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As our youth group was headed into “Dave and Busters,” a gaming atmosphere, our Former Enlisted Marine Youth Pastor yelled out, “Find your Battle Buddy and stay together!”

At church camp, we swam in a large lake. We had to pass a swimming test at the beginning of the week and have a swimming buddy to go out in the lake. When they blew the whistle, we had to grab our buddy’s hand and raise it up so the lifeguards could get a count. 

When I was teaching, we’d take our students to St. Louis for an overnight field trip. We went to a handful of public places where the adults could not keep an eye on the students 24/7. We knew where they were, but may not have been able to see them. The adults enforced the rule that you don’t go anywhere without a buddy. It was imperative to watch out for another in larger unfamiliar areas. 

We all need a Battle Buddy. Jesus sent out His disciples of 12 then in groups of 72, each time, with a Battle Buddy. You can not fight any battle on your own. Buddies are a necessity. 

A group of 8 adults and 12 youth traveled to central Mexico to assist a missionary we have supported over the years. A couple of days into our trip, we were mingling around our hotel lobby (and I use the term lobby loosely!). My late husband and my father were standing close by as a couple of locals came up to me and were asking questions. Oblivious to the real purpose of their questions, I was trying to carry on a conversation as I normally would. A couple of minutes into the conversation both my late husband and father interrupted the conversation and scooted the three of us into our room. I looked at Mark inquisitively and he said they were hitting on me. What? No they weren’t! Um…. yes they were. Oh! In their broken English, I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying. My battle buddies stepped up and got us all to safety. 

We have one Battle Buddy with us at all times; Jesus. He has also given us Battle Buddies wherever we go. They may change depending on where you’re going or what you’re doing, but you should always have a Battle Buddy with you. Besides, life is more fun with a Battle Buddy!

My friends, don’t take for granted your intelligence, awareness and strength. You can defeat some battles on your own. Don’t let that fool you into thinking you don’t need anyone to help along the way. Even if you are facing a battle “on your own” you’re really not alone. Jesus places people along the way to be a Battle Buddy when we least expect it. 

After my husband passed, I had to Inform the Social Security Office and bring in everything but the kitchen sink to apply for benefits for our kids. I was physically, mentally and emotionally, “alone” in handling this situation. Yet, Jesus sent Battle Buddies along the way to fight alongside me. Not very often do you hear of pleasant experiences in dealing with government offices. One Battle Buddy was the assistant at the Social Security’s office. He was kind, patient and gentle as I shifted through all my paperwork that he would need. Towards the end of our appointment, I realized I didn’t have a specific certificate needed to finish the process. In kindness, he said, “You know what, let’s set up an appointment for the first thing tomorrow morning with me and we will finish this in no time at all.” The next morning, I went in, gave him what he needed and was out the door within 15 minutes! Unheard of! Whether he was a believer or not, Jesus sent him to be my Battle Buddy and be the strength I needed to complete the process. 

At that time, I didn’t have my normal Battle Buddy to sit beside me and be the support needed. Instead, Jesus provided a situational Battle Buddy to be that support. I experienced God’s blessings of His provision in an unexpected Battle Buddy. 

Let me make one thing clear, I am never alone. Jesus is in me and always with me. Sometimes you choose your Battle Buddies. Sometimes Jesus provides for you. Either way, you are never alone. 

If you have a Rachel, Phoebe and Monica or a Ross, Chandler and Joey (Friends) count your blessings. Take a minute to let your Battle Buddy know how much you appreciate their unconditional support. Keep your mind open to how they are your Battle Buddies and how you can be a Battle Buddy for someone else.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, as Battle Buddies, together in Him. 

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