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School is out. Summer has settled in. The sun is out as we make our way to Wrigley Field. Countless steps are climbed as the anticipation builds. Vendors are shouting out what’s for sale. Mascots are walking around getting their picture taken with fans. Finally, a step out of the concrete corridor into the open stadium of a beautiful baseball field. A moment of awe catches my breath in a sense of wonderment. The smell of hot dogs and cotton candy are in the air. Baseball players are warming up, ready to take the field. I stand at attention as the National Anthem is sung. After the final note, we all shout, “PLAY BALL!” The Reds take the field as we cheer and settle in with the anticipation of a win. Cheers and Boos are shouted throughout the game. A display of fireworks marks the win for the Reds. What a beautiful day at the park!

High School baseball begins Mid-March. Not exactly summer! The sun comes out on occasion, but is usually accompanied with wind. By Mid-April, we have played eleven games. Each game I’ve dressed in layers. Tights, pants, shirt, sweatshirt, winter coat, hat, gloves and two blankets. I look like an eskimo ready for a winter storm! Not exactly baseball weather. After the National Anthem is played, I yell Play Ball through chattering teeth. Music played between innings encourages fans to clap their hands. Um, no thank you. My hands are warm and bundled up. They are not coming out! Needless to say, it has not been ideal baseball weather.

Jesus was sitting on a hillside, enjoying the weather and company around him. The crowd grew with anticipation of His teachings. All day, He was in His happy place teaching others about the love of God. By evening, 5000+ people had gathered and it was time for supper. How do you feed 5000+ people? With 5 loaves and 2 fish of course! The people gathered witnessed a miracle. 5000+ people were fed and several baskets of leftovers were gathered. The crowd jumped to their feet, cheered for the Home team, high-fived their neighbors around them. Jesus hit a grand slam!!  

Towards the end of Jesus’ journey, guards approached Him, ready to arrest Him. Peter, distraught to see his beloved leader being arrested, pursued the closest guard and cut off his ear. Witnessing this, Jesus leaned over, placed His hand on the wounded soldier and healed his ear. Not exactly a warm, sunny day at the park. More like a frigid, bundle up kind of day. The conditions weren’t perfect, yet Jesus healed anyway. 

I do not enjoy being bundled up to watch my son play baseball. Yet, I’m there anyway cheering him on with anticipation of a win. 

Come rain or shine Jesus is ready and willing to shower us with miracle after miracle. His ever presence is not wavered by the weather or our state of mind. Thank goodness! He is ready to Play Ball 24/7 365.

Think back through your day or yesterday. Where did you see Jesus? He is in the layers that have kept me warm. Time opened up in my day to take care of unexpected needs. Friends step up, interrupt their day to come help at a moment’s notice. He provided the extra vehicles when one had broken down. Jesus is in the sun at my back to keep me warm during another cold baseball game. Jesus is everywhere and in everything we do.

Open your eyes and heart to see Jesus in your life. He is playing ball with you in all you do come rain or shine. How has He hit a grand slam for you today.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, playing ball with Jesus.

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