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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind for Sunday afternoon? Football? Baseball? Picnics? Down time? Relaxing? How about a Sunday afternoon nap? Yeah, me too!! My friend has a shirt that says, “Jesus took naps. Be like Jesus!” When I grow up, I want to be like Jesus. Let’s start by taking naps!! 

I’m a power nap kind of girl. Give me about 20 minutes and I’m good to go and get back at it. What I’m realizing lately is that I really like to have one everyday between 1 and 2 in the afternoon! It rarely happens, but I like it when it does! 

Growing up, Mom and Dad worked Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday. Cleaning the house, mowing the lawn and fixing cars were most Saturdays. Sundays were set aside to attend church in the morning, rest in the afternoon and back to church in the evening. Jesus. Rest. Jesus. 

Work schedules nowadays vary from profession to profession. Maybe you work 3 days and are off 4 days. Or you work through the weekend and have Monday and/or Tuesday off. Flex schedule has become the norm and working Monday – Friday, 9-5 has become a thing of the past. Some professions set their own schedule and work whenever, wherever they want. Does that mean a designated day for Jesus and rest is lost in the mix of schedules?

Are you starting your work week exhausted and your week has barely started? Are you looking forward to your next set of days off before your current days off are over? Do you work for your “weekend” or have a “weekend” to propel you through your work week?

The work week is draining and my tank is breaching empty by the end. Knowing I’m heading to church to worship and fill my tank with Jesus at the end of a work week gives me the strength needed to get out of bed and head to church. Worship, being around other believers and being in the presence of the Holy Spirit fill and overflow my tank. The end of my week is simultaneously the beginning of my next week. Spending an extended amount of time with Jesus propels me into my next work week. 

So, what is so special about observing a Sabbath day (spending quality time with Jesus) and not allowing it to fall by the wayside?

God created the Heavens and the earth and on the 6th day, he rested! If He wanted a day of rest, shouldn’t we follow His example and have a day of rest too? 

In the Old Testament time, observing the Sabbath became ritualistic and they lost their focus of the Heavenly purpose of the Sabbath. The purpose of the Sabbath came to life in the New Testament and is alive in each of us today. Jesus. 

We need a day of rest to replenish ourselves physically and spiritually. We are not created to work 24/7, 365. We are created to rest on day 6 and have a deeper encounter with Him on day 7. We physically rest from labor and spiritually rest in His arms. What better place to take a nap!!

What if we can experience the Sabbath everyday? Yes, we need designated days and times to corporately gather and be in His presence together. We need our days of rest and our 20 minute power naps! Yet the focus of the Sabbath is Jesus. Spending time with Him, getting to know Him, communing with Him. What if we would do that everyday? We already have Jesus living in us and with us 24/7, why not rest in Him 24/7. Rest, then, takes on a deeper meaning and understanding of what it means to walk with Jesus. Getting to know who Jesus is, how He lives, and who He desires us to be energizes us to live the life He has created us to live.

What is holding you back from experiencing more of Jesus. He desires to spend time with you. He delights in you. So why not take a step closer and experience a bit of Sabbath everyday.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, resting, in Him. 

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