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As our youth group was headed into “Dave and Busters,” a gaming atmosphere, our Former Enlisted Marine Youth Pastor yelled out, “Find your Battle Buddy and stay together!”

At church camp, we swam in a large lake. We had to pass a swimming test at the beginning of the week and have a swimming buddy to go out in the lake. When they blew the whistle, we had to grab our buddy’s hand and raise it up so the lifeguards could get a count. 

When I was teaching, we’d take our students to St. Louis for an overnight field trip. We went to a handful of public places where the adults could not keep an eye on the students 24/7. We knew where they were, but may not have been able to see them. The adults enforced the rule that you don’t go anywhere without a buddy. It was imperative to watch out for another in larger unfamiliar areas. 

We all need a Battle Buddy. Jesus sent out His disciples of 12 then in groups of 72, each time, with a Battle Buddy. You can not fight any battle on your own. Buddies are a necessity. 

A group of 8 adults and 12 youth traveled to central Mexico to assist a missionary we have supported over the years. A couple of days into our trip, we were mingling around our hotel lobby (and I use the term lobby loosely!). My late husband and my father were standing close by as a couple of locals came up to me and were asking questions. Oblivious to the real purpose of their questions, I was trying to carry on a conversation as I normally would. A couple of minutes into the conversation both my late husband and father interrupted the conversation and scooted the three of us into our room. I looked at Mark inquisitively and he said they were hitting on me. What? No they weren’t! Um…. yes they were. Oh! In their broken English, I couldn’t understand half of what they were saying. My battle buddies stepped up and got us all to safety. 

We have one Battle Buddy with us at all times; Jesus. He has also given us Battle Buddies wherever we go. They may change depending on where you’re going or what you’re doing, but you should always have a Battle Buddy with you. Besides, life is more fun with a Battle Buddy!

My friends, don’t take for granted your intelligence, awareness and strength. You can defeat some battles on your own. Don’t let that fool you into thinking you don’t need anyone to help along the way. Even if you are facing a battle “on your own” you’re really not alone. Jesus places people along the way to be a Battle Buddy when we least expect it. 

After my husband passed, I had to Inform the Social Security Office and bring in everything but the kitchen sink to apply for benefits for our kids. I was physically, mentally and emotionally, “alone” in handling this situation. Yet, Jesus sent Battle Buddies along the way to fight alongside me. Not very often do you hear of pleasant experiences in dealing with government offices. One Battle Buddy was the assistant at the Social Security’s office. He was kind, patient and gentle as I shifted through all my paperwork that he would need. Towards the end of our appointment, I realized I didn’t have a specific certificate needed to finish the process. In kindness, he said, “You know what, let’s set up an appointment for the first thing tomorrow morning with me and we will finish this in no time at all.” The next morning, I went in, gave him what he needed and was out the door within 15 minutes! Unheard of! Whether he was a believer or not, Jesus sent him to be my Battle Buddy and be the strength I needed to complete the process. 

At that time, I didn’t have my normal Battle Buddy to sit beside me and be the support needed. Instead, Jesus provided a situational Battle Buddy to be that support. I experienced God’s blessings of His provision in an unexpected Battle Buddy. 

Let me make one thing clear, I am never alone. Jesus is in me and always with me. Sometimes you choose your Battle Buddies. Sometimes Jesus provides for you. Either way, you are never alone. 

If you have a Rachel, Phoebe and Monica or a Ross, Chandler and Joey (Friends) count your blessings. Take a minute to let your Battle Buddy know how much you appreciate their unconditional support. Keep your mind open to how they are your Battle Buddies and how you can be a Battle Buddy for someone else.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, as Battle Buddies, together in Him. 

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind for Sunday afternoon? Football? Baseball? Picnics? Down time? Relaxing? How about a Sunday afternoon nap? Yeah, me too!! My friend has a shirt that says, “Jesus took naps. Be like Jesus!” When I grow up, I want to be like Jesus. Let’s start by taking naps!! 

I’m a power nap kind of girl. Give me about 20 minutes and I’m good to go and get back at it. What I’m realizing lately is that I really like to have one everyday between 1 and 2 in the afternoon! It rarely happens, but I like it when it does! 

Growing up, Mom and Dad worked Monday through Friday and sometimes Saturday. Cleaning the house, mowing the lawn and fixing cars were most Saturdays. Sundays were set aside to attend church in the morning, rest in the afternoon and back to church in the evening. Jesus. Rest. Jesus. 

Work schedules nowadays vary from profession to profession. Maybe you work 3 days and are off 4 days. Or you work through the weekend and have Monday and/or Tuesday off. Flex schedule has become the norm and working Monday – Friday, 9-5 has become a thing of the past. Some professions set their own schedule and work whenever, wherever they want. Does that mean a designated day for Jesus and rest is lost in the mix of schedules?

Are you starting your work week exhausted and your week has barely started? Are you looking forward to your next set of days off before your current days off are over? Do you work for your “weekend” or have a “weekend” to propel you through your work week?

The work week is draining and my tank is breaching empty by the end. Knowing I’m heading to church to worship and fill my tank with Jesus at the end of a work week gives me the strength needed to get out of bed and head to church. Worship, being around other believers and being in the presence of the Holy Spirit fill and overflow my tank. The end of my week is simultaneously the beginning of my next week. Spending an extended amount of time with Jesus propels me into my next work week. 

So, what is so special about observing a Sabbath day (spending quality time with Jesus) and not allowing it to fall by the wayside?

God created the Heavens and the earth and on the 6th day, he rested! If He wanted a day of rest, shouldn’t we follow His example and have a day of rest too? 

In the Old Testament time, observing the Sabbath became ritualistic and they lost their focus of the Heavenly purpose of the Sabbath. The purpose of the Sabbath came to life in the New Testament and is alive in each of us today. Jesus. 

We need a day of rest to replenish ourselves physically and spiritually. We are not created to work 24/7, 365. We are created to rest on day 6 and have a deeper encounter with Him on day 7. We physically rest from labor and spiritually rest in His arms. What better place to take a nap!!

What if we can experience the Sabbath everyday? Yes, we need designated days and times to corporately gather and be in His presence together. We need our days of rest and our 20 minute power naps! Yet the focus of the Sabbath is Jesus. Spending time with Him, getting to know Him, communing with Him. What if we would do that everyday? We already have Jesus living in us and with us 24/7, why not rest in Him 24/7. Rest, then, takes on a deeper meaning and understanding of what it means to walk with Jesus. Getting to know who Jesus is, how He lives, and who He desires us to be energizes us to live the life He has created us to live.

What is holding you back from experiencing more of Jesus. He desires to spend time with you. He delights in you. So why not take a step closer and experience a bit of Sabbath everyday.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, resting, in Him. 

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Thirty-four months separate my three kids. From the end of June to the first of August, their ages are “1” year apart. We vacationed at Disney World when the kids were 6, 7 and 8. No one said anything to us, but their body language and facial expressions said it all. “Wow, That’s a lot of kids that are close in age!”  Tell me about it! At times it was like raising triplets!

Have you seen a mom or dad out and about with several kids close in age? Before we had kids, I used to think, “Yikes. No thank you! I’ll stay home and send someone else out rather than have the mini circus with me!” Little did I know what God had in store for me! I love His sense of humor. 

One of the struggles of being a stay at home mom is feeling secluded from the outside world. I’d have to work up enough energy to take a newborn, 18 month old and 3 year old, out into public, on my own. After taking 20 minutes to round everyone up, do a last minute potty break, check for clean diapers, tie shoes, grab the diaper bag, wrestle three car seats, I would finally back out of the garage and drive three minutes to the local grocery store. Here came the “fun” part. I had a baby carrier hanging on one arm, one toddler on my hip and told my oldest to grab a pocket. Once we made it across the parking lot and grabbed a grocery cart, the baby carrier went in the cart, my younger son sat in the front of the cart and my oldest son stood in front of me, on the bar and held the cart handle. Welcome to my circus!! Items added to the cart were packed around the baby carrier. As we walked up and down the aisles I’d get odd looks, sympathy looks and every now and then a “you go, momma!” look. 

Several times on our adventures out into public, I’d have ladies stop and ask, “Are they all yours?” With a laugh and a proud smile, I’d answer, “Yes. Yes they are all mine!”

Recently I was talking to a young mom who has four kids close in age. She received the same curious looks and questions. One lady took it a step further and asked if they all had the same Daddy? She politely answered, “Yes, they all have the same Daddy.” People ask and say the craziest things.

As a mom and friend, it’s disheartening that the question came to the lady’s mind in the first place, let alone ask it out loud. Yet, the question reveals a lot about a person and the society we live in. 

Realistically, there are several children who have the same mom but different dads. Or vice versa, same dad different moms. The percentage of blended families has increased over the years as well. 

No matter the family dynamics, we all have the same Daddy.

My parents were married for fifty years before my father passed away. Crossing that milestone is a tribute to their dedication and love for Christ and one another. It was a true blessing to have my father in my life for forty-one years. I have friends and acquaintances who don’t know their father, have no relationship with him or have no desire to be a part of his life because of life circumstances. Knowing this hurts my heart simply because I had a father who wanted to be present and involved in what I did and who I was. Part of him will always be part of me in a positive, influential way. Some of you may not have had the same experience I had. But you know what, we all have the same Daddy!

God the Father is a proud Dad of us all. Young, old, middle aged, lost, wondering, seeking or sitting at His feet, He is our Daddy and we are His children. 

My kids can walk themselves into a store now, but we are still a circus! And I still get curious looks asking, “Are they all yours?” I smile in return, communicating, they are all mine and I am so very proud of each of them. 

We have a tendency to think God has limitations like we do. We have a hard time wrapping our heads around the fact He is the Father of all. He loves us all. There are no conditions to His love and acceptance. We don’t have to do anything to receive His love and acceptance. He gives of Himself freely. Are you willing to accept His gift of love and allow Him to be your Father? 

Think about this; Our Heavenly Father is the Perfect Father. He yearns to spend time with you. He wants you to know all about Him. He is all in for His love for you. Whether you have a positive or negative relationship with your earthly father, your Heavenly Father is The Father to seek, find and build a relationship with. 

God looks at the circus we have created for ourselves, smiles, nods and says, “Yep, they are all mine!” 

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, as His children, together in Him. 

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I like to workout, work up a good sweat and have wobbly legs afterwards. I am, by no means, a health nut exercise extraordinaire! I do try to eat healthy and limit portion size, but I am not a “I only eat plant-based foods” kind of girl. I like my meat and sweets! Due to liking food and eating, I attempt to exercise on a regular basis and be fit-ish. Back in the day, I’d go to the gym, lift weights and do some time on the stair climber. When you move and going to a gym is not as convenient, you improvise; I started walking. For years, walking was my source of exercise. I also had a season of Billy Blanks and Tae Bo! That was fun! Over time I picked up my walking pace and began to run/jog/pavement pound. A gliding runner I am not!  One year I had trained to walk/jog 13.1 miles in a local race. Low and behold, I ran the whole thing. Didn’t know I had it in me until push came to shove and I ran the entire 13.1 miles. Getting older happened and my knees and back were not fans of the running and pavement pounding. 

Growing up, I loved riding my bike. So, I dusted off my bike (a newer one), took it to the bike shop for a tune up and off I went. I jam to my Jesus music as I cruise through the countryside and work up a good sweat!  

Unfortunately, busyness gets in the way and biking moves to the back burner. It is a source of frustration and a realignment of priorities is in order. 

I like my routine of knowing what my day should look like. Yes, I said should look like. Change of plans occur, interruptions happen, unexpected events shift what a day looks like. Too many times to count, what I thought the day would look like, turned out completely different. Lower priorities for the day get pushed back and most times not accomplished.

A couple of days ago I went for a ride for the first time in a week and a half. Finally, I was out jamming with Jesus in the country.

When you get out of routine, it takes twice as much energy to get back in the swing of things. Self motivation was lacking when I had a couple of chances to go riding before I finally went. But, once I went, it was worth it.

My legs were wobbly by the time I got home, but I felt so much better. You have the sciencey part of releasing endorphins and all the negative energy on the inside. My mind is cleared and motivation to exercise and pass on the extra helping of dessert is back in place. 

Coincidently my morning quiet time with Jesus has also been lacking. Jesus and I are still communicating throughout the day, but my normal morning quiet time has been off. It takes great effort to not get caught up in the to-do list for the day to pause, be still and quiet myself with Jesus to start my day. 

When I haven’t exercised for a while, I physically feel gross on the inside. When I miss out on my morning quiet time with Jesus, my spirit is unsettled. 

At times, I go through dry spells of not spending quality time with Jesus. Everything seems off. I’m short tempered, can’t think straight and I feel disconnected. 

Keeping my mind, body and spirit balanced is tricky. When my spirit is in balance with Christ, everything else falls into place. It’s more than my mornings with Jesus. My connection with Jesus is and never will be severed. How tightly connected is the difference. The connection is loosened when I miss out on our quality time together. The more time I spend with Him, the stronger the connection.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been through enough life experience to know that I do not want to live without Him in my life. He has proven that He keeps His promises and that He will never leave me. I trust in His unfailing love and believe His plans are far better than my own.

I recently attended a women’s retreat. My mind was ready for a break from the day to day routine. My body was ready for down time and rest. My spirit was ready for a deeper connection with Jesus. 

The retreat gave me a chance to “reset” my mind, body and spirit. Gave me the motivation to reset my priorities. This isn’t the first and won’t be the last reset that I will need.

My mind, body and spirit are fit-ish. I am somewhat in shape with room for improvement. A reset in priorities level up the fit-ish and become stronger each time. 

No matter how fit-ish you are, carve out quality time with Jesus. Who better to spend time with than with someone who wants to spend time with you. 

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, fit-ish, together in Him.

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My kids often comment that I’m not their teacher and I don’t need to be in teacher mode all the time! Well, too bad! It is true, once a teacher, always a teacher. Even though I’m not in the classroom, I still enjoy the fundamentals of teaching. For the moment, I’ll refrain from getting on my education soap box!! Anyway….. 

One of the many things I enjoyed about teaching was learning new things alongside my students. Oftentimes they taught me more than I taught them. 

Learning and receiving new information is a way of life. All areas around us are in flux with new ideas, concepts, and strategies being born everyday. We are never too old to learn something new. Old dogs really can learn new tricks.  

A few months ago I started a new job. I have the basic qualifications for the job they were hiring for. The services the business provides has been new terrain. I am thankful and grateful for a patient, gracious boss. On the third or fourth day I was feverishly creating my own cliff notes. 

During my first couple of days, as new information was given and my brain was going on overload mode, I had to figure out a way to retain and remember the new information. I was on the other side of the desk; a student instead of the teacher. Not everyone learns the same way. Not every teaching technique works for every student. With time and experience, each person uses the technique that helps retain and use the new information given. 

I learn by doing while using notes as a reference. Needless to say, I refer back to my notes often!

This works most of the time. When it doesn’t, I feel stuck and unsure of how to proceed.

Several years ago, I used a “Read the Bible in a Year” plan that took me a year and a half! I took notes, underlined verses and referred back to different sections when needed. It was a great accomplishment and I truly enjoyed and learned a lot during the year and a half. 

A few years ago I had the bright idea to read the Bible in chronological order. I made it to Leviticus. Three books in and I was lost! As I was reading, I was taking notes and mentally trying to tie events together and link different parts of my biblical knowledge together in chronological order. I had too many questions and not enough answers. I was in over my head! My “normal” way of learning wasn’t working. So, I stopped. Not the best answer, but that’s what I did.

As I was sharing my experience a few weeks ago, a suggestion was given to read the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) straight through. Don’t take notes or try to connect the dots. Just read it straight through. What if I miss something or don’t understand something? Read it straight through again. And again if needed. I had to think about that one for a minute. This is not my typical “learning” style. Could it really work? Could I really learn and comprehend doing it this way? Well, I don’t have the answer yet. I’m in Matthew 14 on my first round through. It is a little awkward. I do catch myself wanting to go back to what is familiar. Yet, the desire to try something new and read through the Gospels a couple of times is intriguing. At the end of my daily reading, I pause and play the scenes in my mind, trying to lock them in. It’s a new way of learning for me. I’m not saying that I’m old, but I am learning a new trick. 

Have you read the Bible in a year? How did it go? Does it seem overwhelming, confusing or over your head? Take heart. You’re not the only one!  Breaking the Bible into smaller sections seemed like an excellent start. Starting with the Gospels seemed like an even better idea since the life of Jesus is the focal point in all four books. You want to get to know Jesus and His character, read the Gospels. 

Way back when, reading the Bible in a year or reading several books at a time seemed like something for educated scholars. For someone who struggled with reading comprehension at a young age, looking at the Bible and thinking about reading it from front to back was intimidating. The amount of Godly intel in one book is still a little intimidating. Our God is not a God of confusion. He is Love, Compassion, Wisdom and Knowledge who willingly shares with those who will listen. If you’re willing to read His word from front to back or 4 books at a time, He will empower your mind to understand, soften your heart to receive and give you the endurance to keep going when the intimidation starts to creep in. 

You want to get to know your Heavenly Father, get to know His Word. Use a learning style that you are comfortable with or try something new. Either way, dig into His Word. Look to learn something new everyday.  Be a lifelong student of Jesus. He is the best teacher you will ever have.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this, as a student of Jesus, together with Him. 

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Can you see Aladin and Princess Jasmine flying around on their magic carpet exploring a whole new world? It’s exciting and nerve-racking to explore something new. You can open yourself up to a whole new world you never expected or thought it wasn’t possible.

For the last several years, my mom has wanted to take all of us on a family vacation. All 11 of us, together, under one roof, for 5 days! That was a whole new world. This past weekend we rented a lake house that was big enough we had space to move around in and not be on top of one another. We spent the majority of the weekend together, but also could sneak away to our own rooms when needed. The house was located on a large lake. The double decker boat dock had a slide and a place to jump into the water. We had a speed boat for skiing and tubing and a pontoon boat for cruising around. 

The house was located back in a cove. We could sit on the top deck of our boat dock and see the lake ahead of us. It was a gorgeous view. 

The night we arrived, I went exploring and ended up sitting on the top level of the double decker boat dock. Back in the cove, we were surrounded by woods with a view of the lake. I was pretty content to sit and enjoy God’s creation around me. I knew a lot more was out there, but I couldn’t see it from where I was at. At that point, I was pretty content with my current view. I had no desire to go tubing. The last time I went tubing beat me up and had to go to my chiropractor. I am willing to admit I do not have the coordination nor the desire to faceplant in the water to try water skiing. Cruising around in the pontoon boat sounded relaxing. Except I’m the one that’s sunburnt within 5 minutes of being in the sun. Sounds like I’m really going to enjoy this vacation right??

We all knew this vacation was going to be a new experience, a whole new world!

For the next three days we sped around the lake tubing and water skiing. We relaxed, cruised around the lake and went for a three hour tour without getting shipwrecked! Cheeks were sunkissed by the sun. Tubing and water skiing resulted in fun, laughter and maybe a few face plants in the water. 

Even though I didn’t tube or water ski, I rode along in the speed boat to help and witness the excitement of fun. I cruised around on the pontoon boat relaxing and enjoying the company.

The Jumping Bridge was a highlight of our trip. Yep! We jumped off a 30 foot bridge into the water. Eight of us lined up on the bridge, counted down from 3, screamed as we jumped, splashed as we landed and all came up laughing wanting to do it again. Well, except for one. He needed another countdown before he jumped! (That would have been my older brother!) We jumped several more times that day. And again the next day. It was a fun, new experience for all of us. 

I could have sat on the double decker boat dock and said I was good where I was and for everyone else to go ahead. I was content where I was at. Instead, I set aside “what I’ve always done” and explored a whole new world. 

Being in the realm of Christ is a whole new world. God reveals the realm of who He is a little at a time. We can’t handle the full force of His realm in one sitting. The amazing thing about God is that He gives and shows us the right amount of who He is at the right time. A newborn can’t eat a nice juicy steak. He needs to grow into his ability to enjoy a nice, juicy, mouth watering steak. 

God revealed a little more of Himself to me this past week and entered a whole new world of understanding the realm of Christ. 

We often talk about having the mind and heart of Christ. Having the heart of Christ is loving others and Christ loved. Having the mind of Christ is allowing His thoughts to trump your thoughts. This is all true. Yet, there is more to it than that. 

My sister and a couple of friends enjoy sending cards and words of encouragement. I get excited and speed walk back into the house to open up a card I received in the mail from them. The message preprinted on the card is nice and thoughtful. The personal note written in their handwriting is more meaningful and worth treasuring. The message they write comes from their heart. They have given me a little piece of them in the words that they share. The care and thoughtfulness that goes into sharing their heart, warms my heart as I get to know them on a deeper level.

Each encounter we have with Jesus, draws us closer to Him at a deeper level. Lately, I have been mulling over what it means to have the mind of Christ. Each time He reveals something new to me, He is giving me a piece of His mind!! Light bulb moments are Christ willingly, selflessly giving me a piece of Himself to me. Each new understanding of Christ expands my awareness of Him in my heart and mind. Therefore, more of Jesus lives through me. A whole new whole has been awakened. 

I now see Jesus as a brighter Light as I read His word, study His teachings, discuss how He is working through me and others. With each new understanding of who He is, a whole new world is revealed. I yearn to continue to seek His light, see Himself through me as I become less and He becomes more. I yearn to experience a whole new world in Him.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, exploring a whole new world, in Him.

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A flourish of hugs and how are yous accompanying my mom’s arrival for the weekend. No matter the age, the grandkids are excited to see Grandma and Grandma is ready to see everyone. There is something special about mom visiting our home. A sense of home and peace envelop our visit. 

Everyone got their hugs in and gave Grandma an update on the latest and greatest. The energy somewhat calmed down and mom and I ended up on the back deck, swinging and looking over the lake. In a rare moment, I had my mom to myself! We were able to get caught up with one another without the distraction of grandkids. 

When we ran out of things to talk about, we sat, in stillness, together. We didn’t have to talk to enjoy each other’s company. Sitting beside mom, sharing the view and relaxing in the sun is as meaningful as talking about what’s on my mind or what I’m working through. 

We soon grew hungry, found my daughter and ate dinner. We got up and moved away from the swing and view, but the effects of the visit lingered and are stored in my memory and heart.

On our way to dinner, “Practice what you preach,” flashed across my mind. I have spoken many times about spending quality, quiet time getting to know Jesus and listening to His end of the conversation. Having spent quality time with my mom reminded me I need to do the same with Jesus.

That evening, I retreated to one of my quiet places. I read scripture that I have read numerous times and know it well. Yet, that night, Jesus revealed a deeper, powerful meaning.

1st Corinthians 13:4-8 is a well known passage that is quoted often. 

“Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful and endures through every circumstance….Love lasts forever.” (New Living Translation)

In my quiet times with Jesus, I’m learning more and more about who He is, who He is to me and how He lives in me. God is love is a foundational understanding of who He is. God’s greatest gift to all of us is Jesus. Jesus is the gift of love. God sent Love to earth to live among us and be our earthly example of who God is, how He lives in us and who He created us to be. 

As I read of what love is, a light bulb brightened my dimmed understanding. 

Jesus is patient. Jesus is kind. Jesus is not jealous or boastful or proud. Jesus is not rude. Jesus does not demand His own way. Jesus is not irritable. Jesus keeps no record of being wronged. Jesus does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices when the truth wins out.  Jesus never gives up. Jesus never loses faith. Jesus is always hopeful. Jesus endures through every circumstance. Jesus lasts forever! (my interpretation) 

Jesus’ patience never runs thin when I miss what He is trying to tell me. Jesus is always kind. Not a negative word about who I am or how I am doing comes out of His mouth. Jesus knows He is all powerful, yet His heart is humble. There is no tally chart of all my wrongdoings. Jesus desires truth, not condemnation. Jesus will never give up on me. I am not a lost cause. I am His. The world around us will fail us; Jesus never will. Jesus is my biggest fan. He hopes and desires for me to be completely His. Jesus has endured the greatest pain and betrayal. He endured it so I can live a life of love and not of eternal pain and betrayal. Jesus lasts forever. Jesus is not a fad. His love doesn’t not fade with time. Jesus is forever. Jesus is Love.

Read it outloud. Pongo (our dog) didn’t mind me talking to myself. He’s used to it!! Push aside the awkward and read the scripture out loud and plug Jesus’ name in for love. What stood out to you the most? What phrase means that most to you?

God is love. Jesus is love. Love is an action. Love is a state of being. Love is a glimpse of the realm of God, of the realm of who He created us to be.

Sitting in the swing with my mom was an example of what Jesus desires to do with us. Once you get through your litany Jesus wish list, sit in His presence. Ask Him, what would you like to reveal to me today? How can I grow in my understanding of who you are? Go sit a spell, relish in His presence and take in His view. You will be in awe and at peace in His company. 

Thanks for sharing this moment with me. We are in this, sitting out the back porch together, with Him.

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A fellow kayaker was out fishing in his kayak and got one of his lures stuck in some brush. He was also in faster-moving water about 6 feet deep. He dropped anchor to steady his kayak so he could rescue his lure. One problem, there was no rope attached to the anchor! The anchor went down to the bottom without a rope to hold the kayak in place. Not only was his anchor gone, he couldn’t rescue his lure either! The window weight he used for an anchor is hard to come by and he lost one of his preferred lures. Rough day at the office!

Last week I wrote a tribute to my Uncle Bob. Since then, we spent time with family as the realization of his loss settled in. Previous loss is brought to the forefront of one’s mind during the funeral process and is mentally draining. Truth be told, I came home the other night and face planted on my bed. As I laid there, memories flooded my mind. The emotion of loss and time lost was weighing me down. Sadness started to sink in a little too deep. So, I “dropped anchor.”

Three things occurred as I dropped anchor. First, the tears that were shed were tears of joy. The memories that flooded my mind, brought a smile to my face. I was remembering the days that we shared together instead of the days we wouldn’t share together. In doing so, the sadness was replaced with joy and contentment. 

Second, I reminded myself that this was, “See ya later.” not a forever goodbye. I am blessed to have the promise of eternity with my loved ones that have gone before me. There is no question or doubt of their eternal home. The promise settles the sadness and anxiety and brings peace and hope for tomorrow. 

Lastly, I deeply inhaled His presence and took a step toward moments without the ones we’re temporarily separated from. The reality of living our earthly moments without them stirred a desire to keep living. Live and experience each moment, each day. Don’t just survive, but thrive in each moment. 

By definition, the anchor keeps the kayak, boat, or vessel from drifting away. All day, everyday, I chose to drop my anchor into Chrst’s ever present lap of grace and mercy. Line or no line, He will hold us steady. No matter the depth, speed of the current or drifting off, He holds us tight against Him and won’t let go. If we drift, it’s of our own doing. God has no desire to see us drift away. Even if our line is not connected at our end, it is securely knotted on His end.  

Another fellow kayaker told a story of when, after fishing a specific spot, he was ready to move on. He went to pull up his anchor and it was stuck. It was not budging. Too many times to count, I’ve dropped anchor and pulled it right back up. Instead of leaving my troubles at the feet of Jesus, I’ve picked them back up and continued to struggle. The anxiety, fear and being overwhelmed returned and I lost my peace of His strength as I started to drift. Thank you Jesus for holding on anyway. Thank you for not allowing me to drift too far. Thank you for your open arms as I turn back to You to hold me steady. 

What would it be like to be permanently anchored to Christ and never have the fear or anxiety of drifting away? This is deeper than saying and believing that Jesus is our Lord and Savior. This is deeper than Sunday morning worship and Wednesday night Bible study. This is deeper than saying your prayers every morning, noon and night. This is deeper than a 5-minute daily devotion. Deeper than your preferred podcast. How deep your anchor goes is up to you. 

How willing are you to put forth the effort to drop your anchor further into Jesus than you have ever gone before? What sacrifice will need to be made? Time is a hot commodity. Time is necessary for any relationship to grow deeper. Are you willing to sacrifice quiet time to spend getting to know Jesus at a deeper level. Are you ready to listen to His still small voice that will rock your world? Or the quiet whisper that will deepen your anchor into Jesus? Is He worth your time?

My friends, each story that I have shared, each moment that I’ve lived through has taken me one step deeper with Christ. How? My heart, mind and soul are in sync in knowing and believing who Christ is and who I am in Him. Take a leap of faith and ask Him to reveal to you who you are in Him. You will love the answer! As you understand who you are in Him, your anchor goes a little deeper and more secure in our Lord. 

You don’t have to like water, boats or kayaking to understand the importance of an anchor. We are all anchored in something or someone. May the One that you are anchored in be Jesus, your everlasting stronghold.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are anchored together in Him.

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Anyone else have an Uncle Bob? Through immediate, extended and bonus families, I have a few Uncle Bob’s in my world. They all seem to have an ornery side and are looking for fun (or trouble!). 

My #1 Uncle Bob was the oldest of 3 boys; Uncle Bob, my dad then my Uncle David. My Grandma had her hands full!! They grew up on a farm raising and growing everything they could. They were driving tractors long before a driver’s license. There are a few stories of Uncle Bob hot rodding a tractor. Not surprising if you knew him!

A small town farm in a remote area in southern Illinois was hard living. Papaw and Grandma did what they could, but it wasn’t quite enough. When Uncle Bob was 19 and my dad was 17, they loaded up a Uhaul truck and moved to a small town in central Indiana with cousins they only knew through letters written between their parents. Soon, my Grandma, Pappaw and Uncle David moved to Indiana as well. It became their new home. 

Over the years, the boys grew up and started their own families. I have vivid memories of spending Christmas Eve at Grandma and Papaw’s. Our stockings were handmade by Grandma, with our names on them, hung in the doorway between the living room and dining room. We would eat our meal, but the dishes had to be cleaned and put up before we headed for the Christmas tree! By the end of the evening, the cousins built the annual human pyramid in their living room. 

Even though Grandma and Papaw passed away when I was 8 and 10, they instilled into their sons the importance of family. Now the three boys had the responsibility to keep the family connected as we went in different directions. As their families grew and jobs changed, we periodically went out to eat or went to each other’s house to share a meal. Nelson Thanksgiving at my house and Nelson Christmas at my cousin’s house have been our gathering times over the last several years. We also intermingled small visits here and there with one another as well. The importance of family and staying connected carried on from one generation to the next. 

Uncle David passed away much too young due to a brain tumor. My dad passed away from the side effects of cancer. Uncle Bob, being the oldest, checked in on all of us on a regular basis. “Love ya kiddo.” and hearing his laughter were two of my favorite Uncle Bob memories. Recently, he too, has gone to enjoy his Heavenly home. 

With the three boys reunited with Papaw and Grandma, we cousins now carry the responsibility to pass along to the generations to come the importance of family and staying connected. We do so by living the example they have given us.

The Nelson cousins do not live in the same towns let alone the same state. Getting everyone together at the same place at the same time is nearly impossible. Physical distance may keep us apart but the love of family binds us together. I’ve gone to visit my cousin in Florida a couple of times. We talk and text periodically. No matter how long it’s been since our last conversation, our family connection is our foundation as we grow over time. 

Weddings and funerals have a tendency to cause us to pause and take a look around. During the time of the loss of Uncle Bob and making immediate plans, we have leaned on one another. We’ve asked each other for their thoughts and desires. We’ve turned to one another to provide what a stranger can not, comfort of family. 

Families come in all shapes and sizes. I am blessed to have a few “Uncle Bob’s” in my world. You have been placed in the family Christ desired you to have. Embrace each other and remind one another of the comfort and peace of family.

God created man and woman because He didn’t want to be alone. He gave man and woman to each other so they could create more family to love, spend time with and care for one another. We are created to have a family bond with one another. 

I am eternally grateful for my grandparents instilling in their sons the importance of staying connected with family. It’s now up to us to continue on, staying connected and loving one another as we pass along the same to others around us.

Uncle Bob, Dad and Uncle David, you are sorely missed yet I’m eternally grateful for being a part of the Nelson family.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, connected in Him. 

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What do I order at Tropical Smoothie? Strawberry Limeade. Cheeseburger at Steak N Shake: Frisco Melt. McAlister’s meal to share with my sister: Southwest chicken, Sweet Tea for her, Lemonade for me, chocolate cookie to share. Chocolate Junior Frosty from Wendy’s is a must. Applebees go-to meal: Lime Grilled Chicken. I like to go to certain places and get a specific item on their menu. The decision is made on my way. No hesitation or second guessing. I know what I want and that’s what I order. 

Going somewhere new is another story. There is much to think about. What do I feel like eating? What flavoring or spices am I in the mood for? How hungry am I? Do I go with tried and true or branch out and try the house special? So many decisions!

Daily life decisions are much the same. There are certain things I decide and do that are instinctual and come naturally. Some daily life decisions cause me to pause and look at all my options. That’s where it gets a little fuzzy.

From a young age, my son has been drawn to the happenings and workings of the military. He settled his focus on the Army a few years back. This is my 17 year old who is going to be 18 this winter. Pretty sure you see where this is going! He recently talked to an Army Recruiter and plans on joining the Army after he graduates from High School. 

Over the last couple of years, my son has spent an extended amount of time educating himself on his options and confirming what he wants to do. 

As time has approached to make a decision, he has reached out and gathered intel from different people who have had different experiences. Everyone has their own life lessons they’ve learned. Some good, some not so good. You want better for your loved ones. You don’t want them live through the tough life lessons that you lived through. So, you try to steer them away from those choices. All in love. All because you care. 

I am very proud of my son. He has listened to all the advice given and considered it valid information to think about. He had a lot of opinions and information thrown at him. He talked through the different options, but keeps coming back to his initial desire for a specific division of the Army.

It’s about to get real! I’ve already signed the consent forms and he will soon confirm with his recruit that his intent is to enlist into the Army. A year from now his life will be completely different. 

I would like to say that all decisions that I have ever made were of my own mind and not influenced by others. I have listened and followed what others thought best for me, when in the end, what I had wanted to do was the best for me. It happens. It’s called trial and error. It’s how we learn and grow. It’s how we become the person we are created to be.

I will admit that some decisions made were against my better judgement. I’ve looked in the mirror and wondered, “Who are you? Why did you make the decision?” 

I don’t dwell in front of the mirror. Once I’m ready for the day, I take one last look and think, this is as good as it’s going to get, and off I go! I glance in the mirror from time to time to check for fly away hair or food stuck in my teeth. But to stand in front of the mirror and check myself out? I’ll pass! 

I can recall the few times I’ve paused in front of the mirror and did not recognize the girl looking back at me. How did that happen? 

I’ve stared myself down in the mirror, looking directly into my own eyes. Jesus and I have had powerful pep talks looking eye to eye in the mirror. Who I saw was not who I wanted to be. Jesus knows me and knows who He created me to be. He gently revealed himself through my eyes looking at myself in the mirror, relaying to me who I am. I am His. 

I didn’t walk away from the mirror forgetting what I looked like. I walked away from the mirror with strength, dignity and His power within me knowing He created me in His image. 

My son did the same with a heavy life decision. He looked into the mirror, saw the man Jesus created him to be, and decided to follow his calling. Not an easy road. A road only a few travel. Nonetheless, he is following his heart’s desire that was placed there by our Heavenly Father.  

When I walk away from the mirror, I want to remember who Jesus revealed to me while we were looking face to face. I want to be that person all day, everyday with my mirror pep talk fresh in my mind in all I say and do. 

Do you look in the mirror and wonder who is looking back at you. Have you walked away from the mirror forgetting the person you just saw? It frightens and startles me when it does happen. I want to turn back to the mirror and see me as Jesus sees me. I want that image forever carved in who I am living for Him.

Next time you look in the mirror, smile. Smile knowing Jesus is looking back at you and loves you. He sees you and will know you forever. Hold on to His image that is in you to live the life He created you to live.

Thanks for sharing a moment with me. We are in this together, reflecting His image, in Him

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