I know what God had in store for me! I love His sense of humor. 

One of the struggles of being a stay at home mom is feeling secluded from the outside world. I’d have to work up enough energy to take a newborn, 18 month old and 3 year old, out into public, on my own. After taking 20 minutes to round everyone up, do a last minute potty break, check for clean diapers, tie shoes, grab the diaper bag, wrestle three car seats, I would finally back out of the garage and drive three minutes to the local grocery store. Here came the “fun” part. I had a baby carrier hanging on one arm, one toddler on my hip and told my oldest to grab a pocket. Once we made it across the parking lot and grabbed a grocery cart, the baby carrier went in the cart, my younger son sat in the front of the cart and my oldest son stood in front of me, on the bar and held the cart handle. Welcome to my circus!! Items added to the cart were packed around the baby carrier. As we walked up and down the aisles I’d get odd looks, sympathy looks and every now and then a “you go, momma!” look. 

Several times on our adventures out into public, I’d have ladies stop and ask, “Are they all yours?” With a laugh and a proud smile, I’d answer, “Yes. Yes they are all mine!”

Recently I was talking to a young mom who has four kids close in age. She received the same curious looks and questions. One lady took it a step further and asked if they all had the same Daddy? She politely answered, “Yes, they all have the same Daddy.” People ask and say the craziest things.

As a mom and friend, it’s disheartening that the question came to the lady’s mind in the first place, let alone ask it out loud. Yet, the question reveals a lot about a person and the society we live in. 

Realistically, there are several children who have the same mom but different dads. Or vice versa, same dad different moms. The percentage of blended families has increased over the years as well. 

No matter the family dynamics, we all have the same Daddy.

My parents were married for fifty years before my father passed away. Crossing that milestone is a tribute to their dedication and love for Christ and one another. It was a true blessing to have my father in my life for forty-one years. I have friends and acquaintances who don’t know their father, have no relationship with him or have no desire to be a part of his life because of life circumstances. Knowing this hurts my heart simply because I had a father who wanted to be present and involved in what I did and who I was. Part of him will always be part of me in a positive, influential way. Some of you may not have had the same experience I had. But you know what, we all have the same Daddy!

God the Father is a proud Dad of us all. Young, old, middle aged, lost, wondering, seeking or sitting at His feet, He is our Daddy and we are His children. 

My kids can walk themselves into a store now, but we are still a circus! And I still get curious looks asking, “Are they all yours?” I smile in return, communicating, they are all mine and I am so very proud of each of them. 

We have a tendency to think God has limitations like we do. We have a hard time wrapping our heads around the fact He is the Father of all. He loves us all. There are no conditions to His love and acceptance. We don’t have to do anything to receive His love and acceptance. He gives of Himself freely. Are you willing to accept His gift of love and allow Him to be your Father? 

Think about this; Our Heavenly Father is the Perfect Father. He yearns to spend time with you. He wants you to know all about Him. He is all in for His love for you. Whether you have a positive or negative relationship with your earthly father, your Heavenly Father is The Father to seek, find and build a relationship with. 

God looks at the circus we have created for ourselves, smiles, nods and says, “Yep, they are all mine!” 

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, as His children, together in Him. 

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