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Ever feel like you’re talking to a brick wall? “Hey son, come wash the dishes please.” No response. No movement. Not even a grunt to acknowledge I said anything. I wait patiently for about 30 seconds or so. Still nothing. “Hello. Did you hear me?” “Yes.” “Then why aren’t you moving?” Still no movement. Yep, talking to a brick wall. Once I said, “Now would be a good time to come wash dishes!” (said in a stern, about to lose my temper tone!) He finally gets up and washes dishes. This is not the only time it happens. And it’s not just my kids. I was shopping at an electronic store for a new laptop. “Excuse me, Sir. (pause) Hello (pause). Sir?” Nothing. Ok, then. I quickly turned around and walked out. Several jobs ago, I was a customer service phone operator for a music studio. An older man called and wanted a specific video that we didn’t sell anymore. “I’m sorry, Sir, we don’t have that video any more.” “No, Sir, we do not have it.” “Sir, we are all out” “Sir, it is sold out.” He hung up on me still believing we had it and I wouldn’t sell it to him. Another brick wall.

Do you ever feel like talking to God is like talking to a brick wall? You don’t hear a response or see a change? On the flip side, do you think God feels like He’s talking to a brick wall when He’s talking to you?

“Lord, I could use a nearby parking spot today. I’m in a bit of a hurry.” The only parking spot open is the furthest away. “Lord, can you calm the kids down please. I’m about to lose my ever loving mind?” The kids get louder and I lose my ever loving mind. “Green light! Green light! Please turn green!!” Nope. Longest red light ever!! “Lord, I feel like I’m going to fall apart. A human hug would be good right now.” Jesus’s hug is enough. To no avail, the answers I want are not given. Who knew talking to God could feel like a brick wall sometimes. Here’s the thing. There are no brick walls, at all; no bricks in sight.  If there are no brick walls with God, then why the silent treatment? Well, It’s not the silent treatment. The parking spot in the back of the lot gave me a longer walk to slow down and not be in a rush. I even let someone with fewer items go before me in the check-out line. The rowdy kids reminded me that I have kids to be rowdy. At one point in my life, I didn’t think I’d have kids at all. The forever red light protected me from a fender bender I passed a few blocks down. While I desired the human touch of a hug, I received Jesus’s eternal touch of love and comfort. No brick walls in sight. Instead they were walls of protection. Protecting me from myself. Sheltering me in His arms when I didn’t realize He was there. 

Let’s talk about the flip side for a moment. This might sting a little. What if we are the brick wall God is trying to talk to? Ouch! You know the story of the old man sitting on his roof during a flood and asking why didn’t God save him? He tried with a first responder, a boat passing by and a helicopter flying over. His answers may be different from ours. Since we are looking for the answer we want, we miss the answer He gives us. Which is a much better answer. Our single-mindedness becomes our brick wall. Have you asked, “Lord, what do you want me to do here? Take the job? Wait? What’s the best parenting answer to my kid’s question? Lord, what’s for dinner?” I have asked these questions several times and received silence. Yet, it really wasn’t silence. I may not have heard an audible voice telling me what to do, but He guided through the Holy Spirit in taking the next step, then the next. Or making one decision at a time, then another. Many people, including myself, have relied on my instincts or “Spidey Senses” to make decisions. Your instincts aren’t random. They come from past experience, life circumstances, trial and error and best of all, the Holy Spirit. Over time, as I grow in my knowledge, understanding and wisdom of Christ, my instincts are Christ nudging me. I may not hear His voice, but I feel His nudge. They are one in the same. He communicates with His Word along with His action. You’re not sure you are hearing Jesus? Take a baby step. Was it the right direction? If yes, take another. If not, take a step back and try again. You are not failing. You are fine tuning your instincts with Christ’s. 

Brick walls aren’t always a bad thing. Because we are given free will, we can make our own decisions and choices. God wants to protect us from making poor choices. He wants us to make the best choices we can make. He wants us to grow and succeed. By living with Him in us, He forms a brick wall of protection around us. It’s not a wall for restraint or limitations. It’s a wall of protection from ourselves and dangers to us. Bad and hurtful things happen. We can’t stop them. We can face trials and unwanted circumstances with Him in and beside us as our protector and provider. 

Let your brick wall be God’s brick wall of protection around you. Tune into Christ within you and open your eyes and ears to His answers to your prayers. He hears every word and sees every struggle. Let go of the answer you prefer and become aware of His answer and see how much better His answer is. A little trust and faith can go a long way.

Thanks for sharing this moment with me. We are in this together, in His shelter, in Him. 

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