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A gazillion years ago, I was part of a group of adults and youth who went on a mission trip to Mexico. One of the many plans for the week, while we were there, was to help build an aqueduct on the outskirts of a piece of property that now has a building that serves as a Bible School and many other outreaches for the surrounding villages. 

Let me preface this: one person in our group, besides the missionary, spoke fluent enough spanish to carry on a conversation, let alone follow directions. Take a minute and create a picture in your mind. Twenty Indiana Hoosiers ranging in age from 16-60, standing on rocky land, looking at a pile of stones and surveying where they wanted to build the aqueduct. We followed a lot of pointed fingers and watched the direction of their eyes to communicate. 

First we had to move the rocks from what felt like way up a hill to the bottom of the hill! An assembly line was formed and rocks and stones were passed from person to person to where they needed the stones. A pile quickly formed where the guys who knew what they were doing were working. At one point I ended up towards the end of the line and was handing the stones to the guys to place in just the right spot. As I observed, they knew what stones had already been placed and knew the type of stone they were looking for next. As they looked ahead, they knew what stones they would need later. I could see the wheels turning, the mind processing, silent decisions being made for each stone that they looked over. I was mesmerized by their intuition of what was needed where. Certain stones fit best in certain spots. If placed differently, it could negatively affect the flow of water. When placed in the right spot, at the right angle, water would flow effortlessly down the aqueduct. A few times we would pick one up and get a “No. No. Not Dat one. Dis one.” He would patiently show us why the one we picked would not work and educate us on why the one he had would work better. 

Each stone had a place. They were not haphazardly placed together. They were chosen for a purpose and placed with care knowing that was the right spot for that specific stone. 

As living stones for Christ, building up the body of Christ, we too are chosen and placed with purpose. We were not haphazardly created and thrown willy nilly to fend for ourselves. That’s not how God rolls. God knows where He has already placed His people, knows who He needs where currently and sees where He is going to place us in the future. It’s comforting to know He who created me has a plan for me and those around me.

My friends, I need people who have gone before me to help guide and direct my wayward thoughts and choices. It is not a sign of weakness or lack of knowledge to ask for advice and help. It’s a sign of maturity, growth and the desire to follow His lead. God placed “living stones” who have walked before us as His vessels to guide us to Him along the way. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve commented, “I don’t get it. What am I not seeing or understanding?” Within the God ordained moment, He speaks through His vessels and I receive His words of wisdom and comfort. 

My friends, we also need the support of those who are walking the same path we are. We need people who are living what we are living through to draw from each other the strength to take the next step. Your common link draws you together and you can cry out “All for One and One for All!” as your battle cry. We moms need other moms to remind us that we are doing a great job, we have not ruined our children, we will survive and they will be responsible adults one day! God placed each of us where we are to be what the other needs at the right time. As He is placing each living stone, He is placing us together for a purpose.

My Friends, we also need to be living stones for others. It’s not just about who God has placed in my life to love, support and encourage me. It’s also about me being a living stone for someone else. He has placed you next to someone who will see Him through you. How awesome is that! God wants me as His vessel to reach out to others so they too, will know Christ and His personal love. It’s humbling to think that someone else wants to ask me questions, seeking wisdom and wanting to know the best way to handle situations. As I pause and lean into the Holy Spirit, He gives me the words and wisdom that need to be shared. 

“Finding Nemo” was a popular movie when my kids were toddlers. One of the phrases that was repeated often in the movie was, “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.” I’ve adjusted it for my own version. “Just keep praying. Just keep praying.” Consistent communication with Christ will lead us to be living stones as we build up the body of Christ around us, one stone at a time. 

Christ is building His church, His family, through us. He knows the stones that have already been laid and are living out His purpose. He observes the current situations and surveys the current stones and places them right where they need to be for one another. He also looks ahead and knows where living stones are going to go in the future at just the right moment. I am mesmerized by His greatness and awestruck by His vision, timing and placement. He is THE Living Stone that we turn to as our example to be a living stone for Him and others.

Take a moment and look around. Who are the living stones around you? How can you be a living stone for Him as you are His vessel to be an example of His love to others?

Seek out Heavenly advice, support one another and share wisdom that He has passed on to you to others.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, as living stones, in Him. 

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When you hear the word church, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A building, people, Sunday School, singing, meeting, pot lucks, coffee bar, donuts, family, Word of God. Any of these sound familiar? What else??

After many years of being a part of a church, I’ve observed four different groups of people and their outlook on church.

The Nay-Sayers: They have no concept of what church is. They have not been exposed to the possibility and have been taught that it’s not worth their time. They think church is a crutch. They want nothing to do with it and are not shy about sharing their opinion. Their mind is set and only a miracle will change it.

The “I’m taking my ball and going somewhere else to play!” people. You can not have a relationship, at any level, and not get your feelings hurt or you hurt someone else’s feelings. It’s inevitable. I do not set out to hurt someone’s feelings. Unfortunately, I say or do something that touches a nerve and hurt someone that I had no intention of hurting. Instead of showing grace and forgiveness, a grudge is formed, bitterness sets in and anger takes over. The “solution” has been to leave and go find another church to attend. Sometimes this is needed. Sometimes you leave and go to another church and take your grudge with you. Not a good idea!

The Status Quo: people attend church because it’s their routine, ritual. Growing up we knew that every Sunday morning and evening we were going to church. We weren’t forced in a negative way. It’s just what we did. It was part of our family’s routine. The dangerous part of this group is your heart status as the years progress. It’s very easy to get into a routine that turns into a rut when growth is stagnant. It becomes “rinse and repeat.” Your spiritual journey has plateaued and a deeper understanding and relationship with Christ is lacking. It might be time to do something about that!

All in: people who are sold out for Christ. They desire, yearn, and can’t get enough of Jesus. Their communication with Christ is ongoing and seeks out a deeper understanding of who Christ is and who He is to them. They want to “be” the church, not show up to a building and listen to a preacher. Their strongest desire is to know Christ and be a living example of Him.

Where do you see yourself? Maybe you can relate to all the groups. Maybe you’re stuck in one of the groups and you would like to move closer to Christ. 

If I’m honest with myself, I’ve camped out in the “Status Quo” group. God has touched my heart through life circumstances and has nudged me into the “All in” group. I can honestly say that when I grow up I want to be like Jesus. I will not perfect the feat on this side of Heaven, but it is my goal everyday to live for and like Christ. I want to know Him more everyday. He already knows everything about me. He uniquely created me to be His for all time. My hope is to know Him more everyday by learning about His true character and how I can be an example of His essence. 

Jesus does lead and strengthen our relationship one on one. We also grow within a family of believers. We need one another. We were created to build each other up and hold each other accountable. We can’t do that alone. We are the body of Christ together.

If you think church is just about the building, well, you’re wrong. (Said in love.) The church is not the building at all. WE are the church. His children, beloved, believers, brothers and sisters in Christ. WE are the church. 

A couple of weeks ago I read 1 Peter 2:5. It states that we are His living stones that He is using to build His Spiritual Temple. My mind has a tendency to think literally before thinking figuratively. When I read the word stone, I thought of hard, cold and heavy. Not sure I want to be a living stone if I have to be hard, cold and heavy. That does not sound appealing. Then, I put the terminology in reference to the time and audience it was spoken to. Back in the days of Christ, buildings, more specifically, the temple, were built of stone. Before Christ came to earth, believers entered a temple to present their sacrifices before God. Since Christ came, died, rose and gave us the gift of the Holy Spirit, we have become the living temple of Christ. We no longer have to go to a designated building to encounter God. We have Him in us, with us all time. We are His temple in motion. 

An individual stone, set in the middle of a field is a nuisance and has no purpose. Yet, as stones are placed and fit together, they create a beautiful, strong, sturdy, immovable structure that can not be torn down. We are the living stones, building upon each other. We need those who support us for guidance and wisdom. We need the ones beside us as we support one another along the way. We also need the ones above us to nurture and guide us as they become stronger in who they are in Christ. We are His mobile temple, temple in motion. 

I mentioned in a previous blog that my oldest son graduated from high school. His graduation party is coming up and I’ve been in the swing of getting things ready for it. I’ve been working on a home improvement project I wanted to be finished in time for the party. It will be ready…..just in time!! It has involved painting the ceiling and walls. Painting is one of my least favorite things to do. I do not have a steady hand and am a sloppy painter. Forget about trimming without getting paint where it’s not supposed to be! Give me a roller and a wall and I’m good. I have a precious friend who knows this about me and volunteered her painting skills to help me out. Two late nights later and the painting is complete. In preparing the menu and how I was going to set it up, I was picking the brain of another dear friend who has catered many meals over the years. With her ideas and supplies, I have the food and the cookware needed to feed an army. Neighbors also had their oldest graduate and had her party before ours. They graciously offered tables, chairs and decorations. When I had moments of doubt that I could pull this off, encouragement and offers poured in at just the right time. The support that has been given is only a small example of His Living Temple in motion. 

At one point in time, we all have experienced one of the four groups listed above. Over time, at our own pace, we have gravitated to Christ, therefore we have gravitated to one another and are living stones for Christ. 

My friends, what does your “living stone” for Christ look like? Are you surrounded by other living stones for Christ and being the living, breathing church for Christ? I hope so! We are not created to be contained to a building. We are created to grow, flourish, build each other up and be His living temple example for the Nay-Sayers. Seeing our example may sway them to wanting to know who we know. What a miracle that will be!

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, building our living stones together, in Him. 

gazebo against trees

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Why is it so hard to be still? Like, truly still? You may be in your comfy chair, relaxed and not moving, but your mind is going a mile a minute. What does it take to quiet your mind? 

Several years ago my small group did a marriage study by Mark Gungor. During one of the sessions, he mentioned a “Nothing Box.” The funny part of it was that, typically, men have a nothing box. We women may ask them what they are thinking about and their response is “Nothing.” Then the woman looks at the man like he’s crazy. How can you be thinking about nothing?? Typically, women’s minds are going a mile a minute, all the time. We can’t quite understand the concept of a “Nothing Box.” This is just a general example. I know men whose minds run a mile a minute and a few women who have a nothing box. The concept of a “Nothing Box” intrigues me. While it was meant to be funny and help explain the difference between a man’s brain and a woman’s brain, it caused me to pause. My brain goes a mile a minute and it is very difficult for me to be still and quiet my mind. So, I asked myself, “Why can’t I have a ‘Nothing Box?’ What if… what if I had a nothing box?”

A Nothing Box would be beneficial when I actually do take time in my comfy chair to quiet my body. How mind-boggling it would be if I could also quiet my mind. Even now, as I’m writing, my mind is wondering about graduation decorations, finishing my sunroom, work phone calls, family vacation, my kids summer work schedules, the hours of the UPS Store so I can drop off a return to Amazon. See, not so easy. Why not? Why is it not easy?? 

Somewhere along the way, I’ve trained myself to think that I need to be doing something or thinking about something all the time. Maybe it has to do with working, being a mom of three busy kids, ministry, friends and family gatherings.I never thought of myself as needing to “Keep up with the Joneses.” Yet, it sure felt like I was trying to keep up with my own premonition of what I should and shouldn’t be doing? In the meantime, I’ve overwhelmed myself with “stuff” that I have a hard time quieting my mind. 

About fourteen years ago, I experienced this at a new level. “Smart Phones” were around but not as “smart” as they are now. It was a form of instant communication with people. My phone wasn’t very far from me at any given time. As a parent, I rarely spent an extended amount of time away from our kids. I would be gone for a few hours or sometimes overnight. Occasionally, I’d be gone for 2 nights. But that didn’t happen very often. Whatever the reason, I rarely experienced an extended amount of quality alone time. When I had the opportunity to leave my kids at home with trusted grandparents for five days, I was a little leary and elated at the same time. What if something happens? What if they need me? I’m going to be three hours away. My lead foot is not that heavy to cut off enough driving time to get me there soon enough. Oh, but the thought of not hearing Mommy every two seconds, stepping on box cars, cleaning up messes and playing referee 24/7 sounded like heaven at that moment! I kissed them good-bye, told them I love them and off I went. I was going to be gone for five days. It wasn’t until the morning of the third day I realized I didn’t need my phone all the time and was actually relaxed enough to experience what having a “Nothing Box” was like. I didn’t realize what bliss I was missing! I had found a swing, in the middle of the woods and parked my weary body. I did not have my typical distractions to keep me busy. I was able to release my daily grind routine and stop. Truly stop. It was an anomaly for me. And I almost missed it. I was overcome with peace, calm, stillness and I felt the ever presence of my Father within me and sitting beside me. I sat there for hours. I didn’t want to move. I wanted to stay in that moment forever. Unfortunately, my rear end was getting numb and I was getting hungry. Before I left, I asked, “Lord, how do I hang on to this moment when I return home and the reality of my life?” His answer, “I am with you always.” I realized then, it’s possible to have this peace, calm and comfort in the midst of where I am today. I do value and believe we all need time away, a change of scenery to unplug from the world around us. I also believe and have experienced that same anomaly in the midst of the storms of life. 

Each step we take in our spiritual journey is preparing us for what is yet to come. Taking a break and removing myself from my daily grind was my “training” in having the same peace and calm in the midst of the daily grind. 

Getting away on my own has been a little more difficult over the last few years. I’ve had to hone in on quality stillness time in the midst of our daily lives. 

I may not have a swing in the middle of the woods, but I have a swing in my backyard. I may not be able to set my phone down for a few days, but I can leave it inside while I spend some time outside. I may not be able to sit in His presence for hours at a time, but I can sit in the stillness of His presence for shorter intervals throughout the day. It’s not easy my friends. We need to be intentional about it. 

We need both experiences. We need to balance our quiet times with Him. We need to allow ourselves to go away to a quiet place. Jesus did it often. We also need to learn how to have the mindset of being in His stillness in the midst of the daily grind. The twist in it all, is that He is always with us. I have Him with me ALL the time; in my heart and in my mind. The kicker is, I’m not always with Him. Too many times I vear off with my mind going a mile a minute as He patiently walks beside me waiting for me to turn to Him and revel in His presence and be still.

The other night, the sky was clear and the stars were sparkling brightly. I sat outside stargazing and sitting in wonderment of God’s creation. Instead of having five days away, I had an hour away. And it worked, it really worked. I was able to shut everything else off, sit in His presence and be in awe of His creation. It was a refreshing moment at the end of an exhausting day. A little piece of Heaven here on earth!

Do you have a “Nothing Box?” If it’s a struggle, I challenge you after you finish reading this to take 10 minutes and go to your “Nothing Box.” Sounds like a short amount of time, but it will feel like an eternity if you have a hard time stopping your mind. If you have a “Nothing Box” I just gave you a valid excuse to go there! Haha! If anyone asks, tell them I said it was okay to go to your “Nothing Box!” 

Set a specific time aside. Add it to your calendar. Make it a priority. Plan a vacation to rest and be still. Whatever fits you best, spend some quality stillness time with your Heavenly Father. He wants to hang out with you, to spend time with you. Take a few minutes and hang out with Him. He is right there with you right now. Say, “HI!” 

Find your “Nothing Box” with Jesus and revel in His presence.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this Nothing Box together with Him. 

photography of people graduating

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Hey, my friends. I’ve been feeling a little sappy and nostalgic for the last week or so. My oldest is graduating from High School this weekend. It’s hard to believe it’s finally here. On the other hand, it’s finally here!! Not everyone is cut out for a classroom setting. My oldest is smart and bright, but sitting in a classroom all day was not his favorite thing! To say the least, we are both relieved graduation is upon us. 

I’ve been reflecting back to my 17 year old self and my high school graduation.It’s been a few years since my high school graduation and my memory is shot. I could not tell you who the valedictorian was or who the special speaker was. Let alone the main point of their speeches. I do remember sitting next to a fellow student I barely spoke with during our high school career and carried on a decent conversation throughout the evening! Crazy! 

Emotional memories are the ones that are hanging around. The excitement of finally being finished with school (or so I thought!). The anticipation of my next chapter of being “out on my own!” The nervousness of going, living and experiencing something new. Part of me was barely able to stand still, jumping up and down with excitement. The other part of me was wondering, if I fail, then what??

School was not a walk in the park. I had many gracious, thoughtful, patient teachers who gave extra encouragement and support along the way. My chemistry teacher even tutored me after school for a time. My mind could not wrap around the periodic table. I’m pretty sure he passed me out of the kindness of his heart! I was not a natural academic student. I had to work hard, keep up with my homework and hope for the best on my tests! We haven’t even started on peer social awkwardness!! I was ready to break free of high school drama and figure out who I was going to be in the great big world awaiting me!

I’ve been thinking about my dad more than normal. I know he loved me and was proud of me. Around the time period of my high school graduation was when the power of, “I’m proud of you.” started to sink in a little deeper. He told me he loved me often. I was confident in his love for me. To hear him say he was proud of me was overwhelming.

I was getting ready for my high school graduation ceremony at the house. I had put on my cap and gown and was taking pictures with the family. Dad turned to me and said, “I’m proud of you, kid.” Tears immediately formed as I leaned in and hugged my Dad. Such power in 5 words. He said it many times over the years; college graduation, at my wedding, the arrival of our kids, starting new jobs, and random moments in between. Each time he said it, the power of the sentiment grew. I can still feel him through his arm around my shoulder, pull me in and say, “I’m proud of you, kid.” Oh how that washed over my soul and brushed away all doubts. 

My dad is enjoying his eternal retirement. Even so, as I’m writing, I can hear him remind me of how proud he is of me and how much he loves me. 

As my oldest graduates, it starts the wave of high school graduations through our family for the next few years. It’s a big milestone for our family in more ways than one. For so many days, we were only able to take one step at a time, make one decision at a time. It felt like this moment was so far away and we weren’t sure we were going to make it. Well, at least I wasn’t sure! As time has moved on, we have been able to look forward a little more and see there is so much more out there yet to come. 

My oldest struggled to get through his current education career, it caused a strain in and around us on a consistent basis. There were days I honestly wasn’t sure we would see graduation day. And now it’s finally here. It’s really here. It’s not a dream, it’s reality. 

My friends, Your Heavenly Father is so very proud of you and me. Life is hard, unfair, unpredictable, unsettling and messy. Even if you don’t feel it, have confidence in His love and pride for you. He delights in you. He sees you fighting and battling and getting back up time and time again. He’s giving you a hand up so you can try again. And each time He encourages you to take the next step, to give a little more, to push a little harder. In His delight in you, He showers you with strength, blessings, peace and endurance. 

I can hear and see my dad throw his arm around my oldest son, pull him in and say, “I’m proud of you, kid, You did good!” I am so very proud of my oldest son. He battled through difficult times and completed a goal we were unsure would be met. He made it. I made it. We all made it. Both my dad and my Heavenly Father are wrapping us in their arms and saying, “I’m proud of you, kid. You did it!”

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, proudly with Him.

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Several Sundays ago I was in the church nursery when the power went out. I had two toddlers playing on the floor close by and two sitting on my lap. Normally we keep the top half door open, but the two on my lap were not happy mommy left them. I was rocking and calming them down. When the lights went out, there was a split second of silence. Then the whimpers and small cries began. My eyes hadn’t adjusted yet and I couldn’t see a thing. I was afraid that I would step on the two on the floor. In a very calm and soothing voice I told them repeatedly that it was okay and don’t move. I slowly got up and gingerly walked to the door to open it to let natural light in. By the time I got to the door, the power flicked back on. I had 4 sets of wide eyes staring at me. I continued to talk soothingly until they were all rest assured that they were going to be okay. Soon they went back to playing and the two in my arms now wanted down to go play. In their eyes, they were safe and returned to playing. 

As a child, it was drilled into us, for good reason, that if there was a fire to stop, drop and roll. Oddly, the phrase comes to mind in any potential dangerous situations. 

When the lights went out, everything and everyone stopped. I stopped rocking and the kids stopped playing and crying.There were a few seconds of complete stillness. My mind was running through different scenarios on the best way to handle the situation. I needed to stay calm, come up with a plan and keep the kids as safe as possible. I had to stop, put everything else aside and focus on the situation in front of me. My “drop” was that the kids needed to stay still and not move. I knew I needed to move to a source of light. Yet, to get there, I could not see where my little people were to avoid stepping on or hurting them. It was imperative that they not move. Shock and relief hit at the same time as I got the door opened for a little bit of light. Joy came to life when the lights came back on. You could see the relief all around me. I “rolled” by confirming everyone was okay and that no one was hurt. I reassured their hearts and minds that it was all okay now and they could go back to playing. Our moment of darkness had ended. 

A more intense version of my “Stop. Drop and Roll” occurred a few years ago when my brother and I were in a car accident. My brother and I walked away with aches and pains. His car, not so much! Anyway, the ironic part was that we were out car shopping when we got into a car accident! 

I’ve mentioned before, I do not like car shopping. My brother likes the research and finding the best deals. God love his precious heart, he stepped up and helped me out. At the time, I had recently sold two vehicles and wanted to purchase a newer one as my main vehicle. I told my brother what I was looking for and how much I had. He worked his magic and came up with a list of car dealers to go visit. We were between our third and fourth visit when the accident happened. We were slowing down for a stop light three car links ahead of us. The van behind us did not slow down. He rammed into us and we hit the car in front of us. As we bounced back the van hit us again and sent us into a spin into the opposite lane. As we were spinning into the opposite lane, my brother yelled, “Hold On!” “To what?!” I thought. Once the car stopped moving and we got out of the car, a sense of panic started to wash over me. My glasses flung off my face during the accident and were in the back seat. As I was searching for my glasses, my brother got out and was looking at what used to be his car. As I found my glasses the panic intensified. I also realized my normally calm, easy going brother was panicking. One of us needed to be calm and somewhat level headed. So, I “stopped.” I took several deep breaths, took a lap around the car and assessed what our next step needed to be. I already heard the sirens in the background and knew someone else made that call. Looking at the car, I knew we needed someone to come get us. Luckily my sister was only 15 minutes away and came to pick us up. In the meantime, we gave our statements, were checked out by an EMT and I started to gather items out of my brother’s car that he would need to take home. His car was not coming home with us! While we waited for my sister an overwhelming urge to see and hug my kids was my next priority. They were hanging out at my brother’s house while we were car shopping. As I barged into the house, I “dropped” all anxieties as I gathered all three up in my arms. I heard muffled voices asking what was going on. Now that I saw and hugged each of my kids, I could breathe a little easier. The panic continued to dissipate as we talked about what happened and how God protected our family from another tragedy. My brother and I took a few minutes to compose ourselves and come up with our new plan. We borrowed my sister’s car (so brave of her!) and “rolled” out to visit two more dealers. 

Deuteronomy 30:20 gives a much better version of stop, drop and roll. “…Love the Lord you God, listen to His voice and hold fast to Him. For the Lord is your life, and He will give you many years in the land He swore to give to your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.”

Love, listen and hold to Jesus. He is my life. 

The condition of our heart releases the kind of love we give to Jesus and to others. Is your heart centered on self desires or the desires Jesus has given you to give you an abundant life? When you stop, who or what do you listen to? Are you listening to the world around you or the God’s ever present whisper into your heart and mind? Who are you holding on to. Yourself, planning on saving yourself. Or Jesus, the ultimate strength and provider of all? If you made a list of your priorities, What would be number one? That is your who or what you are living for. That is your life? Where is Jesus on your priority list? Is Jesus your life, the most important above all else? Hmmm….. That’s a hard one to answer. I know what I want the answer to be, but is it really the honest answer? 

What would your life be like if instead of “Stop! Drop! And Roll!” being drilled into your survival skills, you had “Love! Listen! Hold on to Jesus!” as your mantra during life “fires?” 

The more we acknowledge, accept and live His love through all we do, the louder His voice is in our hearts and minds. The louder and clearer His voice is, the stronger we hold onto Jesus. Jesus is compassionate, gracious, merciful, joyous, humble and so much more. Don’t you want to live and be more like that? The more you love, listen and hold on to Jesus, the more you realize He is the only life you want.

My friends, having Christ in our hearts and minds is not some far-fetched, unrealistic hoopla. He is real. He already is or can be inside your heart and mind, all you have to do is ask and He’s there. That fast, just like that. 

Love, listen, hold on to Jesus. Put it on a post-it, write it on your mirror, make it your screensaver or your lock screen. Post it wherever you will see it most. Let it grab a hold of you so that your first reaction will be love, listen and hold on to Jesus.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together loving, listening and holding onto Him.

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We are in the midst of my son’s high school baseball season. During the months of April and May, he has four to five games a week. Needless to say, the evenings are a bit busy. When you add the unpredictability of the weather, available umpires and field conditions, our schedule is ever changing. 

I think teenagers hear the adults around them about as well as Charlie Brown hears his teacher! Then, the said teenager doesn’t always remember to communicate to said parent about game changes!

I was sitting at a ball game when a couple of other moms were talking about the next evening’s game. I thought it was an away game. They were talking about it being a home game. As politely as I could, I asked, “What did you say? I thought the game was away?” No, the schedule changed and it was a home game. Ok then. Glad I was eavesdropping!

A few days later, the coach’s wife called to ask if my daughter would babysit their kids during the game that night? What game?? Yep, once again, the schedule changed and I was not informed. In fact, my son never did let me know that change of plans. Glad my daughter babysits the coach’s kids!

This past weekend, my son had an away double header. The whole week, my plans were to go and spend the day watching baseball and visit an ice cream shop my friend had told me about. Friday afternoon my daughter says, “Oh, by the way, I have an FFA banquet tomorrow (Saturday) at 3 pm.” I’m sorry, what? How long have you known about this and why are you just now telling me? Sigh…. 

WIth the constant flux of the baseball schedule and unexpected events, my plans keep changing at a moments notice. I know I’m not the only one that this happens to. Many of the baseball moms have had the same discussion several times. 

Change of plans seems to be the story of my life. Kids, in general, are unpredictable. How many of you had to change what you were wearing at the last minute because your infant spit up on you on the way out the door. Have you had to leave a full grocery cart at the store because your toddler decided to have a temper tantrum at the worst possible moment? A key quality in being a successful teacher is the ability to be flexible and know that the day’s lessons may or may not turn out the way you thought they would. A student throwing up in your classroom initiates a mass exodus until it can be cleaned up! Or the unexpected fire drill in the middle of a math lesson. 

Unexpected changes of plans are a part of our daily lives. As much as they drive me crazy, I can’t plan the unexpected.

Where were you and what were you doing in 2016? Me? I was teaching 5th and 6th grade Special Education. During this time of year, I was wrapping up conferences with parents. I was finishing out the school year and made plans for improvements for the upcoming year. That was until one of the admins came and informed me of a change of plans. Due to funding (dreaded words by all), they were reorganizing the special education department. They were having the current 1st-4th grade special education teacher be the 2nd – 6th grade special education teacher. Okay then. Once that bombshell sunk in, I took a breath and thought, change of plans, now what?

How about 2011? What and where were you? I decided to stay at home with my kids while they were infants and toddlers until they were all old enough to be in school. If I did my math correctly, the 2010-2011 school year, they would have been in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade. Once all my kids were in school, I was going to return to work part-time. You would have thought I’d go back to teaching. Me too. Change of plans! A dear friend approached me and asked if I’d be an office manager for a business they were buying. Well, that’s not what I expected, but, sure, why not. Let’s give it a go!

Now I’m really going to test your memory! Where were you and what were you doing in 2001? My late husband and I had been married for four years. The last two years we had been wanting to start a family and now dealing with infertility. Change of plans. I had to concede and be at peace with the idea that my classroom of twenty-five 6th grade students were the only “kids” I was going to have.

I have not met anyone who has said,”I am exactly where I said I’d be 20 years ago.” I’m pretty sure all of you are shaking your heads knowing that a series of plans changing over the years has led you where you are now. 

Twenty years ago, I thought I’d be teaching and ready to celebrate twenty years in education. As of today, I’ve worked eight years as a classroom teacher. 

Ten years ago, I was ready to head back into education. I had missed the students and being a part of their learning. Plans changed to me working part-time as an office manager. Didn’t see that one coming.

Five years ago, I was back in the swing of teaching full time at the school my kids attended. So few teachers have the opportunity to work in the same school district as their own kids. I was fortunate to have that opportunity even though my kids may not have been too excited about it! I reminded them daily I have eyes everywhere!!

Five years ago is not that long ago. If someone would have told me then, that in five years I’d be a single mom raising three teenagers, I would have said you are nuts and I had better not be!! Change of plans!

You would think that having to change my plans so often, I’d get used to it and would be able to go with the flow a lot easier. Not so much. When my daughter mentioned she had a program the next day about the same time my son had a baseball game, I closed my eyes and had to take a minute. What I thought my day was going to look like, completely changed. I had to wrap my head around the fact there was a change of plans. Then, I had to figure out how those plans were going to change and what my day was going to look like.

In the end, it all worked out. I was able to get a few things completed around the house that I would not have been able to do if I were gone all day and my daughter and I spent some much needed time together. It was nothing like I had initially thought, it turned out even better.

My days of dealing with infertility has helped me reach out to moms in the same circumstances and offer comfort. Being an office manager ten years ago has opened doors for me today that has provided for our family. Being a widow and a single parent has allowed me opportunities to offer comfort and peace during the awkward stages of grief and single parenting. Plans change; some on purpose, some catch you completely off guard. No matter how much work we put into planning or not planning, life happens and plans change. How do you handle a change of plans? Are you easy going and can go with the flow? When plans change, does it throw you for a loop and you start to unravel? I’m a little bit of both and somewhere in between! I do my best to go with the flow, wrap my mind around the changes and try not to get frazzled. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. 

At the end of the day, I realized that my plans had flaws and the change of plans were His way of keeping me on track. At the moment, I may not have been able to see it. Over time, as I look back, His plans were, are and always will be so much better than my own. 

Next time your plans change, contemplate this; how can I glorify God instead of being bitter and angry? Ask God to show you the positive and push aside the negative as your plans change. 

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, changing plans with Him.

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Have you worked on a project lately that has taken a lot of time, effort, blood, sweat and tears? You think you finally have it ready to present or start the event and you start to second guess yourself? What about the increased heart rate, the nervous jitters, or the thought of, what have I gotten myself into? Then, there is the mind wondering if the event or presentation will play out as planned, will the people like what they hear and see, will it be successful? The merry-go-round of second guessing begins!

My side gig these days includes bookkeeping for 3 small businesses. One of the businesses is a farm market outside of town. The farm market is getting ready to be up and rolling for the season full time. 

In trying to help get things ready, I volunteered to be a gopher and go pick up an order of spices we are selling at the market. Once delivered to the market I unpacked, priced the items and set them out on display. Counting and pricing, I can do.. Setting up the display so it’s eye appealing and brings customers in….not my strength. My boss was in and out a couple of times and each he’d say it looked good. I had my doubts. Once I finished and gave it a last once over, I thought, “Well, this is as good as it’s going to get!” And you know what, it was just fine and several items were sold! The raised heart rate and second guessing was unnecessary. 

Here’s a fun fact for you…..I’ve been writing a book. It’s crazy to have over the moon excitement and paralyzing terror at the same time! Once the body of the book was finished, I decided to print it off and read through it. As it was printing, I looked at it like it was poisonous. I didn’t want to touch it or read it. So weird. I completed something that I didn’t believe enough in myself to accomplish and now the first draft is complete! It was mind numbing. I sat and stared at it then walked away from it. Haha. Such a strange emotion.

After I read through it for the first time, I decided to have a trusted friend read it. My heart rate immediately increased and had a case of the cold sweats! Haha. Have you ever handed over your crying baby to a nursery worker, said good luck, and as you walked away you were thinking I’ve scarred my child for life?? Yeah, handing over my book was like handing over my baby. I needed to pass it off and go before I changed my mind! As I walked away, I said, out loud, “Holy Toledo, Batman!” That was a crazy, scary, what in the world did I just do, kind of moment. Plus, I thought, “I did it. I really did it!” I shocked myself. I completed something I didn’t know I had in me! Jesus was my “Batman” and came in to save the day. Instead of holding on to it or saying “Just kidding, never mind!” He gave me the strength, moral support and emotional support to pass it off into someone else’s hands and let it go! “Holy Toledo, Batman!”

Once I passed the book off, I had a hard time calming the nerves. A song kept rolling through my mind. It was one of those times that you can’t get it out of your head no matter how hard you try! Thankfully it was a song I liked. I also paused long enough to wonder if God placed this song in my head, what does He want me to hear? I won’t sing it for you, but here are a few lines from the song.

“In my Father’s house, there is a place for me.” – No matter the outcome, no matter the quantity of books sold, no matter the opinions that will float around out there, my place is with Him. His house is my home. I am with Him now and for always. He is with me now and for always.

“I’m a child of God, yes I am.” – I am His daughter; beloved, cherished and His. No matter who likes it or doesn’t like it, He does and His opinion is the most important.

“I am chosen, not forsaken.” – When I finally decided to do what God was calling me to do, I started to write down my ideas and organize my thoughts. I could feel an unexplainable presence in the room. I knew it was the Holy Spirit giving divine insight on what He was calling me to do. He chose me for a time such as this. Humbling, to say the least.

“He is for me, not against me.” – God does not place a desire upon our hearts only to turn against us as we follow through. That is the opposite of His love. He is my biggest fan, loudest cheerleader, best coach and closest confidant in all I do. The love of God can not be love and be in disgust at the same time or disgusted at all!! Only Love. 

As I’m still feeling the effects of my “Holy Toledo, Batman” moment, the lines to this song keep rolling through my head. Pure ecstatic and peace. I am confident in what He is calling me to do. I’m ecstatic about the possibilities yet to come. I will rely on His confidence in me and anticipate what is yet to come.

When was the last time you had a “Holy Toledo, Batman” moment? How did it change you? Are you looking forward to the next one?

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, ecstatically anticipating, in Him. 

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Every now and then I wake up in the morning feeling rested with a bit of Wonder Woman strength to conquer the day! I had one of those mornings recently. The insight from my morning devotion was “Sit back and enjoy the ride.” I thought, “Okay, Lord. I have a few things to do today, help me sit back and enjoy the ride.

Well, that lasted until about 11 am. I had a doctor’s appointment. And like every other doctor’s appointment, I had to wait, and wait and wait some more. The longer I waited, the longer my mental to do list became, the more anxious I was feeling. Finally, I was finished at the doctor’s office and headed home. By the time I got home, my mind was in overdrive and I felt like I was off to the races to get everything done. Cookies needed to be made, my daughter asked me to make homemade banana bread, 5 loads of laundry to wash and fold, errands to run, supper to fix and my son’s baseball game to attend. Yep, off to the races! The baseball game was canceled and I was thinking I could slow down a bit and breathe a little. Nope. There was a meeting I had already said I wouldn’t be at because of baseball. Well, since there was no baseball, I headed to the meeting! By the time I got home, checked in with everyone, finished up laundry, I was sitting down at my desk at 9:30 pm exhausted. Trying to pay bills and balance your checkbook exhausted is not a good idea! I couldn’t think straight. I paused, stared out my window and took a mental break. After a couple of minutes, I was able to refocus. I was still feeling the pressure of getting too many things done in a short amount of time. So… I made a list! Yep, I’m a list maker. There is a sense of accomplishment when I’m able to cross something off my list. I was close to a breaking point and needed a sense of control. Mind you, it’s just a sense of control. Writing out a list focused my overdriven brain and I was able to look at my list and focus on one thing at a time. I did get a lot accomplished that day even though there were still things that needed to get done.

The next morning I woke up, rested and ready to get back to my to-do list. Anxiety was still simmering ready to boil over. Before it boiled over, I needed to process the day before and the next couple of days out loud. So, I called a friend. She listened attentively as I poured out my thoughts rambling around in my head. Speaking it out loud to a trusted friend helped calm the chaos inside. As she listened and pointed out a few things, I was able to formulate a plan of action and roll with it. At the end of the conversation we were both laughing and light hearted. 

Sidenote: I truly hope you have someone who will not only live life alongside you, but will also pray out loud over you. She ended our conversation by praying over me and the days to come. It was so comforting and was a moment of heaven here on earth. 

After praying (in my car in the Kroger parking lot!), groceries were bought, errands were taken care of, work was completed, supper was prepared, baseball game was won and a work meeting successfully completed. The busy, productive, prayed over day was not as bad as I thought it would be and I was able to relax, sit back and enjoy the ride.

One of the questions that my friend asked was, “Out of the things you need to get done, what are you enjoying?” That made me stop and think am I enjoying any of this or am I pushing through just to get it finished? 

The chocolate chip cookies I made the day before were for my nieces who are studying for finals at college. When my oldest nephew went to college, I started sending treats to him during finals week. Sending chocolate chip cookies during finals week has continued for my niece and now my nephew’s wife (my nephew graduated!). So, yes, I enjoyed making the cookies knowing who they are going to in hopes of brightening their day. 

We had bananas that had started to turn brown. My daughter noticed and asked if I would make banana bread. (Sometimes I think they don’t eat the bananas so I will make bread! haha!) I enjoy making and providing food for my family. When she asked if I would make some, it was a no brainer. Of course, I’ll make some banana bread!

For the most part, I enjoyed doing what was on my to do list. A sense of joy fills me when I’m able to take care of others by completing tasks that need to be done. For a few days the to do list was a wee bit too long and I was feeling overwhelmed by the pressure of my on deadline. 

When I started the day feeling refreshed and ready to face the world with the insight to sit back and enjoy the ride, the craziness of the next few days was not what I had in mind! I was hoping to get things accomplished without the pressure of a time crunch around every corner. It’s easy to enjoy the ride when you’re at a comfortable pace and there’s little to no pressure. You add the cookie timer is about to go off and I need to fold a load of laundry and relaxing goes out the window. 

You really can sit back and enjoy the ride even when you’re folding laundry, getting the cookies out of the oven on time, realizing the banana bread needs to bake for an hour and a half so it’s going to have to wait until after the cookies and the chicken casserole planned for dinner that bakes for 45 minutes! Yep, I really did enjoy all of that! At the end of the day, it’s not about crossing off items on my to do list, it’s about doing things I enjoy that will bless others. The bonus is that I’m just as blessed.

I like to make lists. Lists give me a visual of what needs to be done. Lists also help bring focus to the rolling thoughts that keep bouncing around in my brain. Crossing everything off my to do list is not my goal. The list is a reminder of what I enjoy doing. Even when I feel crunched on time, I want to enjoy the process and sit back and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, enjoying the ride, with Him. 

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We girls have a tendency to be a wee bit too hard on ourselves when it comes to our outward appearance. I’m not a big froo froo girl. Give me a comfy pair of jeans and a shirt and I’m good to go most days. When I worked in the classroom, I wore casual dress pants and a nice top, curled my hair and put on some makeup and called it done. I would take one last glance in the mirror and think, “Well, this is as good as it’s going to get!” And off I went. I rarely looked back in the mirror or touched up my makeup throughout the day. I had other things on my mind. Now that I work from home, it’s comfy jeans, shirt, no makeup and I don’t worry about curling my hair. Friday, Casual Day, is everyday! Pongo, our dog, doesn’t mind the casualness for the work day!

There are times I do like to dress up and look nice or more “put together,” as some would call it. The kids came home from school one day. I had nicer jeans, a nicer top on and my make up and hair done. My daughter said, “Wow Mom! Where are you going.” Ok, I thought, I must really dress too relaxed on a regular basis. It was just jeans and a sweater! Good grief. Do I really look that bad on a daily basis?? I have a whole two dresses in my closet at the moment! That tells you how often I get “dressed up!” I’m not a slob. I like to dress comfortably. Pantyhose and heels are not it!  

Several Sundays ago I got the hankering to get all dolled up and look nice for church. Growing up, we wore our Sunday best every Sunday. I didn’t wear jeans to church until I was an adult, on my own and didn’t tell my parents until after the fact!! Haha! So, out came one of my two dresses, heels, pantyhose (a little old school), hair and makeup was complete and I even put on some jewelry! I was going all out, for me, anyway! I took a look in the mirror before we left and thought, “Dang, I look good!” Haha. My church family is not used to seeing me so dolled up. I received several pleasant comments and a few gave me a hard time. All in fun, of course. At the end of the day, the comments didn’t matter, it was that I felt good from the inside out. 

Here’s the part where I may be a wee bit too hard on myself. I wanted to change my profile picture on a couple of my personal social media profiles. Due to casual dress at work everyday, I wanted to wait and take a selfie when I was more “put together,” ie; I did my makeup and hair! I waited several days until I had a “real” reason to do my hair and makeup. Once I did, I took a few selfies and didn’t like any of them! Not a good enough smile, I look like I’m frowning, my eyes are half closed, you can see too many wrinkles, when did I get so old?? So, I deleted them all and thought I’d try again another day. 

In the meantime, my niece is helping me out with social media details and went through some pictures and picked one to use. I was in jeans, baseball t-shirt, hiking books, no makeup and my hair was not curled. Haha. Her comment was, “You look so cute in this picture!” God bless her sweet, precious heart! 

In the end, my outward appearance makes little difference. Beauty comes from the inside out. My hair could be butchered, my face scarred and wear rattly, wholey clothes. When I have Jesus living inside of me, His beauty shines through and the outward appearance is not seen. 

Who did Jesus surround himself with? The ordinary, hard working, not put together, trying to do their best to survive kind of people. The people who looked like they had it all together, wore the name brand robes and sandals, had maidens to help them dress and make sure they looked picture perfect before they went out the door, were more concerned with their outward appearance and then their hearts of stone. If your outward appearance is more important than anything else, then you have a problem.

I used to think I better put some makeup on before I go out so I don’t scare anyone! While I may still scare some, it really doesn’t bother me anymore. What you see, is what you get. Take it or leave it, it’s up to you. God sees me, knows me, that’s all that really matters.

God doesn’t want the fake, the facade, the masks. He wants the real you, your inner self, your heart. I am my best me when I’m comfortable and content in my Al Natural state of being with Him in the center of my heart.

Too many times I catch myself wondering what others are thinking of me. It’s hard enough to be vulnerable with myself in order to be content with who I am. It’s another level of vulnerability to allow others to see your true heart, your true self without the facade. 

There is nothing wrong with dressing nicely and looking your best. There is also nothing wrong with dressing comfortably. What does matter is who is at the center of our being. Is it you or is it Christ. If it’s you, you will never be satisfied and content in anything. If Christ is at the center of your being, your heart and soul, His beauty shines through you. You are beautiful in His eyes and others see your beauty through Him. No matter how many different angles I look at myself from, I always see flaws. I look at myself through His eyes and every angle is flawless and beautiful. I consider this my “Al Natural” state of being.

Take a moment and see yourself through His eyes and bask in your Al Natural state of beauty.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, Al Naturally, in Him. 

Demolition and taking stuff apart is pretty fun!! Give me a hammer and let me at it!! Just kidding. Kind of…. 

My oldest is graduating from high school this summer (crazy!). I’ve been thinking and planning his graduation open house. And like every graduating parent, the mile long list of home improvement projects just became a priority!! The main one I want to accomplish in time for the open house is to finish our sunroom. The ceiling was open to the rafters and I wanted to enclose it. And of course one idea led to another that led to another! To start, I hung insulation (new experience for me!) in the ceiling. It immediately made a difference, but still drafty. I wasn’t sure how well the outside walls were insulated. I wanted the new ceiling to be white. The current walls were white. Too much white! So….I needed to double check the insulation behind the walls and the white needed to come down!! Right?? Let the demo begin!! Haha. I went to town with a hammer, knife, screwdriver and pliers!! (All the people that know me just cringed!! Haha!) The walls were insulated. But I had already taken part of it down, might as well take the rest down and put up new, right?? Seriously, though, the window needed to be sealed better and more insulation needed to be added. If I’m going to do this, I want to do it right! The walls were vinyl, waterproof material that uses a j-channel to attach to the walls. The j-channel was a little more challenging. There were a couple of times I had to show it who was boss, get a little mad at it and put a little more muscle into it! It had no chance!! I had a surprise when I took the j-channel off. There was another layer of trim around the windows. They nailed it in place and used caulk as “glue” to hold it in place. That was not fun to take off! It took longer than expected to get it off and a lot more elbow grease. I was down to 5 pieces left and they were being stubborn!! I was about to throw in the towel. I stopped, took a step back and just stared at it. I needed some perspective. I was getting too frustrated in the details and losing sight of the big picture. As I took a step back, I could see it as a whole then narrow down the problem and look into what was holding me up. I was able to get a few more pieces off before calling in reinforcements for the last couple of pieces. FInally, all the trim was down and I could start putting things back together!

While I was taking a step back, gaining perspective, I realized my life reflected this process. We all need a little demo every now and then! When I was putting up the insulation, I was advised to cover up as much as possible. Jeans, long sleeve shirt, gloves, hat, and goggles. I was styling!! I am so thankful I was covered from head to toe by the time I was finished! Insulation dust was everywhere. I thought it was interesting that I put up insulation before I started taking things apart. Hmm, see the parallel? We need “insulation” before we start our demo. What do you insulate yourself with when circumstances are difficult and the demo is about to begin? 

Not going to lie, the day after I had put up the insulation and it was still up and hadn’t fallen down, I did a little happy dance!! Haha! “Okay,” I thought, “I’m ready to start taking some stuff apart!” My “insulation” is not going anywhere. WIth that reassurance I got my screwdriver and hammer and went to town!! Pulling the vinyl off went pretty smoothly and I was feeling pretty confident. This wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! It was time for the j-channel to come down. I was advised, once again, “Oh, just give it a good tug, it will come down pretty easy!” Says the person who makes a living in the construction business! For the most part, yes, it came down with a few good tugs. There were some stubborn parts that needed a little hammering to get to loose enough for me to tug down. There was also a j-channel along the floor. I could pull down pretty easily. Pulling and yanking up was a different story. I’m not that old, but my lower back thinks I’m older than I am! After the first couple of tugs, I felt my lower back twitch and thought, “Nope. Not going to happen!” Once again, I called in reinforcements to take out the last few pieces. 

The first part of “demo” gives us a little bit of confidence that we can do this, we will make it through and it won’t hurt too bad. Whether it’s a physical demo or internal demo, you can guarantee surprises along the way. The extra layer of trim underneath the j-channel was my surprise. It stopped me in my tracks for a minute or two. I didn’t know what it was. I didn’t know how it was attached to know how to take it down. No one warned me that it could be there. I wasn’t sure I had the right tools or the know how to take it down. And it needed to come down. I could not leave it up and complete the job right. 

This was my, take a step back and gain perspective, moment. We all face circumstances that we don’t know what to do, where to go, how to handle it or what’s the best way. I have a tendency to put my head down and push through. While this philosophy has worked and I’ve gained strength, stopping and taking a step back is just as important. I took a step back and scanned the entire room. Not just the one area that was being rudely difficult, but the whole area. I was getting discouraged in the details and losing sight of the big picture. I was mad and ready to throw in the towel. “Forget it. Someone more experienced and stronger can come in and finish. I’m done!” That did not settle well with me. I’m not a quitter.I took a look around and saw what I had accomplished so far, look at all my “firsts” and realize how much I had gained already, how much strength I had gained. After I took a longer than normal lunch break, I came back to the sunroom, took one more look at the big picture, took a deep breath and said, “Let’s do this!” As I’m manhandling a piece of trim, I’m muttering, “I can do all things through Christ who give me strength. Lord, I could use a little more muscle right now!!” And viola!! The piece came off!! Ha! Take that you stubborn piece of trim!

Tada!! Demo is complete! Time to clean up my mess and start putting things back together! 

Life lessons learned from demo: 1. Insulate yourself with the knowledge of whose you are and aware of His strength within you. 2. We all need a little reinforcement along the way. Allow yourself to receive help and give you the strength and encouragement needed to continue on. 3. Perspective. Take a step back. Remind yourself of how far you’ve come. Throwing in the towel is unnecessary. He will give you the strength and knowledge to complete what He has laid out for you.

Years ago, my mom and dad were out of town for a couple of weeks and their yard needed to be mowed. I had been using a push mower for years at this point and had used my dad’s several times. When I went over to mow their yard, I couldn’t get it started! I checked the gas, oil, the primer, all the things dad taught me to check. I finally turned it on it’s side to see if something was caught. At that moment, my brother walked up! In his calm, humorous tone, says, “Whatcha got going on there!” Haha! I was bending over, looked up at him and replied, “I don’t know. I can’t get it started!” We both had a good laugh. He soon got the mower started and the yard was taken care of. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve tried to figure things out on my own. Or how many times I look up and Jesus whispers, “Whatcha got going on there?” Then He proceeds to guide me through and help finish up the task. 

Demo is necessary to rebuild and strengthen any structure from the inside out. Demo doesn’t last forever. Thank goodness! It’s a season in our growing and strengthening in our understanding, knowledge and love that Christ has for us. I’m humbled to have Him in me, by my side and above me to see the big picture. I need Him for it all and He willingly wants to be my all.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this demo together, in Him.