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In 2006, Larry Byrd and Michael Jordan were in a McDonald’s commercial together. They “played” for a Big Mac meal. The first one to miss lost the meal. At the end of each description of the shot, they said, “Nothing but Net.” The ball bounced off walls, went through rafters, hit just the right angle on the scoreboard and bounced through windows hitting nothing but net. They did a series of commercials with the same theme. They had to hit their shots with nothing but net every time. And every time, they both hit their shots with nothing but net. We all knew they were going to hit their shots. We were anticipating what they had to bounce the ball off of to hit nothing but net. Each shot added an extra element to test the ability of the other. Yet, every time, without a shadow of doubt, their shots were nothing but net. We all could count on and depend on each shot being nothing but net. 

Long before Larry Byrd and Michael Jordan was a guy named Saul. He made a living of ridiculing, putting down and dismissing anyone who did not believe what he did. His life mission was to destroy any Christ believer that crossed his path. He was like a bulldog that wouldn’t let go. He grabbed on, yanked, pulled and dug his teeth in, until they cried “Uncle” and submitted to his ways. All of his needs were met. He lacked for nothing. 

One day he went for a walk and intersected Jesus himself. The man he has been denying anyone to believe in, the man whom he himself despised, stood in front of and mocked him. Little did he know the power of Jesus!! Jesus has His own nothing but net accuracy. After an intense conversation and interaction, Saul became Paul. Paul became an all in, nothing but net, believer, witness and son of God. His life was forever changed. 

We have an illusionment that when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, the road we now walk is clear of all pebbles, rocks and speed bumps. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not it. Paul is a living testament of that.

Paul experienced a transformation like none other. There was no doubt in His mind that Jesus is the Son of God. Paul dedicated the rest of his life to sharing his love of Jesus with all he met. Instead of wanting to kill Christ believers, he wanted to bring them to Jesus to know him like he knew him. 

If you think you’ve had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, think again. Paul was shipwrecked and left to die several times, Shackled to a prison guard 24/7, beaten beyond recognition, on the brink of death, stoned, robbed, hungry and naked. On top of that, he cared deeply and ministered to churches around him.

Paul’s drive in his life was now to spread the love of Jesus everywhere he went. Jesus was his nothing but net. No matter what life threw at him, Jesus was his constant companion. The One he relied on, the One that provided nourishment, shelter, healing, his next breath and his hope. Paul knew he could rely on Jesus to provide every time, every day, no matter the odds. 

What if you had the nothing but net guarantee of provision every time, every day? 

I played some high school basketball. I use “play” loosely. I was a decent defender, but not so great on the offensive side. My consistency in shooting was my inconsistency. I was a bench warmer, cheerleader. My shots were not nothing but net. They are bricks, bank shots and a few air balls. I surprised myself when it went in. It may have been ugly, but 2 points is 2 points. By no means could my team count on my shots being nothing but net. 

Thank goodness I don’t have to count on my shots being nothing but net. Thank goodness I have Jesus. Thank goodness His shots are nothing but net every time, all day long.

Jesus’ dependability is far beyond nothing but net quality. It may look different than what we think we need, but in the end, His way, His shots are much better, and always will be better, than mine. Everytime.

How do you allow Jesus to take your shot for you? I was $40,000 in debt. Jesus provided a resource to use to become debt free. My hot water heater went out. Jesus provided a person to inform me how to get through the weekend and replace it without weekend cost. I needed a home for my family. Jesus provided the house and the friend to show me the house. The battery died and my car wouldn’t start. Jesus provided friend’s to jump start my car and the help to get it replaced. I was at the end of my rope with a teenager attitude. Jesus provided the grace and mercy to sustain the circumstance. I thought I had lost myself in the world around me. Jesus revealed the truth of who I am in Him. Every time, without a doubt or missed shot Jesus was, is and always will be my nothing but net shot. 

Friends, co-workers, bosses, acquaintances, jobs and all other circumstances will let you down at some point in life. Sad, but true. Jesus is in the business of eternal reliability. He is living in you, with you and works through you. Of course He is going to have your back and not let you down. It’s a leap of faith to let Jesus be your all, be your nothing but net. Pass the ball over, He can make any and every shot with nothing but net. 

Thanks for sharing this moment with me. We are in this together, shooting nothing but net, with Him.

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