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Jesus pre-planned and executed a walk in the woods with me recently. He knows me best and plans ahead more than I do to prepare what is needed most; time with Him. 

Take a walk with me for a moment. Walking through the woods, my mind is rolling through the day’s events, yesterday’s events and the events to come. I’m thinking about the conversations I’ve had with people, the conversation I’m currently having with Jesus and the conversations that might occur in the future. Then, I start thinking about people with health needs. My litany of prayer begins and before I know it, I’ve listed several who need to be healed. At this point, I’m getting overwhelmed with the needs all around me. We live in a dark world where my light seems to be only a flicker and not a flame. My mind freezes in moments of inadequacy. The only thing I can say is, “Jesus.” Over and over, “Jesus.” 

Meandering around small towns and their shops reveal what some find as treasures when others see junk. It’s interesting to me to see the eclectic variety of “antiques” that are sold. On a beautiful sunny afternoon, I was meandering through some small town shops. A picture window had a fun display of Coke a Cola paraphernalia. Their window appeal worked and I walked into the store. I took three steps in and froze in my tracks. Stuff was everywhere. It didn’t seem organized or placed properly, the paths through the store were narrow and cluttered. My mind froze. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think. My eyes and my brain were in overdrive trying to figure out what in the world was going on in this store. The wheels were spinning too fast and the store was closing in around me. I finally gossled myself back to reality, said, “I don’t think so,” turned around and left. The Coke a Cola display can stay where it’s at. There will be another one somewhere else. 

The world desperately needs the love and healing of Jesus. I want what Jesus wants; all to become part of His eternal family. And yet the wide scope of the desire overwhelms me and stops me in my tracts. My mind keeps rolling with hurts and pains of the world, yet my words are frozen inside. I gossle myself as I whisper, “Jesus.” and a little louder and then strong and confident, “Jesus.” His name is sufficient. His name is powerful. His name says it all. 

The thing is, I want to overcome my frozen state of mind, have a clear, confident mind of Christ, and continue to converse with Him even in the midst of chaos. 

Recently I was reminded of the Jesus Prayer with a twist at the end. “Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me, your daughter.” Instead of sinner at the end, I replaced it with daughter or you can insert your name. This simple prayer is packed with power.

Jesus is my Savior. Above all else, He has saved me from my sinful life, drew me into His loving arms of grace to be His forever daughter.

Christ has anointed me with the Holy Spirit who has given me the power of authority, boldness, wisdom, compassion and insight. It is not I, but Christ who lives within me.

Son of the living God gives me my identity as His heir, His beloved daughter, His shining light for all to see. 

Have mercy on me, your daughter. His mercy showers grace over me and in my life. I don’t deserve the goodness of His blessing, yet He gives it because He loves me, because I am His daughter. 

I’ve prayed this several times lately and my spirits are lifted immediately and my soul is refreshed by who He is to me.

Even if you’re not feeling overwhelmed at the moment, the prayer still has power and can bring you to a new level of His love for you. Pray this prayer when your brain freezes or you don’t know what to pray. 

I’m going to close a little differently and pray this prayer for you. 

My precious friend, may you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Be confident in His saving power and His forgiveness. Look up and feel Christ pouring His anointing over you. Allow Christ in you to be the authority over all things and fill you with His boldness to take the next step closer to Him. May you understand the wisdom He freely gives and guide your path and give compassion to all you interact with. May your eyes be open to His insight and guidance in becoming the child of God He has created you to be. May He shower you with His mercy as you pause, breathe in His presence and exhale His peace in all you do. Amen.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, praying together, in Him.

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